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100% RideFit Gloves

“100% RideFit Gloves”


The Good:

Breathe well, comfortable, unique graphic options

The Bad:

No knuckle protection

Overall Review: Click the link below to check out my review of the 100% RideFit gloves on my blog! 100% RideFit Gloves Review
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Vital MTB member lagocza
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Royal 2016 Stage2 Short

“Royal racing stage short”


The Good:

Comfortable, good fit, good features.

The Bad:

Nothing so far!

Overall Review: Click the link below to check out my review of the royal racing Stage short on my blog! Royal Racing Stage Short review
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Vital MTB member lagocza
32917 lagocza,32917/all 10/07/14,32917/setup 5 4 25

Specialized 2FO Cliplite Shoe

Vital Review

“Tested: Specialized 2FO Cliplite Shoe”

Review by AJ Barlas // Product Photos by AJ Barlas // Action Photos by Steve Li Specialized first launched the 2FO (Foot Out, Flat Out) range of shoes in mid 2014, and the original skate-styled clipless model has since made its way onto many a rider's foot from World Cup downhillers to the regular Joey. Specialized weren’t prepared to stop there, though, and less than twelve months later they released the 2FO Cliplite - a shoe that looks to be the child of the popular 2FO and a pair of XC slippers, blending casual aesthetics with a stiff sole. The goal was to create a light shoe that still offers ample Read More »
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Vital MTB member ardor
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Guerrilla Gravity GG/DH Frame

“Quality Frame, Great Price, Awesome Company”


The Good:

Easy to set up, easy to maintain, great suspension characteristics, made in the U.S.

The Bad:

I guess they're taking manufacturing jobs away from Taiwan...

Overall Review: The bike is pretty much all they say it is: simple, stiff, likes going fast. The suspension lends itself to getting up and over obstacles.  I have it set up so it has plenty of traction while maintaining great bottom out resistance. In fact, I don't think I have ever been more comfortable just sending it to flat or less-than-ideal landing situations; the suspension is that confidence inspiring.  The geometry is great; slightly longer reach gives an unreal feeling of security. I expected a bike with more length to be harder to throw around in the air, but honestly I haven't noticed a significant difference. The bike corners excellently too. I don't notice any lateral flex no matter how hard I push it into corners. I have been really pleased with mine, and would absolutely recommend it to a friend.

FOX Transfer Dropper Seatpost

Vital Review

“Tested: FOX Transfer Dropper Post”

by Fred Robinson FOX is back in the dropper game with their new Transfer seatpost. Designed from the ground up, the Transfer features an infinitely adjustable system, Kashima coating (Factory model only) and two new levers which do away with the dual-paddle triggers found on the D.O.S.S. dropper. Available in both external and internal cable routing, FOX employed some new key features into the design of the post. Both the external- and internal-routed posts utilize what FOX calls the Spool Valve, which allows for modulation when extending the Transfer. This makes small, precise height adjustments possible as the return Read More »
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Vital MTB member FredLikesTrikes
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Black Market Contraband Frame

“Awesome Frame”


The Good:

Super Strong, Perfect geometry. Sexy as hell.

The Bad:

A tad heavy, but well worth it for the durability.

Overall Review: I designed my own frame, and had a buddy build it for me. After I broke it (tubing was too light) I found the contraband had almost EXACTLY the same specs as my custom bike! I've been riding it for many many years, and it's performed flawlessly.
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Vital MTB member sittingduck
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Hope Technology 11 spd Cassette Cassette

Vital Review

“Tested: Hope 10-44T Cassette”

Review by Johan Hjord // Photos by Johan Hjord and Tal Rozow When SRAM introduced its XX1 group, over 4 years ago now already, it kicked off the first real wave of significant (r)evolution in mountain bike drivetrains for some time. Sure, we’d been steadily gaining cogs out back and Shimano had introduced the clutch derailleur as a way to help keep chain slap at bay, but essentially, we were still talking about the same old stuff. The advent of the wide range, 1x11 transmission changed all that. On the back of SRAM’s big move, cassettes started getting wider and front derailleurs were discarded by the Read More »
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Vital MTB member iceman2058
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Giro Feature MIPS Helmet

“Great Helmet”


The Good:

Fits well
Offers great protection
Reasonably priced

The Bad:

Probably have to buy a new one after one ride.

Overall Review: I recently bought one of these, the Blue and lime green one to be exact. From the get go, the way the helmet sat on my head made me feel solidly protected.  Just walking around waiting for a race to start, and having it sit idly on my head for over an hour, I forgot that it was there, which is extremely hard to come by in a helmet.  I barely made it 0.3 miles into my race before taking a huge slam into the ground.  Helmet has a fairly sizeable dent in it now. I suffered from a sprained shoulder and laceration on my arm, but I had no concussion. Now that is either dumb luck, or good engineering on the behalf of Giro and the MIPS.  I would definitely buy this helmet again, and probably will have to judging on the dent in the side of the helmet.
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Vital MTB member Joe_B
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6D ATB-1T Open Face Helmet

Featured Review

“ A New Player in the Trail Helmet Game”


The Good:

Quiet, does not squeak or rattle like MIPS. Comfort was a priority for 6D on this and it shows.

The Bad:

Weight is a touch higher than most.

Overall Review: There's been an increasing demand for helmets equipped with concussion reduction technology, and there has historically been one option for that technology – MIPS. MIPS seemingly took the bicycle helmet industry by storm a few years back, but we now have a new player producing some amazing helmets. 6D has been manufacturing helmets used in motocross and BMX for a while, and has finally ventured into mountain bike with the ATB-1T. This helmet uses a system they are calling ODS, or Omni-Directional Suspension. It's similar to MIPS, but it's executed a bit differently. The system basically creates a ball-in-socket from the Read More »
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Vital MTB member Perry_Hall
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Pedro's Cable Cutter

Featured Review

“ Vote for Pedro”


The Good:

Super crisp and clean cuts, Secure locking feature, Comfy handle, Jaws open wide (5.74mm)

The Bad:

No crimping feature for end caps/ferrules

Overall Review: In regards to tools for us self-titled “home mechanics,” housing and cable cutters may not be the mostly used tool, but they certainly need to function the best. Spending $10 on cheap cutters can get the job done but often times with frayed cable ends. Dropping $50+ on hyper nice cutters may be a little overkill for the average cyclist who is too cheap or independent to have the work done at their LBS. After using a the Park Tool CN-10 cutters for 4 years, I decided to try out a pair of Pedros cutters. After a full year of using them, here are my impressions: Out of the Box: The first thing I noticed when Read More »
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