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Fly Racing Default Full Face Helmet

“Helmet protected my face today from a massive high speed OTB!! Great protection for the price!!!”


The Good:

Excellent value, relatively light , have had it on for long periods in heat and have never felt the need to take it off because of over heating.
Looks really good, and gets a lot of complements. Very comfy

The Bad:

Maybe not the best finish, but it is a budget helmet so maybe be expected, but still the feeling when holding and wearing the helmet is really good.

Overall Review: The face piece ended up cracked today after a massive OTB at high speed. It really did protect me, no sign of itcompletely breaking and causing further injury.
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Vital MTB member Aviator29
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Sun Ringle Charger Pro SL Wheels

Vital Review

“Tested: Sun Ringle Charger Pro SL Wheelset”

by Steve Wentz You have probably all heard this before, and you will keep hearing it. Great wheels are like magic for your bike. They can make you accelerate better, hold a tough line and they will hopefully also last for a good long while. When the Charger Pro SL wheels from Sun Ringle showed up looking like just the ticket, we were eager to find out if they were up to the task, so into the grinder they went. Charger Pro SL Wheelset Highlights Stan’s NoTubes BST Technology (w/Rim Tape) 27-mm Rim Width 26″/27.5″/29" Premium, Cartridge Bearing, Straight-Pull Hubs Quick Release, QR15, 20-mm Thru-Axle Front Axle Read More »
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Vital MTB member TRex
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2013 Diamondback Recoil 29 Bike

“Good first trail bike but a money pit longer down the line.”


The Good:

Very user friendly and comes with a rear lockout which I would have never thought you would get one for it being under $1000.

The Bad:

Like the title says a money pit. I've already had to repair it once and don't even mention the brakes(had to replace those too).

Overall Review: I like the bike but I feel like I am going to spend more money fixing it than it is actually worth. As a first time mountain bike owner I don't think I would have chose anything else.
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Vital MTB member ChrisandMcEvoy
26198 ChrisandMcEvoy,26198/all 07/06/13 1

SDG Bel-Air RL Saddle

“Another excellent product from SDG”


The Good:

Weight. I'm no weight weenie but this thing is pretty light, for those that care. Comfort. Very comfortable saddle that I take on long rides. Titanium rails are actually pretty compliant, great for my hardtail. Padding is enough to make 20+ miles bearable.

The Bad:

None that I can spot.

Overall Review: I have had this saddle on my hardtail for the past 5 years. It has stood up very well, still comfortable. I just started to develop a hole in the kevlar side a few months ago, which I consider a huge win for the number of miles this thing has. Wish I could find it for the cliamed $72.35here in the states, I'd pick up 2 of them!
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Vital MTB member Max_Power
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WTB Rocket V Race Saddle

“Excellent Saddle for the money”


The Good:

Saddle shape "propels" you forward, I literally feel faster with this saddle.. Comfortable enough for the long rides. Stitching on the front of the saddle provides good traction when doing technical climbs.

The Bad:

Bit heavy. Not my first choice for an epic ride. CroMo rails need to be tweaked occasionally

Overall Review: Bottom line: This is an excellent saddle for the money. I have had several over the years and continue to be impressed.
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Vital MTB member Max_Power
26294 Max_Power,26294/all 07/10/13 2

SDG Ti-Fly Saddle

“Surprisingly Very Comfortable and Slim”


The Good:

Slim, not disturbing when going back over the rear wheel.

The Bad:

Price is high, and only fit to a narrow Pelvic area.

Overall Review: After Few rides on this saddle i was surprised how comfy it is. I used lots of saddles in the past but this skinny saddle just perfect . Narrow enough so it notdisturbing and supporting enough so your private part won't hurt. To a summery a great saddle with a good Weight and support.
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Vital MTB member Sparky.lab
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WTB Silverado Team Saddle

“A Saddle that suites all Riding Styles”


The Good:

Light, great shape, comfortable, simple design and color scheme, wide rear platform, rounded shape does not snag shorts

The Bad:

Weak rails

Overall Review: I really liked this saddle, until a single fall ended its career by bending it WAY out of shape. I now have a Fizik Tundra and its taken the same sort of spill with no damage. It has a nice shape and design to work with any build. really comfortable when you need it, thanks to the wide rear and flat front. Does not snag shorts. Really nice saddle, apart from the weak rails. If you do anything other than Dh and Extreme Trail, this is the saddle to buy.
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Vital MTB member JamesSavage
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DMR Bolt Frame

“Do-It-All Bike”


The Good:

Cro-Mo Frame, Real sturdy, 9 lbs, Interchangeable dropouts, Single pivot point, Air sprung, Pedals nicely

The Bad:

nothing i can think of

Overall Review: Great do it all bike it rides more or less like a hard tail but when you need the suspension its there for you.I have just started doing 360's and the first one itried on this bike I landed. A real flick-able bike and i would definitely recommend this bike to anyone wanting a full suspension Dirt jumper or just a bike to do it all.
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Vital MTB member HarveyRides
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2010 Yeti 303-R DH Bike

“A Well Built and Solid DH Bike”


The Good:

Attention to detail - extruded head tube, metal cable tie downs, wonderfully machined parts, internal cable routing, everything on this bike is well designed and thought out, adjustable geometry, single pivot simplicity, stable, lateral rigidity, fast, surprisingly nimble despite the weight, well suited for any type of DH riding

The Bad:

Hmmmmm, could be a bit lighter

Overall Review: I ride a variety of downhill trails here in New England. Everything from flowy berms and jumps to rocky, steep technical trails.  The 303 RDH is able to handle anything with ease.  It has a short wheelbase and a nice slack feel which makes it ideal for railing turns and pinning it through technical sections.   The rail system makes for a simple, consistent suspension action that is predictable every time.  I also appreciate how well this bike is built.  I see a lot of high-dollar bikes made with cheap materials, but not this one.  Its nice to see some craftsmanship and attention to detail on this Yeti.  
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Vital MTB member VTsession
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X-Fusion Vector Air HLR Rear Shock

Vital Review

“Tested: X-Fusion Vector Air HLR – X Marks the Spot”

Review by Johan Hjord // Photos by Johan Hjord and Tal Rozow Santa Cruz, California-based X-Fusion has been in the suspension business longer than you might believe. The company was actually already involved in making suspension prior to its official incorporation in 1999, and RockShox founder Paul Turner helps with product development, so it has a long history and lots of experience to draw on. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a young brand, because it is only over the past few years that it has gained more widespread recognition and wider distribution in the mountain biking world. We knew they make good Read More »
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Vital MTB member iceman2058
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