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Intense Tire Systems Edge Tire

“edge 2.35 good for the slightly dryer side of intermidaite conditions”


The Good:

roll well, solid cornering and stable while breaking. great in there intended conditions and terrains

The Bad:

some riders may find the wait an issue, better all round tires on market

Overall Review: these tires although not particularly light roll well and have a solid and responsive feel.  The compound is fairly soft and accompanied  by the unaggressive tread pattern it grips well on hard packed to intermediate mud as well as rock slabs. thick side walls help to fend off punctures and there is good stability under breaking, taking them out of there comfort zone and onto loose stones or sloppy conditions you will start to push there ability to stay grounded, but that is why the range is extensive and the edge are not recommended for such terrain,
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Vital MTB member steely
21970 steely,21970/all 02/11/13 3,21970/setup 4 1

Pivot Firebird Frame

“11 Pivot Firebird Frame”


The Good:

Just a great ride all around. I had previously always ridden freeride bikes SC Bullit, Iron horse 7 point, this bike not only blows them away on the long rides, flats and climbs like I had expected, but even with the RP23 it blows them away on the decents. I did a parts swap from the older bikes so all the credit really goes to the frame Im starting to feel slow again because I cant get the bike to a speed where it feels like its out of control. It even manuals and 3 hops/drops as well as my old set ups which I built more for that.

The Bad:

The 11 frame has the old 135x10mm rear axle and the wheel I had was quick release which I couldnt get tight enough to get the stiffness I wanted ( low end sram hub) out of the rear end. I converted the wheel to bolt on a now problem is solved.

Overall Review: The Setup is 11' Pivot Firebird Frame w/ RP23 RockShox Totem Solo air WTB Dual duty wheels Geax Datura 2.2 tires Holzfeller Cranks/Bottem bracket Boobar/ hussfelt stem 55mm Hayes Nines 208mm Sram x7 group w/ shimano xt front(had to be e type) Blackspire stinger chainguide This frame really does defy logic, being a winter build project it was ready for spring before a lot of the more burly trails in the area were. So I got to take it on some long hilly rides on atv trails. First thing that stood out immediatly was how well the bike held speed and pedaled, and climbing was no longer a granny gear affair I can push as hard as I want Read More »
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Vital MTB member bikeluvnfoo
12854 bikeluvnfoo,12854/all 01/20/12 11 2

2013 Giant Glory 0

Vital Review

“Tested: 2013 Giant Glory 0 - Credibility Confirmed”

Review by Sean “Griz” McClendon // Photos by Ian Collins and Griz Now in its third production variation and built around proven advice from Giant Factory Off-Road racers Danny Hart and Andrew Neethling, the 2013 Giant Glory 0 meets world-class demands with new geometry, a sharp look, and X0 components. We’ve been eager to become familiar with Giant's Maestro Suspension design and feel out the new slacked out 63.5-degree head angle. In a carbon crazed world the Glory 0 remains aluminum at 36.4-pounds out of the box. We like this accomplishment. While Hart's UCI World Championship title may not attract autographs at Supercross, it Read More »
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Vital MTB member 26griz
258 26griz,258/all 08/02/09 3 1 15 18 1 88 10

POC Trabec Open Face Helmet

“Amazing and awesome”


The Good:

Lightweight, looks bitchin', well ventilated

The Bad:

Cost is pretty high

Overall Review: I picked up the dark blue color and upon arrival immediately noticed that his helmet was a crap load lighter than my skate style helmet I was using. I got the M-L size and it fit quite well. The maximum coverage of the Trabec inspires confidence that if you do go down, you're protected and safe. I got my helmet in February, with snow on the ground and cold temps. Due to the extremely well venting aspect of the helmet, I froze my head when I used this helmet. Now that it is May and quite warm up here in Vermont, the ventilation is a godsend and perfect. The straps areout of the way and the size adjustment system is easy to work with to get a good fit. This is a great looking helmet as well as a great riding helmet
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Vital MTB member brimmergj
22232 brimmergj,22232/all 02/20/13 3,22232/setup 32 31 12

Atomlab Pimp 2 Rim

Featured Review

“Earth's Best Rim!!!”


The Good:

Literally "Tough as Hell"

The Bad:

Nada damn thing

Overall Review: Allow me to take you back, back to a time called late 2007; I had just arrived to campus for my last year of college and was cruisin' 'round da campus on my freshly painted "new" old bike when I came across my roommate; Tightpants Tim. Tighty Tim was also a bike fan and itchin' to do some cool tricks to impress the ladies and a few of the men-folk. For whatever reason, he wanted to "rock steady" on my new (old) whip, so as the good roommate/friend I was (and still am), I dismounted and gave him the reins on my steel pony. As most people do, he picks it up and weighs it (like his arms are finely calibrated scales) and states, Read More »
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Vital MTB member brimmergj
22232 brimmergj,22232/all 02/20/13 3,22232/setup 32 31 12

X-Fusion Hilo 125 Seatpost

Featured Review

“Cheap and Cheerful!”


