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Latest Product Reviews


WTB Wolverine Tire

“Outstanding Tire in the Dry”


The Good: Fast. Grippy. Pretty durable. Easy tubeless.

The Bad: Not great on wet rocks & roots

Overall Review: REAR review: In the dry they are very fast & grippy, and one of the few tires I've tried that is very fast, but still does not give up on steep & techy climbs. Breaking is good as well. I use them on my single speed (standard 60tpi 630g) & AM bike (special 33 tpi 775g) Does great on both valley hardpack trails and high elevation soft & loose trails - a rarity. Outstanding rear tire! FRONT review: I use them on my single speed (standard 60tpi 630g) as front. The front has released suddenly on me multiple times in high summer loose over hard terrain. Not a hit-the-ground slip. Just a kick out. I tried dropping Read More »

Kenda Small Block 8 Tire

“Kenda Small Black 8 vary versatile”


The Good: versatile Fast Rolling

The Bad: None so far.
Maybe a tad Thin for some of the aggressive ( Sharp Rocky) all mountain riding i do

Overall Review: Great tire For Anything from your Dirt Jump/Street/Park bike to your Cross Country/Trail/All Mountain bike id recommend it on any hard or hard pack surfaces.

SRAM PC-951 9SP Chain

“Great Chain Great Price!”


The Good: Good Price, Good quality, maintains a good feel for quite a while if you treat it good

The Bad: Whats not to like?

Overall Review: i replace them 1-3 times a year depending on use and they never let me down. i think i currently have 3 new one on my work bench at home. with the price you can keep replacements on hand. Not the Best Chain in the world but its not too far off. it has Chrome hardened rivet pins for extra durability, Power Link makes it super easy to take off to clean or replace. Some people have issues with this chain yet i don't and i about 180LB and ride alot of DH/FR prettyaggressively. My Bottom line: Great shifting, Great wear resistance,Great durability,Great price. I highly Recommend this Chain it just needs replacing now and again

Niterider Pro 3000 Bike Light

“The Hummer of Lights”


The Good: 1. Battery life - Well over 3 hours on 1500/3000 lumens settings.
2. Design is well thought of and the handle bar mount is adjustable to any position one may need.
3. The charger is solid and well designed.
4. Batter case and battery are also rugged and durable.
5. Velcro straps for the battery and cables is also reliable.

The Bad: 1. Battery and battery case could shave some weight. This is the only downside i can think of!

Overall Review: This is a product that is definitely worth buying if you are looking for a high end lighting system and performance to boot! Most users will find that the 1500 lumens setting is more than enough but when you need it, the 3000 Lumens will blow you away and light up the trails! Usually my buddies save on their batteries because I'm lighting the trail for them when I'm riding behind the pack. Would not buy any other lighting system as I wont be able to accept anything less than Nite Rider quality and performance!

Thomson Elite Seatpost

“the standard by which all other seatposts are judged.”


The Good: Everything!

The Bad: Its 40% stronger than the strongest production seatposts on the market, so the bad part about that is they almost never break.

Overall Review: Over all pretty much one of the best bikeparts you could put on almost any bike Period. One Piece Extruded Aluminum makes forOne of the Strongest if not the vary strongest seatpost out there. approximately 188 grams (250 length) and 228 grams (330 length),41 mm seat rail grip lengthMost other seatposts have grip lengths of .500 inch or more shorter. I cant Recommend this post more!

X-Fusion 2010 Vengeance HLR Suspension Fork

“X-Fusion 2010 Vengeance HLR as good as they come”


The Good: Quality The adjustability of the HLR. The plush Feel, smooth and perfect ramp up

The Bad: nothing after hard use almost everyday.

Overall Review: Being internally adjustable from 80 to 170MM And having all the HLR nobs it can go on virtually any Front or dual suspension bike whit 170MM or less. To me its the best fork to have on any bike form your dirt jump bike to your all mtn trail bike all the way up to your 170MM Freeride Rig.I currently have one of these set at 140MM on my Black Market killswitch its truly an amazing fork.Being a Slightly Newer Smaller company X fusion was forced to makeextremely Quality products, and they do just that!

WTB LaserDisc Lite Rear Hub

“Mostly boring...in a good way”


The Good: Lasts and lasts
Fairly light
Quite inexpensive

The Bad: Very soft cassette body

Overall Review: These came on a bike that I purchased in 2009, that previously existed as a demo bike. So, they have been, um, well-loved. I've ridden thousands of miles on them. I enjoy chunk and rocks, but do not send myself flying into the air. I rode this hub without doing anything, but spokes started breaking with alarming regularity. I rebuilt the wheel with new spokes, same hub. It is still spinning quite smoothly. I live in the wondrously dry southern California area, so I cannot say much about riding through bogs. The down side is (and perhaps this is true for all hubs) that the aluminum freehub body gets notched by the Read More »

Black Market Bikes Killswitch Frame



The Good: its Handling is top notch, the bottomless yet stiff and popy feel

The Bad: What its not designed for

Overall Review: This Is a 100mm Slope Style Bike designed for Slope Style, 4X, dirt jump, pump track style riding and it absolutely slays ALL of the above. It can also be a pretty fun (Small) freeride bike. with the69° Head Angle makes for a really short and tight wheel base and the 16"/406MM Chainstays, 13" BB Height all add up to a super popy, Manualable, Flickable Bike. with the right amount of air in the XFusion RCX 02 On the stiff setting the suspension will only move with large impacts (Landings) And than there is 3 softer setting, the softest still retaining the bottomless feel just alot better at sucking up small bumps. Does not excel on steeps but its not desigened to (69°HA). I highly Recommend This Frame To anyone who wants a 4" Bike.