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Shimano SLX M666 Disc Brake

“Best brake...for this price...”


The Good:

Not drastically different from XT, great stopping power, weight, looks

The Bad:

Not XTR, little to no modulation.

Overall Review: For the money I don't think you can find a better brake. Totally simple to bleed and they look sharp. Could be better... But hey, it's called xt and xtr. So... Again...for the money it is a pretty good brake. I have used juicy, Hayes and others and I personally believe shimano is the easiest to maintain. You could have these on your bike for years.
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Vital MTB member Snoopshomes
22234 Snoopshomes,22234/all 02/20/13 13 4

Loaded Precision AMX Signature CroMo Flat Pedal

Vital Review

“Tested: Loaded Precision AMX Signature CroMo Flat Pedal”

by Nick Zuzelski There are two crucial points of control you have with your bike - your hands, and your feet. Loose either by accident and it's usually not pretty. If you are one of the many riders out there running flats, you know that flat pedal design has recently evolved towards a thinner, sleeker, and wider platform with plenty of pins to keep your feet glued on at all times. Loaded Precision's latest offering, the new AMX Signature pedals, fall into this category and our feet were excited to take them on a date to see what kind of trouble the two of them could get into. AMX Signature CroMo Pedal Read More »
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Vital MTB member Zoomlinski
2655 Zoomlinski,2655/all 04/29/10 1 19 25

Transition Bank Frame

“favorite bike i have owned”


The Good:

light, stiff, great geo and changeable dropouts

The Bad:

pretty long chainstays, bad rotor clearance on the caliber when installing the wheel but can easily be fixed with one washer.

Overall Review: Awesome frame, i bought one of these after i retired my TOP and i love it soo much more. It was noticeably stiffer than my steel TOP. The first time i rode it made me feel like a better rider and who doesn't want to better them self's with riding! The geo is so good for fast, flowey trails. This Frame is super light, it weighs 24 pounds even with a super burly wheelset. Im sure you could easily drop 2-3 pounds with a lighter build than mine. another super cool thing with V5 and newer is that it has changeable drop outs from 12x142 thru axle (what it comes with) and 10x135 horizontal and 10x135 vertical. Note if you plan on running it SS without a chain tensioner you need to buy the 10x135 horizontal and Transition sells each side individually on there website.
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Vital MTB member Jonas_Barstad
14775 Jonas_Barstad,14775/all 04/10/12,14775/setup 1 7

2013 Chromag Ranger Stem

“great stem”


The Good:

Super light, pretty strong and stiff and it has a large option of lengths and colors

The Bad:


Overall Review: awesome stem, its super light and looks great on any rig . its nice to have all the length options with this stem so you can really dial in the felling for your bike and it has a wide option of colors
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Vital MTB member Jonas_Barstad
14775 Jonas_Barstad,14775/all 04/10/12,14775/setup 1 7

Magura MT8 Disc Brake

Vital Review

“Tested: Magura MT8 Disc Brakes”

Review by Fred Robinson // Photos by Ian Collins With the MT8, it's clear Magura set out to make one of the lightest, high performance brakes available. Introducing what Magura calls Carbotecture, a new carbon material produced in-house to construct the lever-body along with other weight shedding materials and design used throughout the MT8's construction, the MT8 is one of the lightest XC/Enduro brakes we've laid our hands on. Utilizing the first-ever full carbon master-cylinder, a full carbon lever-blade and aluminum hardware, the MT8 weighs in at a claimed weight of 278g (including 160mm Storm SL Read More »
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Vital MTB member FredLikesTrikes
18548 FredLikesTrikes,18548/all 09/14/12 7 767 88,18548/setup 33 238 69 55 1

Bontrager Rhythm Pro TLR Disc 27.5/650b Complete Wheelset

Vital Review

“Tested: Bontrager Rhythm Pro TLR 27.5 Wheelset”

