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Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evolution Tire

“Schwalbe Nobby Nic, 29x2.25 Performance Folding- Came OEM on my Giant Trance X29er”


The Good: * Rolls good with high PSI
* Light

The Bad: * Super sketchy as a front in mud, loose dirt, rocks, gravel. * Too narrow profile
* Looses grip too easy
* Cornering hard feels risky

Overall Review: This review is for a Schwalbe Nobby Nic, 29x2.25 Performance Folding tire, non snakeskin Came OEM on my TranceX29er, Used only once and did not like it. I am not using it as a front tire anymore, getting a beefier tire for my front (as I ride DH bikes and am used to burly but heavy tires). Maybe the nobs are to small for So Cal dry and loose. I am keeping the rear since its ok in the back. Good for the rear since it rolls good with 30-35 PSI. I wouldnt use it as a front if you like to pin it Super sketchy as a front in mud, loose dirt, rocks, gravel. Steering is poor, breaking is subpar Narrow profile makes it Read More »

FOX 32 831 100 RLC Fit Fork

“Best You Can Buy!”


The Good: The Fox 831 is extremely light, stiff enough for dirt jumping, and feels absolutely amazing!

The Bad: The only thing I can think of is the steep price, but what can I say, you're paying for the best of the best, and that 15qr limits hub choices, but now most companies make a 15mm hub, or sell adaptors for their 20mm's. Oh, and for those who complain about it not being stiff enough, just wait a year of two for when it comes out in 34.

Overall Review: Bottom line is, if you have the money and you want the best, the Fox 831 is for you!

Deity Cryptkeeper Frame

“Best Frame On The Market!”


The Good: The Cryptkeeper has perfect geometry, is decently light weight, strong, and has a great price.

The Bad: I honestly can't think of a single downside to they Cryptkeeper, besides the limited colors, but black and white work with any build and the green is a nice touch if you want something different.

Overall Review: The geometry feels great! When I first got on my Cryptkeeper, I was jumping higher and farther than before.  Also, the frame is very stiff, and feels strong.  Its not the lightest out there, but its not on the heavy side either.  I would take an extra pound over bending or snapping a frame on a case or crash.   Bottom line, if you're looking for a top-of-the-line steel DJ frame, the Cryptkeeper is for you!

SRAM X0 Type 2 Rear Derailleur

“Works, but far inferior to Shimano clutch derailleurs.”


The Good: Keeps your chain on.

The Bad: Knocks when cage is pulled, cage lock feature is incredibly annoying, shifting is nothing special.

Overall Review: I now have used two different (short and medium cage) Sram type II derailleurs on my trail/slope bike (a Santa Cruz Nickel 34x11-36 gearing), and have the Saint m820 derailleur on my DH bike. They both do a great job keeping the chain quiet. The clutch did a surprisingly good job keeping the chain on. For the first two weeks I rode the nickel, I didn't have a chain-guide on it, and the chain didn't fall off once in 4 days of freeriding with 13' drops and all the jumps at Mountain Creek. Everywhere else, the sram derailleur has fallen short. Compared to the switch that engages the clutch on the shimano- Once the cage Read More »

SRAM X0 Type 2 Rear Derailleur

Vital Review

“Long Term Review: SRAM X0 Type 2 Derailleur”

Review by Brandon Turman // Photos by Adrian Marcoux and Brandon Turman When you reach the end of this paragraph, we want you to close your eyes and imagine riding your favorite section on your favorite trail. Take it all in - your movements on the bike, the terrain flying past, your hooting and hollering, the sounds of your tires carving into the dirt, the clank of your chain through the rough bits, and even the wind rushing by. Now do it again, but without the chain noises. To some, like us, this is pure bliss. What SRAM's Type 2 Roller Bearing Clutch technology has brought to our rides is much more than just the Read More »

Shimano XT Disc Brake M785

“Dependable and strong brakes”


The Good: this is what a brake should be like, reasonable price too

The Bad: these quiet brakes won't scare off wild animals or hikers

Overall Review: Brakes make a huge difference in both ride performance and confidence on the trail. These are at the top of the pile of brakes I've used in the past decade. Shorter levers allow for controlled one finger braking with plenty of power, and when paired with the cooling fined brake pads and ice-tech rotors, I have seen a noticeable difference in fading (or the lack thereof) from other brakes. Add to that some big rotors and it can even work for lighter DH riders. As far as the XT level componentry goes, thankfully Shimano has created their brakes to work nearly identically as the higher end XTR, while being Read More »

FOX DHX RC4 Rear Shock

“Solid performing shock”


The Good: works great without complaints, easy to adjust

The Bad: almost as expensive as a top tier shock

Overall Review: Coming off some of the lesser fox offerings and previous model years, this shock is a real step up. All the adjustments are useful and straightforward and is a great match for the enthusiast who still wants a hand-full of settings to dial in the ride, yet doesn't want to shell out the cash for a super high end shock. After having ridden a CCDB, I can see that there is another level up in performance out there (compared to the RC4), however there are services that offer custom tunes for the Fox so that opens up options for future upgrades if desired. As far as the performance goes, the reason I love coil suspension so Read More »

Nukeproof Electron Pedal

“The best you can get for this price.”


The Good: Light and inexpensive

The Bad: Pins too short and can fall out. Neutrons are better.

Overall Review: I really do love the weight of these, a very cheap way of saving a few grams. however I much prefer the firmer feel under the foot and the grip of the Neutrons, for which it is easier to buy longer pins. So I think I may settle on buying Ti Neutons in the end.

Shimano XT/LX Chainring 104mm

“Buy something better!”


The Good: These rings come with your new crank and work OK, especially if they don't get dirty.

The Bad: Made from old soda cans, wear quickly, bend easily and look ugly has hell, attract dirt and run like crap when they are dirty.

Overall Review: I can't stand these chain rings that come on low and middle range cranks, not even a fan of the ones that come with the good cranks. Luckily we have these manufacturers like Renthal, Hope and Race Face to CNC machine sexy chain rings that last better and run way smoother so we can recycle these into something more worthwhile!

Shimano SLX M666 Disc Brake

“Perfect Brake”


The Good: One finger endos, reliable, easy to bleed.

The Bad: Cotter pin.

Overall Review: Great brake, I've got 596, 666 and 785. If I was going to buy again I'd get 666 for sure. 596 are bit less powerful and I wouldn't want to lose the brake cable adjust feature. The 666 really seem as powerful as the 785. The only difference seems you lose the screw-in pad retention pin and have a split pin instead and a slightly less bling master cylinder cover.