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Diamondback Sortie 29Er 1

“2012 Diamondback Sortie 1”


The Good:

Best bang for the buck for a 29er started/beginner.

The Bad:

Just a bit heavy.

Overall Review: An awesome mountain bike for someone who is looking for a 29er that rolls better than the 26" wheels. It has decent components which is not bad at all. I've rode this bike for at least 50 miles now mostly on trails here in Colorado, and I'm still happy with the bike. I would suggest replacing to a shorter stem and a lighter rear tires for a start. Size: Small Weight: 130lbs Height: 5'5" Overall... great value !

Shimano M520 Clipless Pedals

“Naked DX Pedal! 5 Stars”


The Good:

1. They're cheap cheap cheap at $30. 2. They're light. 3. They're adjustable. 4. Many many good things.

The Bad:

1. They come with the cheap #51 single release cleat. 2. Nothing.

Overall Review: Ok, if you want something with a platform this is not it. However, if you can put your feet on the pedals properly they are the way to go. This is the flagship for Shimano's pedals. Check out the DX or M545 - they are running this same retention system. It's adjustable, zero maintenance, chromo axle, easy to clean if you have to and easy to install and remove with all the clearance. All these great things will come at a price, though! You have to get the proper cleatseparately. This pedal comes with a#51single release cleat from Shimano and to really enjoy this pedal for what it is, you need to spend an Read More »

TIME Z Clipless Pedal

“Time Z Pedal is Pretty Good”


The Good:

1. Nice stable platform to work with when you're not clipped in. 2. Effective rotational allowance reduces strain on the knee. 3. For the couple of weeks they were on the bike they seemed strong! 4. They look awesome and feel good underfoot.

The Bad:

1. YOU CAN NOT ADJUST THE RELEASE SPRING! 2. Multi-directional release. It's important to me anyway. 3. Weight, but probably not as you're looking at a platform.

Overall Review: I imagined the Time Z to be the be-all-end-all pedal, but they unfortunately ended up in my stash and are nearly new still. I was really looking forward to the nice platform and extra support but the retention system just didn't cut it. I've had many SPD pedals, and had always heard that these were a great pedal and yes they are good. The pedal itself is strong, entry easy, and release is very similar to Shimano with the single release cleat. So if you're coming from a Shimano pedal to try them and you've been running a single release cleat, you will be happy with these. If that were the background then they are a 5 star pedal. Read More »

FOX 34 Float 29 140 RLC Fit Fork

“Great long travel fork”


The Good:

fairly light, ample adjustments, CTD is great, simple on the fly adjustment, feels plush and linear through all types of hits, stiffest long travel fork out there.

The Bad:

A bit pricey, travel adjust would be nice for the $800+ price tag.

Overall Review: I put this fork on a steel hardtail and it's proven to be a solid trail fork. In one ride I'll encounter everything from long climbs to steep rocky descents and this fork feels comfortable on all terrain.  My biggest concern with a 140 mm 29er fork was flex, but it's plenty stiff and tracks well down rocky, jarring terrain.  I really enjoy Fox forks and this one has the same solid, plush feel of other Fox products I've used/owned.  If it had a travel adjust I'd give it five stars, otherwise its the best long travel 29er fork on the market.

2013 Yeti SB66 Carbon Race

Vital Review

“2013 Test Sessions: Yeti SB66 Carbon”

Reviewed by Steve Wentz, Joe Schneider, and Brandon Turman // Photos by Shawn Spomer and Brandon Turman Meet the SB66. That's code name for Yeti's"Super Bike" with 26-inch wheels and 6-inches of travel. Why is it super? Because it's built to do it all, and to do it well. As proof of this bike's all-around super-ness, Yeti-stud Joey Schusler used it to race four different types of races over a single weekend. Dual slalom, downhill, cross-country and short track, all on one bike. And he crushed it. Inspired by Joey's results and a love for all things from Colorado, we called up the boys at Yeti for a chance to give the SB66 Read More »

2011 Intense 951 Bike

“Really Good Bike”


The Good:

This bike all around has a pretty simple geometry to understand. Stock it comes with okay components but if you decided to upgrade the bike, it is one of those bikes that turns out to look beautiful. The geometry is really noticeable on the trail making it smoother than other bikes. The Head angel is pretty steep looking and there is also a screw which you switch down on the rear shock mount that changes the bikes geometry by a few degrees, this is really helpful and noticeable when you are free-riding and jumping. The bike feels pretty solid and is set up pretty well. It is hand made which is cool to say and also it is made in California, The bikes looks great and feels great. AND also is supper light weight.

The Bad:

Some of the bads are hard to think of, but i have noticed a few things. Well one of them is that the bike makes a creaking sound which is concerning to me but i don't think it is anything major. Also it scratches really easy.

Overall Review: Overall the bike is very good, i love it and it is the best bike that i have owned yet. I wouldrecommend the bike to anyone and would make a project bike out of it.

Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brake

“Reliable & easy to fix...”


The Good:

Easy to maintain & reliable at a fair price.

The Bad:

Got no complaints.

Overall Review: Easy to fix or adjust on the spot & very affordable. My preferred mechanicals.

Deity Cinch Seatpost Collar

“It's a cinch!!!”


The Good:

Stylish, light, durable & all around good looking.

The Bad:

Wish the offered a quick release model & blue.

Overall Review: Adds a nice looking touch to the usual blah area of the bike.

Deity Emblem Plugs

“Worth it!!!”


The Good:

Nice graphics, extremely affordable & they take the punishment. Won't buy anything else.

The Bad:

No complaints.

Overall Review: I've owned a number of end caps over the years & found Deity's to be the best for the price.

Pro-Tec Classic Helmet

“Can't complain....”


The Good:

Easily modified to fit just right & works. I use this helmets for mellow days on the trails or test runs while building.

The Bad:

No complaints.

Overall Review: Fair priced & reliable.