Review by Fred Robinson // Photos by Ian Collins Bontrager has impressed us lately with the newer crop of components we've had the chance to test. So, when asked to give the new Rhythm Pro TRL wheelset a spin, we jumped on the opportunity. Featuring carbon hoops and Rapid Drive hubs for a total weight of only 1585 grams for the 27.5 wheelset, we wondered if Bontrager's claim of “ripping technical trail ascents while handing the nastiest descents” would turn out to be too good to be true. Could such a light wheelset really handle the rigors of aggressive all-mountan and Enduro riding? Rhythm Pro TLR Read More »
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Vital MTB member FredLikesTrikes
18548 FredLikesTrikes,18548/all 09/14/12 7 767 88,18548/setup 33 238 69 55 1

Chromag Brandon Semenuks' 'Overture' Signature Model Saddle

“Chromag Overture Semenuk Saddle”


The Good:

The Chromag Overture saddle is one of the most widely used saddles by dirt jumpers slopestyle riders and freeriders alike. The seat can be spotted on the bikes of a large number of pros and can look good on any bike. The saddle itself is extremely high quality. It is extremely comfortable and it provides a great pinch for suicide no handers or barspins. Though the saddle does look nice, Chromag also put some grippier material on the sides of the seat to achieve a better pinch which is going above and beyond any other companies efforts as far as seats go. The shape is perfect because it stays out of the way but is there when you need it. On top of sheer performance, the seat will instantly make any bike look way nicer, adding a splash of color, or a clean looking addition to a top end build.

The Bad:

The overture isn't surprisingly strong. I have had friends Overtures creak from the moment that they were purchased and I had one develop a small bit of movement that I cannot seem to fix. They also seem to break more than other saddles. Both of these issues I have never heard of with any seats from Deity or other brands making seats. The color on the Overture also fates a bit. Colored ones will turn more gray gradually, and the gummy material on the sides has begun to peel off on my own.

Overall Review: Overall, this seat is the best they come. Any high end DJ or slope bike needs one. They are the absolute best and truly have raised the bar as to the standard for saddles. Though there are some apparent problems present, I will continue to have the overture as my saddle of choice. This is really just the best you can use hands down.
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Vital MTB member Billy3197
11757 Billy3197 /images/default/avatar/c50.png,11757/all 11/20/11 1 6 4 21 15 1

Race Face Flank Knee/Shin Pads

Vital Review

“Tested: Race Face Flank Knee/Shin Guard”

by Andy Holloway The Race Face Flank Leg Guards aren't new on the scene, they were first introduced back in 2010 and three years later the same basic design is still going strong. With a few years of feedback under their belt, the Race Face crew have made further improvements to material and construction for 2013. The core concept remains the same, with open-back construction for ease of removal and D3O pads for protection, in a full-length design that extends well down onto the shins. We were eager to get these on the trail to see what the improvements would bring to an already successful design. Flank Read More »
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Vital MTB member 970biking
307 970biking,307/all 08/03/09 4 39 12 2143 1 16 1 116 11 10

2012 Specialized Demo 8 I Bike

“2012 Specialized Demo 8 1”


The Good:

The bike is good for all types of terrain and all levels and styles of any rider. This frame will last forever I bought it used and all the components where broken down on the bike and beaten to hell had to replace a lot of stuff but the frame is still working fine and I love this bike.

The Bad:

heavy but its not carbon so that is to be expected.

Overall Review: This is a great bike end of story and it is made by a great company that builds great bikes.

Formula R1 Racing Disc Brake

Vital Review

“Tested: Formula R1 Racing Disc Brakes”

by Kevin Shiramizu Formula has been in the brake game for a long time now. Worldwide, the brand might have struggled for a while to make an impact, whether that was due to distribution issues or just the feeling that this was one of those “other guy” brands. However in recent years, Formula brakes have become a more common sight on the trails everywhere and they have also been getting the thumbs up from people who have the option to ride other brands. With that in mind, we were quite interested to get our hands on Formula's all-new R1 Racing brakes to see how they would stack up. R1 Racing Disc Brake Read More »
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Vital MTB member k.shiz
14 k.shiz,14/all 07/24/09 75 23 52 591 101 165 1 260 19 12

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