The Good:

The most obvious advantage to the X-Fusion Hilo 125 is the price. $220 is crazy cheap for a dropper, especially when you consider that a RockShox Reverb sells for $370 and a KS Lev costs $395! For this price, the X-Fusion Hilo is about as good as you can get. It has infinite adjustability, which means you can stop it anywhere within its 125mm of travel. This feature is what made droppers like the Reverb and Lev so good. It is also hydraulic like the Reverb, which means the post action is smooth and controlled. You get a choice between a cable-actuated remote or a simplistic, lightweight lever on the underside of the saddle. The lever works great and the action is almost instantaneous. If you use a lever, its also about the same weight as more high end droppers, 545g for a 30.9mm post to be exact.

The Bad:

Although the Hilo 125 employs a double keyway design in the shaft, there is still some noticeable side-to-side movement of the saddle. However, this movement is very minimal and you won't detect it while riding. The major problem with the Hilo is the shaft head. The bolt needs to be greased and torqued the hell out of it in order to keep the saddle from moving. If you torqued it enough, the saddle will stay in place. Just remember to grease the bolt liberally so you can apply more torque to it. The cable-actuated lever has a nice, easy to use design, but the action is simply too slow and hindered. With the remote, the saddle takes forever to extend or contract the last few millimeters. The action is slow and it is very noticeable. No matter how much you lube the cable and get all the slack out, the action is slow. I even tried increasing the air pressure in the post, but the speed increase was extremely minimal. My only suggestion is to use the lever. With the lever, any speed issues are solved and you start to love the post again.

Overall Review: Aside from a few easily fixable niggles here and there, the X-Fusion Hilo 125 is a great dropper for the money. Its lightweight, simplistic, and will withstand a lot of abuse. The remote system needs to be fixed in future models, but the lever works a treat. Hydraulic, infiniteadjustably is a feature that only comes in the RockShox Reverb, which many deem to be the best dropper on the market currently. Aside from some saddle tightening and movement issues, the Hilo is definitely a dropper to consider for those on a budget.
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Vital MTB member Tsetse
23958 Tsetse /images/default/avatar/c50.png,23958/all 04/29/13 32 4

Maxxis Ikon Tire

Featured Review

“Long lasting XC tire with excellent traction”


The Good:

Long wearing
Excellent traction and durability for its weight
Surprisingly good in various conditions

The Bad:

A little heavy for competitive XC racing
Limited width options
Price shock
Not officially tubeless ready

Overall Review: The Ikon (29x2.2) is my favorite tire for SoCal riding. It's what you need when your trail's surface is more like concrete, with a dusting of kitty litter, in which the loose dusting acts like mini ball bearings between the flat tops of your tire's knobs and the super hard and dry hardpack. The knobs have just enough depth to pierce through the loose, allowing the numerous working edges bite into the hardpack, while the ramps allow it to roll quietly and smoothly. This is a tire you pick when you want to go fast, with the least amount effort, but still want traction to be able to maintain control when going fast. Compared to Read More »
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Vital MTB member Varaxis
4776 Varaxis,4776/all 10/07/10 2 50 303 5

2012 GT Force Carbon Sport Bike

“Great Bike”


The Good:

Geometry, Suspension and seat post

The Bad:

Stand over height and hard to keep linkage area clean

Overall Review: The wheels and tires roll quickly and are holding up quite well. I would have preferred the wheels to accept Schrader valves over the presta, but that’s more of a personal convenience for quick fill-ups around town and my stock of tubes are Schrader type. I’m planning on converting to tubeless at some point anyway so it’s not a huge problem. I’m the type of rider that doesn’t have to have the “freshest lookin’ whip on the trail” so I’m not planning on upgrading anything until something breaks or fails, but I can see myself upgrading the wheels some time. I’m quite abusive on bikes in general, but really hard on wheels and Read More »
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Vital MTB member brimmergj
22232 brimmergj,22232/all 02/20/13 3,22232/setup 32 31 12

Kenda Nevegal Tire

“Jack of all trades... sort of.”


The Good:

Decent All Mountain application. Grips roots and slick rocks in slow muddy technical conditions. Good as a rear tire.

The Bad:

Slow. Pinch flat easy with tubes. Rated specifically to NOT be tubeless ready by the manufacture.

Overall Review: The DTC is pretty grippy tire for most conditions. For slow technical muddy conditions I feel the tire really shines. However, from what I've experienced It's not the most confidence inspiring at high speed cornering in wet or dry conditions. As others have stated it does feel like it is slow rolling especially the wider tires so getting to those conditions is tough anyhow. The heavier Stick-E DH models are really slow feeling but nice in the rock garden knar. Pinch flats are also a problem that I'veexperienced, more than any other tire I've had before. All that said, I don't think they're a bad tire. I do like the tires Read More »
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Vital MTB member StumpyandhisBike
24235 StumpyandhisBike /images/default/avatar/c50.png,24235/all 05/09/13,24235/setup 9 2

Spank Spike 777FR Bearclaw Signature Series Handlebar

“one bad-ass looking stem”


The Good:

weight, looks, colors, everything...

The Bad:

none! even the packaging looks good!

Overall Review: install immediately after purchase.... :) i got the black version (like the one used in the review and it fits perfectly to my setup).. so happy i've made the right decision by buying this.
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Vital MTB member sharpimpact
24128 sharpimpact,24128/all 05/05/13 3 1