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Latest Product Reviews


Easton Havoc Carbon Handlebar

“Easton hits a homerun with this one”


The Good: Tough, Easton quality, Soaks Vibrations, Good size, Light

The Bad: a bit pricey

Overall Review: Can't beat these bars if you want the best! I went from an aluminum bar I liked a lot to these and was amazed at the difference 100grams less weight and the vibration damping the carbon bar makes overall. Great measurements at 3/4 inch rise and 750mm wide. Spoil yourself and get one, just be sure to protect them with end caps somehow.

Shimano AM45 MTB Shoes

“Durable shoes for AM - DH riding with clipless pedals”


The Good: Hikable, Comfortable, Good grip

The Bad: Get Hot In Summer

Overall Review: Remember when riding clipless pedals meant your shoes were awful to hike in? These shoes from Shimano are comfortable to walk around a bit but the soles are still stiff enough to keep you from getting hot spots on your feet when riding on clipless pedals. The material of the shoes is durable and holds up to abuse but they can get a bit hot on a summer day. One thing to note is that these seem just slightly roomier than Shimano shoes of the same size from years ago so see if you can try a pair on before you buy.

Maxxis Monorail Tire

“Great, affordable all-around XC tire”


The Good: Fast rolling, predictable cornering in loose, dry and wet conditions, impressive life-span

The Bad: Not the greatest cornering on dry hard-pack.

Overall Review: The Maxxis Monorail is a perfect multi-use XC tire. The "micro-ramped center knobs" definitely work as advertised in reducing rolling resistance. The side knobs are more aggressive and provide plenty of confidence in the corners. I've put 1700 miles on them over the last year on all sorts of terrain and conditions, and they still ride predictably. It is certainly time for a replacement but I think it says a lot that they are still riding well after that much use. They come tubeless ready, with sturdy sidewalls, they have withstood jagged loose rock sections on all day rides on multipleoccasionswith little sign of damage to Read More »

SDG Bel-Air SL I-Beam Saddle

“Light yet comfy enough for all day adventures”


The Good: light, tough, good shape

The Bad: i-beam is less common

Overall Review: The I beam should be more common in my opinion since it saves a bunch of weight and is super strong. The kevlar sides on the Bel-Air are tough and will keep it from getting thrashed when the bike meets the ground from time to time (aka crashes). The Bel-air has a shape that fits me well and so I don't mind spending a few hours pedaling on a trail with it.. So, in the chance that you don't have to get a railed saddle to match your traditional post, consider a go on the i-beam system and this saddle. If you're stuck with rails, SDG makes a railed version as well.

Five Ten Maltese Falcon Freeride Shoes

Featured Review

“Amazing multi-purpose shoe for flats, and clipless riding!”


The Good: Stiff sole, comfortable insole, sleek style, not too bulky, velcro lace strap, superior grip on and off the bike... Stealth rubber!

The Bad: The rubber that covers the cleat mounts has to be cut out, so it is not replaceable.

Overall Review: First impression: These shoes have a sleek style and do not look as bulky as many of the other casual styled clipless shoes. They have a leather/rubber upper that is durable and wear resistant. The insole is comfortable, and has decent arch support. I have wide feet, and while these are slightly narrower than a wide shoe they still work fine for me with no discomfort. The construction is very solid and sole is pretty stiff but still allows for a little flex in upward direction for while walking. The velcro top strap allows you to easily cinch them down with no worry of them coming loose. The Read More »

SRAM X.9 10-Speed Crankset

“Performance on a budget”


The Good: Tough, light and inexpensive

The Bad: Needs a 165 mm arm length option

Overall Review: You might be surprised how much you like this crankset. I know I was. SRAM has put together a simple package that opens up a ton of options. Stick to the original rings or convert it to a double with bash or even a 1x setup by removing the spider and going with something like the MRP bling ring. A future proof crankset? Who knows... Carbon may have the cool factor going but these aluminum arms aren't too far behind in the weight department and will save you some hard-earned cash for other bike upgrades. This crankset has stood up to some friendly abuse this season and so far is my favorite purchase this year. Poking around online will yield some good deals on these or the truvativ aka, which is essentially the same crankset.

Straitline SSC Stem

“Top notch craftsmanship and look”


The Good: Strength and design

The Bad: You'll pay for quality here

Overall Review: The edgy angles are the first thing you admire about this work of art but it won't be the last. The simple, no fuss design is easy to install and the strength is something you'll never question as you rip the sketchy line you've been eyeing. The one thing I would like to see is more sizes please: 42 mm would fit nicely between the 35 and 50 mm options.

Continental Der Baron DH Tire

“Great tire for both mud and hard-packed conditions”


The Good: Black chili rubber loves you long time

The Bad: Weighs more than some tread designs

Overall Review: I wouldn't have thought this tread would cover so much terrain but it's great for both dry and wet trail days. I rocked these at the bike park for two seasons now and not only am I still on the same pair of rubber (thanks to the long lasting tread), but I keep them on for the spring and fall rides which tend to get a bit soggy or loose at times. Wide spacing between knobs keeps them from gunking up too much and the best part? The tread actually rolls quick enough, despite my original thought that they would roll slowly. The 2.5 wire bead dh version is not the lightest tires out there but it's withstood plenty of abuse and peace of mind is worth it to me.

Fox Racing Tech MTB Jersey '11

“Great long sleeve jersey”


The Good: Simple styling and cool fabric

The Bad: Fabric can snag if not careful

Overall Review: Perfection is hard to come by, but this jersey is close to it for a lightweight, summer jersey. Summer? Isn't that for short sleeve shirts? Well, this fabric is thin enough to keep you cool and the long sleeves keep you from burning those tan lines over and over. Plus there are mesh underarm panels to vent the funk out. The styling may not be for everyone but I prefer the simple design. The fit is spot on and leaves a bit of room for a nice loose feel, or for sneaking in some thin armor. The green on the jersey is more vibrant than the picture above and matches much of the "vital" green colored parts that are out there. ps - keep Velcro away from this jersey in the washer and drier

Fox Racing Sergeant Shorts 2011

“Decent Baggie shorts for MTB”


The Good: Soft, comfortable fabric

The Bad: Thick fabric gets hot

Overall Review: These are good for comfort and chilling around town before, during and after a ride. Cargo pockets come in handy for stashing stuff and an adjustable waist ensures a good fit. My favorite feature is the lens cloth for your glasses or goggles. The downside is that since these are a bit heavier (and have more cotton) than many shots out there, they tend to hold water from sweat or rain more than I would like.