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WTB LaserDisc Lite Rear Hub

“Mostly boring...in a good way”


The Good: Lasts and lasts
Fairly light
Quite inexpensive

The Bad: Very soft cassette body

Overall Review: These came on a bike that I purchased in 2009, that previously existed as a demo bike. So, they have been, um, well-loved. I've ridden thousands of miles on them. I enjoy chunk and rocks, but do not send myself flying into the air. I rode this hub without doing anything, but spokes started breaking with alarming regularity. I rebuilt the wheel with new spokes, same hub. It is still spinning quite smoothly. I live in the wondrously dry southern California area, so I cannot say much about riding through bogs. The down side is (and perhaps this is true for all hubs) that the aluminum freehub body gets notched by the Read More »

Black Market Bikes Killswitch Frame



The Good: its Handling is top notch, the bottomless yet stiff and popy feel

The Bad: What its not designed for

Overall Review: This Is a 100mm Slope Style Bike designed for Slope Style, 4X, dirt jump, pump track style riding and it absolutely slays ALL of the above. It can also be a pretty fun (Small) freeride bike. with the69° Head Angle makes for a really short and tight wheel base and the 16"/406MM Chainstays, 13" BB Height all add up to a super popy, Manualable, Flickable Bike. with the right amount of air in the XFusion RCX 02 On the stiff setting the suspension will only move with large impacts (Landings) And than there is 3 softer setting, the softest still retaining the bottomless feel just alot better at sucking up small bumps. Does not excel on steeps but its not desigened to (69°HA). I highly Recommend This Frame To anyone who wants a 4" Bike.

SRAM X.9 Rear Derailleur

“Sram X9 9S Derailleur”


The Good: Great Price / Quality Rato

The Bad: Little Bit heavy

Overall Review: One of the Best Derailleurs you could ask for it may not be as light as the x0 but its just as durable. if its the short cage option than again the x0 has a slightly shorter cage and a slightly stiffer spring.iv had a x9 setup on my 4" slope bike for 3 years riding hard and it still shifts as smooth as day one. i recently had shimano drivetrain on my DH rig and it was alright but i kept breaking shift cables, like 2 or 3 a week (i ride almost everyday) Slapped a X9 setup on there and spent 3 weeks at whistler riding all day everyday and didnt break a shift cable once needless to say

DT Swiss 240S Disc Hub

Featured Review

“The Standard By Which All Others Are Measured”


The Good: Featherweight
Simple and serviceable
Bombproof reliability
That unmistakable Hugi sound

The Bad: Slow engagement

Overall Review: I have been on DT 240s for over 10 years. In those 10 years the only service that has been required is a simple regrease of the internals every year or so, depending on mileage, which requires no specialized tools. In my opinion, these hubs are the gold standard for reliability, serviceability, and weight. The new ones are especially great as the interchangeable end caps allow you to run 9/15/20mm in the front or 135x10 or 142x12 in the back. Gotta love that! The engagement is a little slow by today's standards but I guess I don't mind it because I have never been left wanting for quicker engagement. Yes, they are spendy but if you want the best, it comes at a price. Save your pennies, buy 240s and never buy another hubset again.

Chromag Moon DT Saddle

“Good for Gravity/Freestyle, Not Good for Trail”


The Good: Graphics
Burly Construction
Secure feel when steering from the inner-thighs

The Bad: Wide profile, hard to get behind

Overall Review: It didn't take me long to find that the Chromag Moon was not the saddle I was looking for. I put it on my trail bike and found the profile to be too wide for my liking. I kept rubbing my inner thighs on the edges as I was trying to get behind the saddle. I also found it uncomfortable to sit on for extended periods but that could've just been a disagreement with my arse and the Moon. Your arse may give you different feedback. For standing riding (DH, etc) the Moon was great. The saddle felt secure between the legs and really let me put some english into the rear of the bike when needed. If you are looking for a new saddle for your XC/Trail bike, you might wanna keep looking unless you like wide saddles. If you are looking for a steering wheel  for your legs, look no further.

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV Mini Pump

Featured Review

“A Floor Pump for the Trail”


The Good: Lightweight
Easy to service
Secure thread-on valve chuck for presta and schrader

The Bad: Threads for chuck on pump base can get easily damaged or filled with debris when in use
Foot peg is small which sinks in soft soils and is unstable on rocky surfaces
T-handle is small and leads to my knuckles contacting the top of the air chamber at full compression in certain grip positions.

Overall Review: Flats suck. This pump doesn't change that fact but it does make the process of getting back on the trail much more enjoyable. Classic hand pumps require awkward bracing to keep the chuck attached to the valve. This pump does away with that by using a flexible hose and thread-on chuck so that you can inflate a tire without the risk of breaking/bending a valve or tearing a tube. Classic hand pumps also typically require so much shoulder and arm muscle to bring a large volume MTB tire to proper inflation that when the tire is finally aired up (after three rests to shake out the arms), you barely have Read More »

2011 Santa Cruz Nomad Freeride Bike

“The chosen all around bike”


The Good: - The Geometry and VPP are the big advantage for all around bike.
- The weight to stiffness or strength ratios are really efficient

The Bad: - BB height is not really an advantage for turning and berm, thus heven't seen racer use this bike for dual slalom....

Overall Review: All Around bike and diffidently my chosen enduro bike...it geometry lets the rider to control the bike not the other around. However my next upgraded bike will be Nomad with 6.5' travel Notes For Santa Cruz: Watch Specialized , they launch New Specialized Enduro with extended travel to 6.5'

e*thirteen Heim 3RS Chainguide



The Good: considering it has to keep the chain on in 28 gears its worked really well on my hard tail and nomad mk1

The Bad: not so great on my new bike nomad carbon as had to modify to fit

Overall Review: if ya want to run three chainrings and wanna ride rough stuff get one its tough and lite and willstop ya dropping chains thus changing ya ride

Straitline Silent Guide Chainguide

“Straitline Silent Guide”


The Good: the good: reliable, no maintenance needed ,and the most resistant i have ever used

The Bad: the only thing that could be better its the price ,but by the fact that you praticly don't need to change nothing because it wont break it's worth the price .

Overall Review: i used to have an e.13 LG1+ and i braeck the taco and it had 1 or 2 cracks on the upper side, this one i have landed with the chain ring on rocks and it didn't break, its like new the best guide ever and i don't want to change it for an other.

Fox Racing Launch Pro Knee Guard

“Really Good Knee pads”


The Good: They are comfortable, breath well and actually protect you

The Bad: Durability?

Overall Review: I have had knee pads in the past, that when you crash stick to the ground and burn you knee(because your knee slides in them) these have never done that. Also, as far as comfort goes they are the best I have ever tried on. Almost all my friends used to use 661 and now all havetransferred over to these, everyone is blown away at how well they work.