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Easton Heist 27.5" Wheelset Complete Wheel

Vital Review

“Tested: Easton Heist 27.5 Wheelset”

Review by Johan Hjord // Photos by Tal Rozow and Johan Hjord Earlier this year, Easton launched a new MTB rim. Available in 3 different widths, the aluminum ARC rim was made to cater to a wide range of riding styles and conditions. Shortly thereafter, Easton featured the ARC rim on the all-new Heist wheelset, a competitively priced set of hoops aimed at anything "from XC to aggressive all-mountain" - with particular focus on the latter category. The Heist is also suitable for Enduro racing, although Easton feels its flagship Haven wheelset may be the go-to choice for many riders there. We've been rocking a pair of these Read More »

Royal 2015 Victory Gloves

“Awesome gloves”


The Good:

This gloves is sucess to take people's attention

The Bad:

Pretty hard to be found in Indonesia

Overall Review: Okay, first of all, the design is awesome. I feel so many eyes are wacthing on me with this gloves. My friends are asking about this gloves. To be honest, Royal gloves are pretty hard to be found in my country, Indonesia. I was looking at online shop for this gloves. I picked the Small size and this gloves is perfect in my hands. My first impression about Royal 2015 Victory Gloves; Awesome! I got this gloves just about two or three weeks ago, and wear this for three times. For now, this is the best gloves that I have ever had; both on design and also performance. One thing, just my opinion; I really love with this gloves, Read More »

Royal 2015 SP-247 Shorts

“not horrible”


The Good:

They work after cut out the mesh liner. They also cover my legs.

The Bad:

The mesh shrinks and the outer material doesn't causing the shorts to curl in on themselves on the bottoms.
the stitching on the butt was pretty bad from when i got them.
The rubber logo faded off.

Overall Review: My brother and I got these shorts at the same time, within the first 10 rides both of the stitching in the butts failed for us both. Within the first washes the outer mesh shrunk and the outer material did not. This made the legs curl in on them selves. We just cut out the mesh and that solved the problem. They arnt the worst bike shorts i've ever bought.

Royal 2016 Trail Socks

Featured Review

“Not just any socks”


The Good:

Light, quick drying (even in wet shoes)

The Bad:

Relatively fast wearing

Overall Review: Socks are socks, right? I mean, I buy socks to top up my parts orders to get over the free shipping threshold - and it's usually the cheapest, or first pair that I like the look of when I type in 'socks'. This held true until the planets aligned when one particular shopping basket needed topping up, and I hastily hit buy on what would unwittingly become the best pair of socks I ever owned - the Royal Trail socks. Really, I think they're perfect. They're light - so light that when I soak my foot halfway through a long ride (happens a lot in New Zealand) the socks, and my feet, dry out by the end of the ride - inside my Read More »

2015 Trek Slash 7 27.5 Bike

“Great All Mountain Bike”


The Good:

geometry, Pike fork, really light, tubeless ready!

The Bad:

A bit pricey, shifter housing is weak, no 1 x 10 on the 7

Overall Review: I've had this bike since March and I have ridden cross country, enduro and a small amount of downhill at Plattekill mountain. I ride at least 2-3 times a week so I feel like I've ridden this bike quite a bit. It handles well and feels good. I've jumped things, gone down chutes and done some small drops and it does well. The rear shock does not have a compression adjustment which is a bummer though. It only has a rebound adjustment. I might upgrade to the next step up monarch shock int he future but for now I don't think that I have hit it's limits yet. I did add some internal spacers to cut down the internal volume though Read More »

POC Joint VPD Air Knee Pad

Vital Review

“Tested: POC Joint VPD Air Knee Pad”

Review by David Howell // Photos by Brandon Turman, Lear Miller and Colin Meagher With trails getting faster and trail/all-mountain/enduro bikes becoming increasingly capable, more of us are looking for lightweight, yet protective knee pads that can comfortably be worn in any situation, including a good pedal. The POC Joint VPD Air Knee pad steps up to fill the gap between a clunky downhill pad and one that offers nothing but looks. POC Joint VPD Air Knee Highlights Lightweight and impact absorbing VPD compound Neoprene anti-slip panels inside Reinforced stretch fabric Elastic strap for a comfortable fit Designed Read More »

Crank Brothers Mallet DH/Race Clipless Pedals

“Very Poor Products”


The Good:

Look good and worked well for 12 weeks

The Bad:

Fell apart after 12 weeks - approx 36hrs only

Overall Review: Wow! got these pedals 12 weeks ago and one fell off. Yep, bearing crapped itself and the pedal actually fell off. I'm sure it would have been a pleasant experience if I was in mid flight, but luckily I was on the flat telling my mates how great they were.... What a joke these are and we all had to laugh... Top price, worst quality part I have bought in 15 years. Took back to shop who said water damaged!! What, so you can't ride with these if it's wet? Pedals had done less than 40hrs and although used in wet conditions, never was it raining or the pedals submerged... Look cool but anyone who can actually Read More »

Chromag Fubar OSX Handlebar

“Great colors. Paint chips easily”


The Good:

Great colors and quality bar. I have the Fuchsia paint series on my wife's DH bike and it pops.

The Bad:

The paint chips easily. The first one we received had a scratch. The 2nd one was good, but as we tightened the brakes/shifters it is easily scratches the pain. Make sure you have them in the right position before finally tightening. The first day on the lift, the bars got a bunch of chips and scratches.

Overall Review: The look great and perform well. The paint is just not strong enough for DH riding. They will last the season, but most likely I will need to replace next season for cosmetic reasons.  We call Chromag and they don't have any touch up paint and suggests to better protect the surface.  We will most likely try to find a matching nail polish or automotive paint.  If Chromag had a touch up paint, it would greatly help. 

Atlas Air Neck Brace

Vital Review

“Tested: Atlas Air Neck Brace”

Review by Nick Zuzelski // Action Photos by Brandon Turman Atlas has become a household name in the bike and moto neck brace market over the past few years. In order to keep at the forefront of design, Atlas has re-engineered and refined their previous offering for 2015. The result is a brace that goes on a diet with impressive weight savings, in addition to offering a simpler design and improved fit. The new brace is available in two different versions, the Air and the Air Carbon - we have been shredding the more wallet friendly Air model which at less than 600-grams certainly lives up to its name! Read on to find out what Read More »