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Smith Pivlock Overdrive Glasses

Vital Review

“Tested: Smith Pivlock Overdrive Glasses”

Smith Optics, Inc. was founded in 1965 with the creation of the first-ever ski goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam, and the company has grown dramatically ever since. Today Smith offers a huge range of sunglasses, goggles, and protective equipment for all kinds of sports and activities. The Pivlock Overdrive is Smith's idea of what a pair of sunglasses should help you accomplish on the bike. With features including a new two-position adjustable nose fit and three different sets of high-performance lenses, the Pivlock Overdrives are ergonomically adjusted for optimal integration with bike Read More »

Canfield Brothers 2014 Jedi Frame

“Canfield Jedi ”


The Good: Flows super well
Smooth on rough steep sections

The Bad: Can't get enough

Overall Review: The 2014 Canfield Jedi is a DH master. I cannot say enough about how much I love my bike. Fist of all, the bike knows what's up. You cannot go slow on the bike, it literally pushes you, forcing it faster and faster. The rearward travel really works for you, and makes the job easier for you. Also, this bike messes with your perception of speed. On normal bikes, you think your going fast when you get high speed feedback from the trail, but with the Jedi, you do not think you are going as fast as you actually are, making it possible for you to go faster than before. This bike feels amazing on steep gnarly Read More »

Maxxis Shorty Tire

Vital Review

“Tested: Maxxis Shorty Tire”

Review by A.J. Barlas // Photography Jon Anthony & A.J. Barlas Inside of most mountain bikers is a little kid that loves dirt bikes. Some of these little inside kids even get lucky enough to ride one, while others watch in amazement, taking some of what they see into their riding approach - at the very least letting out the occasional 'braaap' while ripping a fun trail. We definitely have this little kid in us, from the attempted whips and scrubs all the way through to the sound effects out in the woods. So when the new Maxxis Shorty tire showed up the little guy started 'brapping' with enthusiasm thanks to what was Read More »

Thomson Elite Seatpost

Featured Review

“Best in class”


The Good: Quality build, strong, durable

The Bad: None that I can think of

Overall Review: There is something special about Thompson products and the Elite seat post is not exception, even though this is just a simple post, it simply oozes quality and craftsmanship. It has no frills or gimmicks; it’s just a simple post that is built tough and will last a long time without issues and do what it is meant to do. Thompson as a company and the Elite post remind me very much of a Chris King headset, yes perhaps it a bit more expensive than some of the other ones on the market, but it will take tons of abuse while not requiring any attention. I ran this post on my DH bike last season and put it through its paces with Read More »

Dainese Trail Skins Knee Guard

Vital Review

“Tested: Dainese Trail Skins Knee Guard”

by Kevin Shiramizu Dainese is no stranger to the safety game. They’ve got plenty of experience making very high end protection for people who do stuff arguably more dangerous than pedaling bikes. So where have they been lately? Back when I started taking riding more seriously, the Viking knee/shin bib was default uniform kit-wear for anyone who knew what was up. If you wanted to look the part of a pro, you wore Dainese. After a few years of lagging in attention to mountain biking, they seem to be making a push to reclaim some turf. Let's see how their latest mountain bike specific offering stacks up... Trail Skins Read More »

Schwalbe Table Top Tire

“Fast rolling tires perfect for jumps and pumptracks”


The Good: fast rolling tire, light weight, works in various conditions, good value

The Bad: None so far

Overall Review: I've had the opportunity to run these tires in a couple of various conditions and so far they have done great. These tires have a low rolling resistance and at the same time are fairly light weight making for a very fast rolling tire. I've used them a bit in the skatepark, and they have worked great but also tried in in several conditions on the dirt jumps and pump track. The tires grip really well on dry hard-pack tracks and also held up well when the pump trackwas a bit greasy after rain, I had no issues leaning the tires into corner and berms, they felt comfortable and kept theirline. In the dirt jumps they were Read More »

Xpedo FACEOFF 17 (XMX17AC)

“great pedal”


The Good: they are reasonable in price

The Bad: they can bend

Overall Review: I have had these for 3 seasons now and they have held up from riding dh on my demo, multiple pedal strikes and multiple weather conditions from dry desert to winter storms. Once of the pedal strikes did bend the pedal a little bit but I really think i just hit it in the right place. Literally they have held up but if i were to change one thing on these it would be the pins. They are easy to remove and that was one problem i had was a few pins falling out but that was a quick fix with some locktite. I would like to see them reversed which would give more grip than they already have. The bearings and spindals have have been just fine in my experience. Seem the same as day one. I ride these with my basketball shoes and the combo is great ha.

Chris King ISO Disc Rear Hub

Featured Review

“this is the one”


The Good: quality, easy service, long lasting, xd compatible

The Bad: you have to skip an anniversary present to buy them (but its worth it)

Overall Review: IMO hands down the best hub ever. There is a reason why king has been in business so long and that is the attention to quality along with detail. I have been able to ride multiple hubs over the yrs and these are what I have stuck with all along. The easy servicing of the hubs to the actual customer service so far has been great. I rebuild these on my own because my kids could figure it out. True they are never the fastest to jump on a trend but every king owner knows eventually it will come. Now that they have come out with the xd driver there is no better set up for me. I have hopes on my dh bike, ive rode dt swiss 240s, Read More »

Cane Creek DBair Rear Shock

“simply put it has to be the best”


The Good: freedom to customize, always plush feel,

The Bad: having to send it in to service, tool adjust

Overall Review: To me this has been the best air shock i have ridden. I have been able to ride many fox shox that were low to high end and a few rockshox as well. I am in Utah and we get to ride all sorts of terrain here from rocks, roots, hard pack, mud, snow, you name it and this will hold up to anything imo. The support in turns and the adjustments we can make to the type of riding here is spot on once you find what you like. Set up with the enduro sworks this thing had literally no bob when pedaling, great support like i said in the mid travel where some others fail and the small bump was just fine. The tool adjustment is kind of Read More »

VP Components VP-Harrier Flat Pedal

Vital Review

“Tested: VP Harrier Flat Pedal”

Review by Ian Collins // Photos by Ian Collins and Fred Robinson (action) VP has been quietly cranking away in the pedal market with various designs at every price point for quite some time now. Despite their efforts, it's fair to say that they have yet to carve out a niche for themselves in the race to deliver a truly iconic place to rest your feet. Recently, they released the Harrier – a fully redesigned flat pedal that contrasts dramatically in both aesthetics and mechanical execution with past offerings from VP. A few months ago, I got my feet on a set and I went about giving them a proper flogging to see Read More »