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Easton Haven Alloy Handlebar

“It's a handlebar!”


The Good:

Strong, looks good, width is perfect for trail riding.

The Bad:

Not as light as carbon?

Overall Review: I've been running these bars (711mm wide) for over 2 years with the Haven 80mm stem. Definitely well made and strong, and have stood up to some fantastic abuse.  The width is ideal for the average rider on any trails from XC to AM.  For downhill I'd be looking for something a tad wider, but these are perfect for about anything else.  The paint and finish is on par with the higher end Easton stuff, and it looks good when paired with their Haven stem. Bottom line is that these are strong, hold controls and levers, and help you steer the bike.  Sweet!
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Vital MTB member THB
22022 THB,22022/all 02/12/13 1,22022/setup 3 2

Black Market Bada Boom 31.8mm Handlebar

“Good bars!”


The Good:

They have the perfect rise you need to keep the bike in control, while the length keeps stability on shore!

The Bad:

They are a bit heavy.

Overall Review: These are good handlebars for the price, the rise and length provide comfort and control on many situations, if they would be a bit lighter, they would be great!
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Vital MTB member Paking
3320 Paking,3320/all 07/06/10 5 3

Renthal FatBar Riser Bar

“Renthal fatbar and fatbar light”


The Good:

nice color
good riding position

The Bad:

nothing really

Overall Review: i love this handlebars, i have the fatbar in my Downhill bike at 20 elevation and cuted down to 760 mm,i don't like to mutch wide, but it is a question of tastes. The fatbar lite that i have on my enduro bike is the 30 elevation and the standart 740mm, I love the riding position that it gives, and it's the same position on both bikes, it's almost riding the same bike. I've already had some crashes with both and they are like new.
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Vital MTB member tmano2
14324 tmano2,14324/all 03/17/12 12 14 3,14324/setup 2 63 72 4

Azonic Double Wall Riser Bar

“Solid bars in some rad colors”


The Good:

durable, comfortable, bright green color looks rad and attracts hummingbirds

The Bad:

paint gets scratched pretty easily

Overall Review: I got these bars at Crankworx Colorado for around 40 bucks. They have more rise than the ones shown, and they're bright green, which is sick.  After using them for dirt jumping, XC, and a little DH, I can say that these are great all-around bars, and although I've put a few scratches in them, they're still holding up fine.  I recently did a ~70 mile race with them, so no problems with comfort.  Check out my Santa Cruz Chameleon bike check for shots of them on my whip.
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Vital MTB member dat_sexy_jellyfish
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Kore Torsion Handlebar

“Kore Torsion Handlebar”


The Good:

you get good bar for the price you pay

The Bad:

you have to cut it to your size since it only comes as 800mm if i am not wrong

Overall Review: I have this handlebar model dor over 2 years now, and i just love it. i think its very good for its price, i dont have 200 dolars to give them for 1 bar, and even if i would i rly dont see a point in buying so expenssive bar,since there are other parts on bike who need to be better.
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Vital MTB member AkuLV
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Easton Havoc Alloy Handlebar

“Pure Quality”


The Good:

Subtle looks, damping, light weight, shape, width

The Bad:

Expensive, I guess, but relative to other carbon bars, they're not so bad.

Overall Review: Love these bars - they're light, the graphics are subtle and not in our face, the shape, width, sweep, everything is just "right". Had them on the DH bike first, liked them so much I got the same setup for my trail bike. One unexpected benefit was the damping - I don't notice any flex in use, but on a holiday after four days uplift riding over rocky terrain, my hands weren't tired/cramped and I had no arm pump. Worth the money for that alone.

Renthal FatBar Riser Bar

“Renthal FatBar Lite !”


The Good:

perfect sizing out of the box, integrates seamlessly with the Renthal stem.

The Bad:

None ! just makes you want to buy the other sizes.

Overall Review: I got a 20mm rise FatBar Lite, absolutely changed my riding. One can get more aggressive yet more in control. It is my first set of bars at this width, and i don't think i need wider for the enduro/ trail riding stuff. Perfect integration with the Renthal stem, and lock-on grips.
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Vital MTB member SchredGreen
14098 SchredGreen,14098/all 03/14/12 62 1

Race Face Atlas 35 Handlebar

“Sweet bars”


The Good:

Colour choices, feel, aesthetics, width

The Bad:

Heavy, expensive

Overall Review: I love them, they were a bit expensive but they feel good and look pretty rad as well
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Vital MTB member RPDH1
15738 RPDH1,15738/all 05/30/12 1 5 1

Enve Composites Carbon Fiber Mountain Sweep

Featured Member Review

“Classic Enve Goodness”


The Good:

Looks, finish, weight, strength, durability, etc, etc, etc.

The Bad:

Sticker price. The best isn't usually cheap.

Overall Review: I rode the Enve DH bars for over a season and a half on my SC Nomad. XC, trail, a few chair lift service days and two Enduro events. I had a few good crashes here and there (albeit nothing horrible) and these bars never showed any signs of failure or fatigue, just one good scratch on the front. They are some of the lightest bars per CM on the market. I cut mine down and the markings on each end made it super simple and thoughtless. The matte finish is beautiful and the quality unquestionable. Enve had a recent batch of DH bars fail their quality and testing controls so they subsequently moved production of Read More »
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Vital MTB member adeibold
25674 adeibold,25674/all 06/16/13,25674/setup 9 1

Spank Spike Race28 Wheelset

Vital Review

“Tested: Spank Spike Race28 Wheelset”

Review by Johan Hjord // Photos by Johan Hjord and Tal Rozow Wheel makers have been perfecting their craft over the recent years, and there is no shortage of innovative, high-end wheels that provide DH race-level strength in relatively lightweight packages - but not too many can claim to achieve that goal at a sub-$500 price tag for the pair. Spank set out to do just that, and the result is the Spike Race28 wheel - needless to say, we were eager to lay our hands on a set to see if it would deliver on the promise. Straight out of the box, the Spike Race28 wheels look the business. The colors pop, and the finish appears to be Read More »
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Vital MTB member iceman2058
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