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Kali Protectives Amara Helmet

Featured Review

“Nice XC lid at a reasonable price point”


The Good: Has a quality feel to it, lots of vents, something a bit different than the regular Giro and Bell

The Bad: Little bit heavier than some other helmets, the fit dial is not as user friendly as some of the other one hand dial systems

Overall Review: I purchased this helmet a couple of weeks ago at a great deal. For the past several years I’ve been sticking primarily to Bell open face helmets but the deal was too good to pass up so I ordered the Amara helmet. The helmet is built really well, has a solid feel to it and in terms of quality it looks and feels comparable to Giro/Bell helmets. In terms of venting the helmet has 17 vents and breathability is great on hot days or on those extra sweaty rides. All the straps and adjustments work well I did notice however that the rear dial that allows for the customized fit it not as user friendly as the one hand Read More »

Mavic Ex 823 Disc Rim

Featured Review

“Bombproof rim”


The Good: Durable and stiff without breaking the bank

The Bad: After two seasons of riding I can't think of any so far

Overall Review: I’ve been running the Mavic 823’s for two years now without any issues. These truly are an awesome rim both for durability and come at a very reasonable price point. Although they may not be as flashy as some of the other rims on the market such as the Deemax or Easton rims, these really do get the job done and get it done without any issues or maintenance involved. The rims came stock on my bike and they were laced to WTB laserdisc hubs and from day one it was set and forget . After riding for 2 years now the rims are still straight, spoke are still tensioned correctly and there are no flat spots on the rim. I’m not a very Read More »

Fox Racing Altitude Riding Shorts

Featured Review

“Super light and breathable”


The Good: Thin, light, stretchy, breathable and super comfortable.

The Bad: Do not offer as much protection as other burly shorts but that's ok as they are more of a XC/trail short anyways.

Overall Review: The first thing you'll notice about these shorts is how thin and light they are. They are perfect for super hot days or just long days in the saddle as they are really breathable and comfortable. The reason they are so comfy is simply how thin and breathable they are, they aredefinitely a very minimalist short but at the same time still pack a lot of cool features. I really like that all pockets have zippers and are they are large enough to carry most of the necessities for riding. The shorts also include zippered mini pocket which comes with a goggle wipe. Size wise they are pretty true to size but also Read More »

Straitline Silent Guide Chainguide

Featured Review

“Superior Chainguide / Bash guard”


The Good: Strong, light weight, quiet, looks legit

The Bad: Had to by extra rubber guides to get the color I wanted

Overall Review: I have been searching for a chain guide bash gaurd combo that works well for a while now. They either fit poorly, sound horrible, are too bulky, or just look like junk. The Straitline really caught my eye and from the second I got it and put it on I knew I had made a great purchase. ebikestop.com had it on sale. After riding with it I have no complaints only praise for this great piece of engineering. It is such a simple design and just looks and functions so well. I highly recommend purchasing one. If you have Saint cranks you will need to get the one that is set up for saint cranks.

2012 Trek Slash 9

Vital Review

“Tested: 2012 Trek Slash 9 - Begs To Be Pushed”

by Brandon Turman This bike saved my life. Several times. It saved my life while getting rowdy in Whistler's backcountry, again on the steeps of Santa Cruz, again in the rocky gnar of Moab, again over a big transfer in Bellingham, and most recently in the rooty goodness of Squamish. You see, this bike instills an incredible amount of confidence, and sometimes when I'm really letting loose and the trail catches up with me, the Slash takes over, handles the situation and sends me merrily on my way, adrenaline pumping, uninjured and praising the heavens for my good fortune. You know the moments I'm talking about… Thanks Slash. I Read More »

Shimano XT Disc Brake M785

Featured Review

“Excellent all-around brake”


The Good: Impressive stopping power. Modulation is simply the best available. Easily adjustable.

The Bad: The finned heat-sink pads are expensive.

Overall Review: I ran these brakes on a cross-country race bike for five months this year and came away thoroughly impressed. I had been using previous-generation Shimano SLX brakes, but these brakes blew those older models out of the water. The reach adjust is simple and doesn't migrate or wiggle. The increase in stopping power was immediately evident. After a few rides I also noticed that the modulation was superb. I never locked up a wheel unless I was trying to. I wouldn't hesitate to run these brakes on a trail bike, or even on a gravity bike with some larger rotors installed. They're the best brakes I've ridden. Read More »

Shimano Saint Hydraulic Disc Brake

“Best Brake I've ever ridden”


The Good: Ultimate power, good modulation

The Bad: They are expensive, you have to adjust the lever pull quite a bit as the pads wear

Overall Review: This is by far the best brake that I've ridden. Everything from Whistler bike park to my home trails in the Pacific NW March mud. I like the original pads it came with - tried the "quieter" version and they weren't as powerful and my bike doesn't make any noise anyway. The toughest part is probably getting the calipers lined up perfectly as one side or the other seems to like to extend a little further when you are setting them up. It's easy to just use a piece of thin cardboard or a (clean) feeler gage to help the other side extend a little more. Also, much easier to bleed with a syringe and push the fluid up and Read More »

Shimano SLX M666 Disc Brake

“Great brake for the price...hell, great brake all around.”


The Good: Great stopping power. No noise or squeal. They just work, and really well at that.

The Bad: None so far.

Overall Review: I originally bought them for my XC/AM bike, but moved them to my FR bike when I found out the XC/AM frame was cracked. They were more than enough to stop the big bike (at least 40 lbs) on steeps and only 1 finger braking is needed. They also came on my new 29er and I couldn't be happier with them.  No fuss and they work great.  My FR bike originally had Avid Codes on it, which gave me non-stop problems.  It's nice to finally do lap after lap with no complaints about my brakes.

Shimano SLX M666 Disc Brake

“Just Awsome”


The Good: very strong, good price easy to install

The Bad: there is no bad

Overall Review: best brake i ever bought , like to use them on my DH and my dirt jump bikes.

Jett Ride Jersey

Featured Review

“Stylish, but could use more secure buttons”


The Good: Stylish Looks
Roomy cut

The Bad: Expensive
Buttons snaps are weak
Fabric prone to abrasion damage

Overall Review: I love how this jersey looks. it has a slightly distressed finish with pin stripes. The breast pocket is really small and hard to utilize. Not sure of what would fit in there well. The biggest fault is the buttons coming loose really easily. The material looks like it'd get torn up by body armor and backpack shoulder straps too. 4.5 stars since there's nothing really quite like it, but it's not perfect. Would really like to see more jerseys like this.