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Troy Lee Designs D3 Composite Helmet

“This helmet is a couch for your face”


The Good:

This is the best helmet money can buy, its so comfortable and light I often forget that i'm wearing it.

The Bad:

Nothing at all

Overall Review: The d3 worth every penny, it looks freakin beautiful, the paint is durable, its reasonably light, and most importantly I feel really safe when i"m wearing it. If you buy it you wont be disappointed.THE BEST HELMET MONEY CAN BUY

Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves

Featured Review

“Great Lightweight Breathable Glove - 5 stars!”


The Good:

Super feel and control. If you usually ride without gloves to increase feel for the trail then these are the gloves for you. Pretty plain looking with great breathability. Fairly inexpensive at under 30 dollars.

The Bad:

The older versions had a terry thumb panel for wiping your face and nose that was handy. Now it's gone and they've replaced it with a panel that isn't quite as soft but does still work.

Overall Review: Great value and feel. If you hit the ground these have just enough to keep your hands happy. Lightweight feel makes them perfect for summer riding. They are true to size. I can operate my galaxy smartphone with them on.  Not sure if that's important to everyone, but for those that do Strava and listen to Pandora it's a benefit not to have to take off your gloves to start, stop, open and close apps while riding. I'm going five stars as this is my 5th+ pair of them and never flinch on buying another set.  Heard some reviewers at other sites saying they had troubles with graphics and seams, but I've never had either of those problems.

GoPro Chest Mount Harness

“Awesome Angle Bro!”


The Good:

- 1st Person View
- Durable
- Easy to adjust

The Bad:

- Angle will need adjusting

Overall Review: Great perspective for riding. You get a better feel for the obstacles you are riding.  Comes in a small bag that you can also put the camera in to stay organized or if you don't have a camera pocket in your pack.  Really easy to change mounts and attach the camera. The one thing is the angle sucked for me on the first ride since i didn't adjust it properly.  The next time I put it up higher on my chest (probably around the area if you touch your chin to your chest) and also used my Camelbak strap to support it.  Now the angles are awesome. Highly recommend this accessory.

Royal 2014 Matrix Shorts

“Great Inside and Out”


The Good:

- Comfortable Chamois
- Perfect length (middle/end of knee cap)
- adjustable waistband

The Bad:

- can be tight with things in pockets

Overall Review: Just got done riding in these shorts a few times and they are my new favorite. The chamois is great as it fits comfortably and doesn't feel like there is a ton of extra padding. I could easily use this chamois with all my other shorts. Pockets aren't to deep or too shallow, and there are several of them to hold a map, phone, keys and anything else you may need. The one drawback is that space is tight with these pockets so you can only carry one slim thing in each pocket. I use these for trail riding and they aren't super thick or super thin, they also dry pretty quick if you choose to take a dip in them. Other than that, love the design (got the gray pair for 2013) and already crashed in them as well on some rocks...they are durable.

SixSixOne Raji Glove

“Comfortable Ever Day Glove”


The Good:

- Breathable
- Thin (better feel for handlebar)
- Not too tight and not too loose at wrist
- Easy Pull on Tab

The Bad:

- Can easily tear if you crash

Overall Review: Love this glove as an everyday glove. Doesn't have a lot of padding and I found it to be pretty durable as I am using them in my second season.  It is a very breathable glove, where as some previous gloves caused my hands to sweat, these provide a nice change as my hands stay the same temperature as my arms. Some big pluses: I can still use my touchscreen phone (though this isn't advertised), reach in pockets, and use The down side is if you crash and catch any part of the top, they will most likely fray or get cut, but mine still haven't fallen apart with a coupe breaks.

2013 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon EVO

Vital Review

“2013 Test Sessions: Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon EVO”

Reviewed by Matt Thompson and Jess Pedersen // Written and Photo'd by Brandon Turman Somewhere along the way, Specialized realized that people who ride burly terrain want easily pedal-able bikes that are up to the task. So, rather than putting out something that those types of riders would have to heavily modify to get just right, they took their popular Stumpjumper FSR platform, bumped up the travel, slackened it out, lowered it, slapped some burlier parts on, added EVO to the end of the name, and told us all to have some fun. And guess what? We had an absolute blast on the Stumpjumper FSR Expert Read More »

2013 Felt Virtue 1

Vital Review

“2013 Test Sessions: Felt Virtue 1”

Reviewed by Matt Thompson and Jess Pedersen // Written by Brandon Turman // Photos by Shawn Spomer and Brandon Turman First introduced in 2006, the Felt Virtue series has grown with the times, technologies, and preferences of riders. While the model names, angles, and frame materials have varied over the years, Felt's Equilink suspension platform has remained constant, proving its value and function. Now in its seventh year of production, the 2013 Virtue 1 features up to 130mm of travel, a full UHC Performance Carbon frame, and retains the geometry numbers found on the 2012 lineup. After a positive experience on the Felt Read More »

2013 Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon XT/XTR Pro

Vital Review

“2013 Test Sessions: Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon”

Reviewed by Matt Thompson and Jess Pedersen // Written by Brandon Turman // Photos by Shawn Spomer and Brandon Turman Many of the best things in life take some time to brew. Such is the case with the Mach 5.7 Carbon from Pivot Cycles. After five years of making aluminum only frames, including the Mach 5.7, Pivot released their first ever carbon model in 2012 - the Mach 5.7 Carbon. Why did it take so long? Because the brand doesn't rush things, and they were waiting for (and actively working on) carbon technologies to advance to the point where they could beat the already impressive reliability and strength to weight Read More »

2013 KHS Yuma Bike

“2013 Yuma review”


The Good:

I have been riding this bike for about a month now and it has fit the bill for what I was after. I gave up on my full suspension for a quicker and lighter aluminum frame bike. Bone stock w/o pedals the bike was a little over 26 Lbs. (large frame). The components spec'd on the bike are great for the price point, and the bike handles very good. At 200 lbs. I opted for aluminum over carbon due to my weight for durability. The ride is good and the bike climbs wonderfully. I have only needed small amounts of weight transfer toward the front of the bike except for the steepest climbs. This will be my race bike for the season because I'm not loaded with extra cash, but I'm confident this bike will perform great. The color is not your run of the mill, it's like a flat copper shade, I like it because it is unique. Two water bottle cage mounts are also an improvement over the 2012 version.

The Bad:

Avid brakes. Comes with avid 1's, garbage. Will be upgrading to XT brakes, Hadley hubs, and Stan's rims. No other complaints.

Overall Review: My pocket book and I are happy. Great ride and would recommend.

Manitou Circus Expert Fork

“DJ fork and bombproof do it all fork.”


The Good:

Strong, great looking easy adjustments, not heavy for a DJ fork, very rigid axle that inspires confidence

The Bad:

Make longer travel versions!

Overall Review: If you are male and drink beer and you want a 100mm travel fork this is your fork of choice. Nothing beats it for 100mm. If they made a longer travel version, I'd use it for AM/FR too!