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Latest Product Reviews


Renthal SR4 Ultralite Alloy Chainring

“Where art and engineering meet”


The Good: Light and very strong.

The Bad: None found by me

Overall Review: When you get this chain ring it just blings off CNC machined sex. Why would you ever be happy with the pieces of 1950s window frames and old soda cans that call themselves chain-rings when you buy a new crank? It's tough as nails and light as hell. I'd get a tattoo of it on my body if I liked tattoos.

DMR Moto RT Tire

“Heavy, fast, robust and inexpensive”


The Good: Fast, robust, cheap, good volume

The Bad: Heavy, only for hard-pack or road

Overall Review: This an ideal ghetto tire tire for poor kids who want a tire that lasts and don't want punctures on broken glass and other urban debris, but still want a tire for the street that will do dirt-jumps in the dry. It's almost like a Kenda K-Rad but tougher and heavier. If you are getting serious about riding and have the money get a lighter tire but sacrifice some of the robustness.

Lizard Skins Peatey Grips

“A perfect grip for some”


The Good: Lots of grip, tacky feel, nice diameter, lock on tight.

The Bad: You can't open a beer with them, or maybe you can?

Overall Review: For me these things are nearly perfect, but I would prefer if they came with ODI type end caps and were 150mm. If you find a Ruffians a bit narrow, these are certainly worth a try.

ODI Ruffian Lock-On Grips

“Thin and grippy favorites”


The Good: Light, tacky, grip well, lock on tight, sweet lightweight end-caps.

The Bad: Tiny bolts rust out

Overall Review: A great grip, some will say the best. That is subjective as grips are like saddles or your taste in clothes, it's personal. I like these, but I find them a bit too thin and narrow so I wouldn't buy them again but I do like the tacky, grippy surface. Personally I prefer Peaty lock-ons and Rogues but I'd never mind riding a bike with these.

DMR V8 Grease Port Flat Pedal

“A false economy pedal”


The Good: Cheap, some pins can be removed.

The Bad: Paint chips easily, aren't greased properly, bad bearings, end caps all off, heavy.

Overall Review: These come with a grease injector that you are supposed to inject the grease into your pedal. However this grease isn't enough and without taking the pedal apart not enough grease will get on the bearings and who wants to start playing around with a cup, cone and loose bearings on a new product? They'll start grinding very young. Add to that the fact the pedals are thick as a brick and too narrow. You'd be better off spending your money on a sealed bearing Wellgo pedal, which are probably made in the same factory anyhow.

Kenda K-Rad Tire

“Fast, fun and inexpensive”


The Good: Fast rolling, fairly high volume, pumps up to 80 psi, great on the street, very good on hard-pack, fair on loose over. Doesn't puncture easily.
Lasts for ages.

The Bad: None found.

Overall Review: I've commuted on many narrower, slicker tires with less volume in the city and had more aggressive tread in the hills. Although I wouldn't use this outside of hard-pack or light dirt I love it around town and on BMX tracks etc. I found that having a narrow slick tire doesn't make you that much faster in the city and wow you can have fun on nearly any surface if you go wider and with a bit of tread you can go almost anywhere if it hasn't rained recently. Pump 'em up, don't narrow your hoops! Might try Schwalbe Table Top next time, but these have been a blast.

Five Ten Baron Shoes

“Not much more than a red Freerider”


The Good: All the advantages of a Freerider a grippy perfect shoe maybe a tad more weight and protection.

The Bad: Split seams and cracked leather after a year or so, you can kill them in two years but it takes daily abuse!

Overall Review: I think I prefer the Freerider in feel and color for DJ and fun, the Impacts for serious riding.

Five Ten Impact Low 2 Flat Pedal Shoe

“Bulky and grippy”


The Good: Really grippy, about 30% or so more grippy than a 5/10 Freerider. Lots of protection. Last for years.

The Bad: A bit too chunky to be ideal for anything other than very aggressive AM or FR/DH

Overall Review: There is nothing wrong with this shoe, its specialty is for DH and FR but still works across a range of disciplines and offers real piece of mind on rocky AM rides too. Keep in mind that a 5/10 Freeriders are lighter, better for DJ, urban and look better when you go out, but you lose some protection.

Fox Racing Launch Knee/Shin Guard

Featured Review

“I have bought 3 pairs of these pads and would happily buy them again”


The Good: Great coverage, you don't have to take off your shoes to put these one, they won't move around on you while riding, clever x-strap design is better than velcro since it won't loose grip or wear out with time, well ventilated, hard shell protection makes it lighter and stronger than kelvar enforced pads.

The Bad: More expensive than some other pads out there but the performance is worth it in my opinion, gives you funny tan lines on the back of your calf when your out in the sun too long lol.

Overall Review: Simply put; I will not use a different set of pads for DH/Park riding ever again. Over the years I have bought 3 pairs of them (past pairs have taken serious abuse and have gotten pretty smelly/dirty too). All my riding buddies use these as well and are loyal Fox Launch users themselves. The x strap system is very simple and hardly ever comes undone. Another clever part about the pads is the fact that they go all the way down to your ankle so they can't move down on your leg because there is no where for them to move. You can use them underneath your jeans or with your favorite pair of riding Read More »

Dainese Performance Knee Guard

“Skip these expensive pads”


The Good: they look cool and the have the name "dianese" on them....

The Bad: too small with not enough coverage, the straps are small, skinny and ineffective, the cost about $75 retail, they move and fall down while riding and crashing, they only come in black so they get really hot in the summer time.

Overall Review: I have always wanted to love dianese products because I have seen soo many pros use them and to be honest; they look really cool lol. But after buying these pads I realized that not only do they not cover much when you crash but they move around pretty easily when you pedal. To try and remedy this I got a knee sock and guess what they STILL move around on you. I crashed on a gravel 4 track road with them on and I still scratched up my knee pretty bad. The one good thing about them is that they are durable and well made but sadly the design just isn't up to date with the current DH offerings. Dianese is old school stuff and now I can see why, everything is outdated. If you really want some good DH knee/shin pads I would look elsewhere like: TLD, Fox, 661, etc.