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Renthal Duo Stem

“Renthal Duo Stem”


The Good:

Looks great , Built well , good strength , very light .

The Bad:

Nothing at all

Overall Review: I have recently purchased one of these stems to go with my Renthal fatbar lites . Using this stem for trail riding and enduro racing . I race downhill so also thrash my trail bike and hardware . I run Renthal on all my bikes and absolutely love it . Never had a problem with it .
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Vital MTB member SpeshyDhNz
23954 SpeshyDhNz,23954/all 04/29/13 1 1

KS LEV Adjustable Seatpost

“Are adjustable posts worth it?”


The Good:

Works, looks great, no hose at the bottom of the saddle

The Bad:

Spendy and heavy compared to nonadjustable

Overall Review: I was a skeptic of adjustable posts until I got a Reverb and I loved it. It didn't make me a better rider but just more comfortable and I could do more with a push of a button. Here is what I like about the KS: 1. No more getting off my bike to adjust my seat (duh) 2. This post is very clean compared to my Reverb which was good but lacked hose management 3. The lever on this one is great and very robust 4. Infinite travel is a must have and this one works flawlessly Here is what I don't like: 1. Price, this bugger is spendy 2. Availability, when I was buying it was hard to find. Had to settle for 125 when I wish i could Read More »
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Vital MTB member ryan_daugherty
97 ryan_daugherty,97/all 08/01/09 3 99 24,97/setup 5 52 312 21

Pro Koryak 3D Forged Stem

Featured Review

“Not The Best”


The Good:

Light weight, good rise angle

The Bad:

Handle bar bolts loosen over time.

Overall Review: Got this stem for a really good deal and was looking for a 31.8mm stem with a decent reach. I picked up the Koryak stem in a 80mm length. The stem went on easy enough and everything bolted up well. Followed all the torque recommendations prior to riding; handlebar bolts 4NM and steerer tube bolts 11NM. First ride everything went well. Second ride was good too. Prior to the third ride gave my bike a once over and checked bolts and found the front handlebar bolts of the stem really loose. I torqued them back down and after a couple of rides I found the same problem with the bolts loosening up. I do like the feel of the Read More »
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Vital MTB member awol12
502 awol12,502/all 08/12/09,502/setup 2 20 33

Hope Technology DH Stem

“hope to know :)”


The Good:

strong,dosent flex,sexy!!!,its CNC,hope, i like this stem.

The Bad:

3 bolts, maybe a little heavy , exspensive, come in just 50 mm.
but 4 me its ok.

Overall Review: i give it 4.5 from 5 bcoz it have 3 bolts,and just 50 mm type. if they had 35/40 its was the best!!! but 4 me the 50mm its ok. grate stem of hope!!
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Vital MTB member daniel.alexseev
20650 daniel.alexseev,20650/all 12/28/12 12 45,20650/setup 3 1

Deity Fantom 31.8 Stem

“My Favorite Stem”


The Good:

looks great and works even better

The Bad:

nothing if you like cool stems

Overall Review: Sick, been riding it for a while and it's super strong. I've taken a few crashes and the thing barely gets scratched. Anodized black is awesome.

Truvativ Hussefelt Stem

Featured Review

“For the Baller on a Budget!”


The Good:

This stem is $25.00 shipped on price point, BOOM. This is a deal you can not beat, especially for the short 40-60mm stem that is growing more and more popular. This stem also works for a majority of bars and forks that are on the market so it is very versatile. Not only is it a great piece on an AM rig, but I have seen this exact stem on a number of dirt jumpers. Not once have I ever heard of anyone breaking a Hussefelt stem, these things are pretty stiff and beefy. The flat black finish is flawless and the decals are not stickers, they are painted/stenciled on. I feel as if I should have payed three times as much for this stem. My favorite part about this stem is the raw finish on the front that spells "Hussefelt", It gives it a pretty high end look that is also unique. The bolts that bring together the whole shebang are top notch and add to the quality of the stem. If you are not a weight Nazi trying to shed every ounce you possibly can, there is no reason not to buy this 220 gram stem.

The Bad:


Overall Review: This is a perfect stem if you are trying to keep it cheap and still look like you know what you are doing. Which is easier said than done...
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Vital MTB member frankietheman21
24807 frankietheman21,24807/all 05/30/13 1

Kore B-52 K34 Stem

“cheap trick!!!”


The Good:

low price, great value.
Strong as helllll
looks good in white & black.

The Bad:

Probably the weight?!(i don't think it as an issue)

Overall Review: Got the 60mm size 0 deg angle. It doesn't weigh that much for AM use. Personally I think its a bargain!!!
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Vital MTB member benarch
19802 benarch /images/default/avatar/c50.png,19802/all 11/13/12,19802/setup 2 11 1

Chromag Ranger Stem

Featured Review

“Sorry Thomson”


The Good:

So light, very stiff, many length options, wider faceplate than it looks, 0 degree rise, low stack height, Canadian Made!, killer with wide bars on any trail bike. In shorter lengths also killer lightweight stem option for your DJ bike. Could go on for days even with such a simple product. Have one on my Nomad C, and also running one on my SC Jackal. Perfect!

The Bad:

Bad? Some will say price... Chromag can have my money.. Killer service from guys that ride bikes with amazing attitudes...

Overall Review: Chromag is flat out making impressive bits these days... This stem has opened my eyes to their entire line and I will do what I can to run Chromag parts where I can on my bikes... The Ranger is no exception, and is a quality stem with killer performance. As much as I dig Thomson stuff(killer customer service also by the way, and also North American manufacturing always a bonus), i will be running these from now on.
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Vital MTB member 26only
23266 26only,23266/all 04/01/13,23266/setup 1 8

Chromag HIFI Stem

“Hi-Fi is ready for the Apocalypse...”


The Good:

Very stout, Zero flex even while running wide bars, good wide faceplate, solid Steel hardware. The way a DH/FR stem should be for single crown forks. Simple, solid construction..

The Bad:

Lighter? Maybe... but I think the weight lends to it's solid feel.

Overall Review: Looking for a stout stem for your Mini DH rig with a single crown fork? HI-FI fits the bill to a T... Solid reliable stem, that you will set up and forget about....
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Vital MTB member 26only
23266 26only,23266/all 04/01/13,23266/setup 1 8

Gravity Lite Os Stem

“Great stem”


The Good:

-Looks good

The Bad:

-no problems at all

Overall Review: I use this stem with their gravity light bar on my stumpy evo. Its never slipped move or shifted in any way since I put her on (over a year ago). What else are you looking for in a stem? Oh yea and it comes in ice gray.
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Vital MTB member patrick.costella
24799 patrick.costella,24799/all 05/30/13 1