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Latest Product Reviews


Race Face Turbine Handlebar

“Awesome, affordable XC bars.”


The Good: Price, looks, width, weight, durability.

The Bad: None, unless weight is an issue at this price point.

Overall Review: These bars are a great option for someone who rides XC but can't afford to go carbon. They are wide and have a few different options for rise and sweep. When I installed these bars the wide stance gave a feeling of much greater control and responsiveness. These bars are very durable and have withstood a few crashes without any signs of wear or bending. I did eventually bend them, only slightly but I think my broken collar bone speaks to the fact that the bending was not unwarranted!

Troy Lee Designs GP Gloves

“Great, durable downhill glove!”


The Good: Finger and Backhand protection, super grippy

The Bad: Minimal padding

Overall Review: If you are more worried about grip and protection than long term comfort on the bars,these are definitely for you!The rubberized molding on the fingers and backhand provides excellent protection from crashes or if you tag a sneaky branch or tree. The palms have little padding but instead they have a rubbery checkerboard pattern that provides amazing friction on an grips you choose to run.I've owned these for over two years and only recently the rubber-checkerboard-palm-coating has started to peel off in some places. They have held up to numerous crashes and tons of abuse and hardly show any other wear.DH/FR riders that want a durable glove that will keep your fingers and hands safe will feel at home with these.

Lizard Skins G-LOVE Long Gloves

Featured Review

“Great Summer Glove!”


The Good: Thin, breathable, good fit.

The Bad: Durability of backhand, odd placement of palm padding.

Overall Review: Overall I really like these gloves! I bought them in April at Sea Otter for $10, and they have been very good to me. The back hand is very breathable and has suited well for the hot summer months and the terry cloth thumb is always a welcome feature. I own the white/green ones and they stay surprisingly clean with just a run through the wash, even after coating them in some real tacky red dirt. The grips on the finger tips have also stayed intact and don't seem to be wearing too quickly, in fact they grip so well they are rubbing the anodizing off of my Avid SD-7 brake levers! I only have two gripes: 1. The Read More »

FOX D.O.S.S. Adjustable Seatpost

Vital Review

“Tested: Fox D.O.S.S. Adjustable Seatpost”

by AJ Barlas The somewhat recent invention of adjustable seatposts, and the even more recent development of reliable versions, have been among some of the most game-changing advancements to how we ride our bikes. The adjustable post — alongside other notable trail bike technologies — has invariably changed how many people ride their bikes and the type of bike they ride. With this advancement in technologies came obvious demand, and with this demand, more manufacturers are stepping into the ring with their own versions of this amazing little piece of bike tech geakery. Welcome into the ring Fox. The Fox Read More »

Nukeproof Proton Flat Pedal

“neutron mg-ti”


The Good: they are light, the grip is perfect, the replacement parts are really easy to get. but i doubt that you will even need those....

The Bad: i have nothing bad to say about these pedals :D

Overall Review: the price is a bit high.. but i say it's worth the money ,

Deity Compound Flat Pedal

Featured Review

“Deity Compound Pedals - The bees knees pedal”


The Good: durable, lightweight, inexpensive, highly serviceable, take to rock smacks very well

The Bad: can be narrow if you have wide feet, no concave if you like that sort of thing

Overall Review: Whenever buying anything in the biking world, the general rules when choosing a product is durable, lightweight, and inexpensive, you can only pick two. The Deity Compound Pedals breaks this rule and achieves all three aspects. At only $48 for a pair, they weigh in at svelte 339 grams which is within 10 grams of other platform pedals that cost at minimum $200, and the pedal body is as thin or thinner as their expensive competitors. Thin isn't usually a feature for a pedal of this price and weight. They’re made of nylon fiber, so they will not bend like traditional metal platforms and, will not explode like typical plastic Read More »

Hope Technology M4 Evo Disc Brake

“Hope tech M4 brakes”


The Good: Ample stopping power. Great modulation. Solid feel. Looks awesome. Easy to bleed. Extremely consistant

The Bad: When the seals start to go, things turn bad, but just keep on the maintenance

Overall Review: Had mine for a year and a half, they've been on 2 bikes and I absolutely love them. I haven't run that many brakes myself but they have felt a lot better than anything I've felt on other bikes, including formula, avid and hayes. Stopping power is just what you need, lacks a bit when things start to get heated and steep and fast, the goodridge braided hoses did help with this. I also reccomend using Ice Tec rotors :) The feel is solid, and the modulation is brilliant, and the asjustments actually make a lot of difference. Bleeding is very simple but can be hard to get spot on. Also they're very easy to take apart and replace parts :)

Spank Spike Pedal

“Spank spike pedals”


The Good: Large platform, good for my size 12 feet. Strong as hell. Grip is spot on. Looks absolutely wicked

The Bad: Hard to take them apart.

Overall Review: I found these pedals to be absolutely brilliant, more than worth the money I paid. I bought them to well try them out really after reading some positive reviews. The amount of grip is perfect, not so much that it's too hard to move your foot when you get your footing wrong, but more than enough to keep your foot in place if you get me. Sooo good when matched up with 5.10's Not only do they look amazing, but they're also bombproof. I've smashed mine into a fair amount of rocks and just the ground in general and only lost 2 pins. The body has a couple of scratches on but that's it. The only possible niggle with them is that they Read More »

Spank Spoon One2One Frame

Vital Review

“Tested: Spank Spoon One2One - Downright Fun”

Editor's Note: About a week ago we launched a contest to win this pimped-out Spank Spoon One2One complete. Truth be told, we were a little bit jealous that we don't get to keep it, so we had our resident dirt jump aficionado give it a good testing. You know, just to make sure you're in the running to win something awesome. If you haven't entered the contest yet, you'll want to do just that after reading this review… Words and schralping by Andy Holloway // Photos by Seth Beckton This bike is one heck of a creation. Forget the toxic green color, I'm talking geometry. I've always been one of those people who can't ride other Read More »

WTB Wolverine Tire

“Outstanding Tire in the Dry”


The Good: Fast. Grippy. Pretty durable. Easy tubeless.

The Bad: Not great on wet rocks & roots

Overall Review: REAR review: In the dry they are very fast & grippy, and one of the few tires I've tried that is very fast, but still does not give up on steep & techy climbs. Breaking is good as well. I use them on my single speed (standard 60tpi 630g) & AM bike (special 33 tpi 775g) Does great on both valley hardpack trails and high elevation soft & loose trails - a rarity. Outstanding rear tire! FRONT review: I use them on my single speed (standard 60tpi 630g) as front. The front has released suddenly on me multiple times in high summer loose over hard terrain. Not a hit-the-ground slip. Just a kick out. I tried dropping Read More »