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Source Ultimate Hydration System

Vital Review

“Tested: Source Ultimate Hydration System”

Review by Fred Robinson Source has been in the hydration game for over 25 years and is sold worldwide in more than 25 countries. Based in Israel, all of Source's products are made in-house by a team of over 200 workers with a percentage of their net-profit going towards local environmental activities. With their recent push towards a more complete line of mountain bike specific products, we got a chance to check out their Ultimate Hydration System: a stand-alone reservoir with some unique accessories intended to fit not only in Source's own packs, but any other hydration pack you may already own. Read Read More »

Syncros AM20 Handlebar

“Just Not Enough”


The Good:

31.8 Freeish

The Bad:

Small Width
Scratches easy

Overall Review: This was oem bar and came within a week. This bar really isnt' much more than an inexpensive filler for a complete bike. The bar is way to thin at only 670mm and felt super cramped when riding. This bar was also flexy for being thin. Any time going over anything bumpy or really pumping and this bar moved at the ends. Only good part was that is a 31.8 so that leaves lots of options with the stem for another bar. This bar wouldn't be bad for a city/commuter bike were you want a mountain bike feel, but aren't going to be hit a lot of rough terrain.

Topeak Alien II Folding Tool 26 Function

Featured Review

“Lots of Tools in a Small Package”


The Good:

Great variety of tools
All metal tools
Chain holder
Break apart design

The Bad:

Pocket heavy
Not a shop tool replacement
Plastic can flex

Overall Review: Topeak's Alien line of multitools has been progressing for sometime now and this version is top-notch. The Alien has a great variety of tools and the metal constuction feels solid, but the plastic frame can be flexly for certain jobs. The break apart design is one that sets this tool apart and allows you to integrate the different sides. The chain breaker is a great example as it uses the hex wrench to turn the breaker pin in. The breaker works so well on this tool that I have never purchased a more shop specific one. Also love the included chain holder, fits perfect and means no more homemade Read More »

Shimano Deore Disc Brake M596

“Deore = Unbeatable Quality and Price”


The Good:

Solid build
Split bar clamp
Good modulation
Comfortable lever

The Bad:

Reach adjustment
Sucks to bleed

Overall Review: Got these as a replacement for some Hayes and have always had good luck with Shimano and the Deore line. These brakes stay true to the Shimano way of Deore being a great price point match to great quality. Feel of these are the bar is sport on. The angle of the master cyclinder puts the levers and a great spot. The levers themselves our a great feel and comfortable. Levers feel great whether you use two finger or one finger braking. Modulation is also smooth and realibable. Reach is adjustable, but would love to have a dial on these instead of the allen wrench adjustability they have. Setting these Read More »

Shimano LX Disc Brakes M585

“Can't be Beat - If You Can Find Them”


The Good:

Solid lever
Great modulation
Easy to Bleed

The Bad:

no lever adjustment (reach)

Overall Review: These are some of the best brakes I have ever used. Perfect example of set and forget. Had these for three years and never had a problem with them. These brakes are the perfect example of affortability and excellence that Shimano offers. Bought these as aftermarket replacements for some mechanical disks and was greatly impressed with them being bleed and ready right from Shimano. Didn't even have to bleed them for entire year. Brakes always had a solid feel and levers never felt flexy. Modulation is great on these and were the brakes that tought me harder isn't better. Only thing that would make them Read More »

Hayes Disc Rotor V-Cut

“Too Much!!!”


The Good:

rotors stay clean
includes mounting hardware

The Bad:

draggy feeling

Overall Review: These came stock with Hayes brakes on a complete bike and came off quickly. Even with all the cut-outs these are HEAVY rotors. From the start these brakes felt draggy and only really slowed when I was clamping down hard. Thought maybe is was just break in and gave them some time, but it never got any better. Switched out the Hayes Light Weights and finally got some good brake feeling. Still have these rotors, but I think they become a clock or someover cool looking wall art.

Fox Racing Ranger Shorts 2011

Featured Review

“Fox Got it Right On ”


The Good:

Light weight
True to size fit
Adjustable waist
Usable pockets
Comfortable chamois

The Bad:

Fabric snaggs easily

Overall Review: Great riding short from Fox! Super light weight and comfortable and with the chamois included makes them even better. Fit is spot on. I ordered a 32 and they fit perfect without having to adjust at all, but if needed they do have velcro adjustment in the waist. Length is also perfect; just over the knee when standing and right about it when seated. The length and weight make these shorts that don't get in your way at all. Having the Pro Form chamois is also a bonus. The chamois isn't over padded or under padded, it's just right. Wish more companies would include chamoises with their shorts, go Fox! Since Read More »

Troy Lee Designs Sprint Jersey

“Great All-Around Jersey”


The Good:

Light weight
Quality construction
Elastic sleeve cuff

The Bad:

Nothing so far!

Overall Review: This is my go to, ride anything, all-day jersey.Mesh like fabric keeps you cool and perfect over a base layer t-shirt or nothing at all. Long sleeves don't heat you up, even on hot days, and give that extra bit of protection. I have been wearing this jersey for a couple of seasons and it has held up great. It's gone through washes and a few really good spills and is still going strong. Elastic sleeve cuffs are also great and stops your sleeves from flapping around when going fast. For the price and quality you can't go wrong with this one.

Spank Oozy 26AL EVO Complete Wheels

“low quality shiny wheelset”


The Good:

Looks good

The Bad:

Bad welds, i.e. not possible to run tubeless. Bad rim tape, does nothing in terms of tubeless readiness. Freewheel came off after a few rides.

Overall Review: The worst downgrade I have ever purchased for my bike. Due to this poor choice of judgement I sit around off my bike because it is always some trouble with the rims or something else to do with the Spank Oozy 26 AL wheel set. First thing, they are not that tubeless ready. You have to install rimstrip (Joes or Stans) or similar to run them tubeless. Second thing, the weld got broken which also means yo have to use rimstrip. Otherwise it will burp every turn through the weld. Thirdly, when the above was finally fixed the free hub body got loose. I do not like this product. My previous Mavic SX was tubeless and they worked, I wish I would have bought the yellow 27.5" Mavic Enduro wheel set.

ODI Troy Lee Designs Lock On Grip

“Great Lock-ons for average sized hands”


The Good:

Design, grip and flanges, similar wear rates to other grips.

The Bad:

None given design

Overall Review: This product is about as good a lock-on grip could be. Just the right size for my average size hands, not too thick or thin, very sticky and small flanges at either ends to keep your hand in the right position. The only question is really if lock-ons are really the right grips generally, and whether you'd get less arm pump with a fully rubber grip stuck on with hairspray and alloy bar ends would reduce arm pump a bit. In my experience there is not much in it, and the convenience of lock-ons if certainly a plus, but there is a tiny bit more vibration going through the bar, but negligible.