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Kenda Kiniption Tire

“Great Street Tire”


The Good:

Fast rolling and durable

The Bad:

Haven't found anything

Overall Review: I picked up a set of these to remedy my sidewall blowouts with K-Rads. The tread wraps from bead to bead so the walls are thicker and I haven't blown out a sidewall since I've put them on. They're holding up well and I have no complaints.
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Vital MTB member brimmergj
22232 brimmergj,22232/all 02/20/13 3,22232/setup 30 28 12

Kenda K-Rad Tire

“Good Street Tire”


The Good:

Fast rolling, great price and tread lasted a long time

The Bad:

I kept blowing out the sidewalls of K-Rads for years, about a pair a year. I discovered the Kiniption tire from Kenda with the tread wrapping from bead to bead and my sidewall issue stopped.

Overall Review: Good tire for street and dj riding, but I found a tire that suited me and my riding a bit better.
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Vital MTB member brimmergj
22232 brimmergj,22232/all 02/20/13 3,22232/setup 30 28 12

Continental Der Baron DH Tire

“Super grippy, take any abuse”


The Good:

Last way longer than most tyres i've used. Super grippy. No problems so far.

The Bad:

I haven't had any problems besides the little nipple things from when the tyre is new staying on for so long it makes you look like you don't lean in when you turn but who cares about that.

Overall Review: - Love the tyres, so grippy - Last for ages. Took 2 weeks of solid riding day after day on a rocky track and are still going. - Do pretty much any terrain. really good in the mud too
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Vital MTB member luke.z
20213 luke.z,20213/all 12/04/12,20213/setup 1 1

Maxxis Wet Scream DH Tire

“Brilliant for layers of mud”


The Good:

Makes riding in slick mud feel as if you are riding on tacky dirt.

The Bad:

Only usable in really muddy conditions. Rolls slowly on anything not super muddy.

Overall Review: I have only ridden three runs on Wet Screams but those three runs were like day and night compared to my previous runs. It was the first race of the season and it had been raining all week and kept raining Friday and Saturday. After three runs on Saturday where I hadcontinuously let air out of my tires I finally put a Wet Scream on my front and that made all the difference. Suddenly I could hit my lines and control my bike. I was no longer holding on for dear life but actually having fun.

MRP G3 Chainguide

Vital Review

“Tested: MRP G3 Chainguide - Easy Chain Management”

Reviewed by Evan Turpen // Photos by Brandon Turman The technology and design of chainguides has come a long way over the last decade. With so many similar looking designs out there, how did MRP manage to come out with a new and unique guide with features unlike the rest? Read on to find out… G3 Chainguide Highlights Available in "Mini" 32-36 tooth and "Mega" 36-40 tooth sizing Alloy or carbon backplate options One-piece integrated bash guard and lower guide Glass-filled nylon used for upper and lower guides, which is more resistant to deterioration from chain lubes Swingset, G-Slide, and Quietring features ISCG, ISCG-05, and BB Read More »
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Vital MTB member E.T.
699 E.T.,699/all 08/31/09 4 8 1 5 47 13

Maxxis Holy Roller Tire

“PNW Winter tire”


The Good:

Rolls fast
Good grip

The Bad:

I don't have anything bad to say

Overall Review: This is my rear tire on my Santacruz nomad. I ride in the Pacific North West and ride all year. I used to have a high roller as my rear tire but I felt it rolled to slowly. This tire is faster and I have not had problems with traction. Even in mud or on wet roots.

Spank Spike 35AL EVO Rim

“Excellent Rims”


The Good:

width, strength, weight, price, looks

The Bad:


Overall Review: i've been using spank spike evo 35al rims for over 6 months now. had them built with hope pro2 hubs and dtswiss competition spokes. love the width. i think it adds to tire performance as i use these rims. i've used these on dh tracks, pump tracks, dj tracks, urban riding, and general trail riding. i weigh about 185 lbs and so far, these rims have held up fine. wheels are still true to this day. i have nothing to complain about in terms of performance. these rims are also beautiful - spankin beautiful! i have the blue ones.
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Vital MTB member sysdev1
20064 sysdev1 /images/default/avatar/c50.png,20064/all 11/26/12 1 21 47 1

Maxxis Holy Roller Tire

“Maxxis did a amazing job.”


The Good:

Everything is good about these.... Dirt Jumps, Skate Park, Street, and Slope. Amazing tires.

The Bad:

Nothing bad at all.

Overall Review: These tires are so good.
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Vital MTB member osborne1031
21183 osborne1031,21183/all 01/24/13 1,21183/setup 1 1 6 6

Kenda Small Block 8 Tire

Featured Review

“Perfect Racing Tire”


The Good:

The SB8 has 8 very small knobs running laterally through the tire. These tires are very fast and still quite grippy on hard pack trails and dirt jumps. Low rolling mass and resistance means you can accelerate significantly faster and it can shave a good half pound of your bike. It is also tubeless compatible! The middle knobs are made of a hard rubber compound which enables them to roll fast and wear well. The side knobs are made from a softer compound for better grip.

The Bad:

These tires are only ideal for XC use on hard pack to medium trails. For a trail bike its good to have it as a rear tire, but its too slick for use as a front tire. A good combo for good grip and fast acceleration would be a SM8 on the back and a Nevegal on the front.

Overall Review: Overall, these are the ultimate tires for hot summer days riding fast, flowy hardpack trails. Fast acceleration, low weight combined with controlled grip on smooth trails will convert your bike into a singletrack screamer. They are also good value and wear slowly so its a worthwhile investment. Definitely a tire to recommend for those seeking some fast tires to race on or just mess around on the local trails.
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Vital MTB member Tsetse
23958 Tsetse /images/default/avatar/c50.png,23958/all 04/29/13 32 4

Maxxis Minion DHF Tire

“Best front tire out there”


The Good:

The tire is amazing at cornering. The side nobs dig in and stick. It is fast rolling and they last quite a long time. It performs great in almost all conditions and it inspires confidence.

The Bad:

My 2.5 with 3c is pretty heavy. I have also they corner great as a back tire but are a bit sketchy when it comes to braking.

Overall Review: The minion dhf is probably the best front tire out there. nuff said.
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Vital MTB member Brian Cahal
24007 Brian Cahal,24007/all 04/30/13 1 1 5 2

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