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Spank Spike 800 Race Vibrocore Alloy Riser Handlebar

Vital Review

“Tested: Spank Spike 800 Race Vibrocore Handlebar”

Review by Fred Robinson // Photos by Matt Puzel This year Spank Industries introduced the Spike 800 Race Handlebar, and one of the models features a new technology that aims to help alleviate arm pump and hand fatigue. Long, rough and fast tracks are often accompanied by arm pump, which, if you’ve ever experienced it, can feel crippling and definitely hold you back when it comes to riding at pace. Beyond just slowing you down, arm pump and hand fatigue can also be dangerous, especially if it gets bad enough to prevent you from keeping a good grip on your bars or from grabbing your brakes. Spank's Read More »

2014 Giant Trance SX 27.5 Bike

“1 year and 2500 miles later”


The Good: Trail riding in general. Great freeride to light enduro rig.

The Bad: Tight switchbacks. Low end on some build spec.

Overall Review: I have had this ride for a year now. The wedding rush is gone but my bride still rocks. Out of the box the bike was great but as I got to know it and pushed more I found some faults. >The tires just sucked. Unpredictable and the rough, rocky, rooted texas rides destroyed them in no time. Slipped on some Cross-max and it was sorted. >Then the chain guide broke. Went with a RF Narrow wide and have no issues at all. Why did they not spec it like this? >The fork took some time to "break in" but once it did and I got the tuning wired...nice. The rest of the bike, though low end (SLX, Deore) works great still. It climbs, Read More »

Transition TR500 Frame

“Transition TR500”


The Good: Rails the corners, super stable&predictable, easy to ride, smooth landings, easy to do doubles triples bunny hops whips and so on
all round bike very good for high speeds, accelerates quickly, the paint is scratch resistant. No break jack ! The shock unit comes custom tuned for the frame, very quiet bike no bad noise from the chain or so... Geometry is adjustable as well the chainstay lenght.

The Bad: When new frame makes funny noises from the rear axle, frame with the shock are just a bit heavy but lighter than TR450 about 330gr.
Cable routing for the rare brake is a but idiotic goes under the chainstay instead over it and this make it vulnerable, have to make a bigger holes to install the brake hose inside the frame. Frame bearings need to be re-greased as they come super dry.

Overall Review: My lovely TR500 bike i got this frame as a new middle of the summer 2014, the bike itself its not heavy at all, it is super robust and versatile machine, rails the corners super easy, easy to ride, comfortable stable on high speed make you want to ride faster and faster. Super smooth on landings big drops rock gardens i spent some time around bike parks in Leogang and Maribor to get in to the riding of it and it didn't take long at all super lovely bike and i hope it will last as it looks like . The shock unit comes custom tuned for the frame. I run it as DH and the settings are 63HA and shorter chainstay lower BB, can do 62 HA with the need of -1 headset my frame is custom large and im 177 and feels super plush and easy to ride.

FUNN Combat Grips

“Funn Combat”


The Good: Simple..Grips well...

The Bad: Eermm....the bad is I'm too late to buy this grips...

Overall Review: Just installed the grips few days ago and have tried it in local trail with various path; uphill, descent, and also the combination of rock and roots. I don't know about other, but I think the Combat is the couple of every gloves out there. It's like the gecko in the wall. The design is simple while other seems too busy to make attractive design on appearance. Funn Combat is good product with good price, I mean this product performs well just like the expensive products out there.

Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves

Featured Review

“Like slipping paws over your mitts”


The Good: Fit, feel, value, bar feel, protection

The Bad: Trying to think of something....nope.

Overall Review: I previously had some super light Dakine gloves that detonated within a month. I will say I expect all Dakine products to detonate immediately after purchase. Sometimes you're in a bind and need something on the spot. I had tried these gloves on at the bike shop a couple times. We courted each other for a while. I was a little hesitant due to the cost but then I started comparing against others such as TLD. Once the Dakine's shat the bed after stitching them back together I decided to ask the Fox out on a date. She graciously accepted and a cheap $25 date later we had consummated something special. No frat pick up Read More »

GT Sanction Pro Frame

Vital Review

“Tested: GT Sanction Pro Frame”

Review by Jeff Brines // Photos by Patrick Nelson and Brandon Turman I dig any machine that is really good at what it was designed to do. Perhaps my most favorite purpose built machine is the Group B class of rally cars. As opposed to most rally cars, these cars were not tuned-up sedans but purpose-built from the ground up and their performance is still talked about some 29 years after their demise. When GT introduced the Sanction Pro I drew a parallel to Group B. Many bikes raced in the EWS are long legged trail bikes that are tuned for such application, sort of like an AWD off-the-lot sedan that is modded to compete in rallies. Read More »

2015 Santa Cruz X01 AM 27.5" Nomad Carbon Bike

“Amazing!! Wouldnt buy anything else ever!!!!”


The Good: This bike is a machine going downhill, super stable and controllable.
Yes it was incredibly nimble and easy to control (I had the XL!!)
Looks incredible
Handles downhill tracks like a downhill bike! and uphills like a normal trail bike.

The Bad: Couldn't fault this bike at all! (maybe the price but you get what you pay for)

Overall Review: I test rode this bike for a whole day and after the very first ride it was apparent how much of a beast this thing really is. its nimble and surefooted, I rode it in the mud and very rarely if at all slid out uncontrollably. it jumps fantastically and handles big drops like second nature. I rode an XL I am 6ft 2, it felt slightly too big for me but the best way for you to get the fit right is to sit on one properly if you are going to drop this amount of money on one.You cannot imagine how silent and comfortable this bike is on rough ground, it tracks brilliantly and doesn't skitter about whilst braking its Read More »

Maxxis Ardent Tire

“Maxxis Ardent”


The Good: Good product, but still need improvement...

The Bad: Beware of mud..a bit slippery on the muddy ground..

Overall Review: This is the tire that can make the bike looks more solid and powerful and this tire performs the powerful style. Just a bit slippery on the muddy ground but rolling fast on the dry track. But overall this is good product..

Novatec Dirtride Wheelset

Vital Review

“Tested: Novatec Dirtride Wheelset”

Review by Brandon Turman // Action photos by Courtney Steen When it comes to a good dirt jump wheelset, riders are often looking for a few key things: Are they strong? Are the individual components easily replaceable? Are they affordable? Do they match my ride? Will they slip in the rear dropout? Built using the same rims that Kyle Strait and Cam Zink rely on while hucking massive cliffs at Rampage, the Novatec Dirtride wheelset is clearly designed to take some serious abuse. I mounted up a pair to see how they'd fair during a summer of use at the Whistler dirt jumps and skatepark. Dirtride Wheelset Highlights Designed Read More »

Shimano Deore Disc Brake M596

“Good Product with Good Price”


The Good: This is simple product with good performance..

The Bad: Nngg.....let me think.....

Overall Review: This is the best choice with the price. This product comes with simple design and doesn't get the modern touch like its brother such as XT or XTR, but Deore brakeset is really good product. Just one finger and the bike will stop...