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Park Tool Home Mechanic PCS10 Repair Stand

Featured Review

“Perfect stand for at home or in the hotel!”


The Good: Packs up easily, good grip, easy adjustments, stable

The Bad: The small lever for setting the tension of the jaws could be a little longer for easier adjustment.

Overall Review: I've had this stand for almost a year now and it goes everywhere with me! I keep it set-up in my garage when I'm at home and when I go on trips I set it up in my hotel room for cleaning/repairs. All of the adjustment are quick release and held pretty well, sometimes you have to crank them down pretty hard though. The rubber jaws grip well without damaging the bike, and have cut-outs for cables if you have to grip the bike on a tube with cable routing. My only gripe is that you can't just set the jaw tension and then clamp and un-clamp it because the lever doesn't have enough leverage for that. You typically have to loosen it in order to un-clamp, and tighten it up after clamping, which sometime proves difficult while trying to juggle the bike. Overall a solid stand for the casual and home mechanic.

Giro Indicator

“Decent helmet for a decent price.”


The Good: It keeps your head safe

The Bad: I could never get it to fit quite right.

Overall Review: This helmet is probably the lowest I am willing to go as far as price for protecting my dome, and it works! The accu-dial adjustment works well for getting the right fit on the rear of your head, but the straps ride at a weird angle around my ears and sometimes irritate me. I know how to adjust my helmet properly and have never had this issue with helmets before but the straps just seem to want to twist right before the front and rear straps converge under the earcausingit to be slightlyuncomfortable. It's not enough to bother me on shorter rides but when I go on an all-day trail ride it can start to get annoying. Read More »

Royal Java Trail Riding Jersey

“Sweet jersey, nice fit!”


The Good: Looks, comfort, pocket, glasses wipe, it's made from coffee!

The Bad: None so far!

Overall Review: I bought this jersey in grey a couple of months ago for about $20 on theClymb.com and I love it. It has pre-curved sleeves, mesh side panels, and a long back that doesn't look goofy but keeps your back covered when you lean forward. The zip back pocket sits low enough to be usable with a small hydration pack. It has a patch of microfiber to wipe your glasses... and it's made of a sustainable fabric made from used coffee grounds! I prefer loose fitting trail jerseys over spandex and was actually a little hesitant about the fit of this jersey, but I am stoked with the look and feel. It looks nice and isn't as tight around Read More »

Deity Streetsweeper Frame

“StreetSweeper !”


The Good: Light weight, that great steal feel, super short chainstays, amazing ride !

The Bad: Nothing bad so far.

Overall Review: I got this frame to replace a 2008 BlackMarket 357 for use at Rays MTB in MKE. I purchased the frame from Ray's because if anyone should make money from me its Rays who gives me a place to ride ! The streetsweeper is 2 pounds lighter than the 357, I went from a 28/13 gearing to a 30/14 and STILL had to remove two links from chain. The streetsweeper is far more nimble and just feels faster than other bikes. I'm not sure why but I let everyone ride my bike and everyone says it just goes fast so easy. No matter jumps, pump track or anywhere in the park it is just responsive, fast, nimble and boosts like crazy making everything Read More »

Crank Brothers Mallet 2 Clipless Pedal

“Quality pedal, flawed design.”


The Good: Good quality, Solid platform, grip pins, reliable clip-in/out great mud-shedding

The Bad: Platform is fairly pointless unless you have shoes with a hole in the sole so you don't ride on the retainer springs.

Overall Review: I have been mountain biking for 6 years, riding mostly XC/Trail and had never second guessed my choice of platform pedals... until I took a vacation to Colorado, rented a Yeti 575, and got stuck on rental platforms for two days of epic Front Range, Rocky Mountain riding. First off, the low rating is not for quality but purely for design issues. I bought these pedals and a pair of 510 Maltese Falcons for two reasons: 1: I use my bike for many things and don't want to only be able to ride it with one pair of shoes. 2: When I use the clipless shoes I don't want to have difficulty walking when off the bike. Read More »

2012 Rocky Mountain Flatline Park Bike

“Great entry DH bike”


The Good: I rented this bike for the summer to see how i liked DH and let me tell you, this bike was a dream to ride. The plush marx fork and the fox van in the bike made for a smooth ride all together.

The Bad: It is on the heavy side, but hey who cares when your ripping the DH up.

Overall Review: Great beginner and entry level DH bike. Highly recommened

2012 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO Bike

“A Killer Trail Bike”


The Good: Absolutely kills it on the uphill with its slack but uphill ready headtube angle. The command post adds a nice touch, being able to change your seat hight on the go.

The Bad: Wheel set dents easily after a few cases.

Overall Review: Overall a outstanding bike! Great for a first timer or a expert! Highly recommended

FUNN Fatboy Riser Bar

“Cheap, Light, Strong”


The Good: Cheap, Light - 282g, Strong

The Bad: Nothing at all.

Overall Review: Cheap bars that look great. Same material as all the other companys so will be the same strength, Lighter than most. Been running them all season at Whistler and they are still perfect. No complaints.

2012 Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon XTR am 1x10 Bike

“Do it all!”


The Good: I own this bike and I love it.... It climbs it Drops, DownHills, Jumps, Enduro. what ever you want this bike can fill the need with a 160 Front fork you have the perfect enduro bike! Slap a coil in the rear with a 180 fork up front and this thing makes the perfect Freeride or DownHill rig. and still will climb fairly well! I am amazed at how well it does every thing I ask of it.

The Bad: The first scratch was devastating, but I got over it : )

Overall Review: I Love this bike! I Highly recommend Buying this bike!