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Loaded Precision AmXC

“Carbon Cockpit”


The Good:

Strong, extra coarseness for stem and grips, nice width, durable

The Bad:

Some may or may not like the graphics

Overall Review: First of all this is a review for Loaded's Carbon version of the AmXc bars. When I first received these bars I was impressed with the packaging. Loaded takes a bit of time to package their products so they are protected stylishly. These are my second set of carbon bars and the are competitively light at 219 Grams on my food scale. I had got these bars because for the local trails, my previous bars felt too wide at 780mm. I was constantly hitting the bar ends on the singletrack. My local trails have lots of narrow passages between trees. The 760mm width instantly felt at home while on the trail and in my Read More »

Loaded Precision AmXC Shorty Stem

Featured Review

“One Solid Shorty”


The Good:

Sexy appeal, robust, light weight, torque specs listed on stem, easy to install

The Bad:

There are none really

Overall Review: Loaded Precision is not as recognizable as other companies out there, but I do believe they make some great products and they are competitively priced as well. I have had this stem for about five or six months and I have enjoyed the short 45mm length of it paired with Loaded's carbon 760mm wide bars on my trail bike. First off, Loaded makes some sexy looking parts, they are beautifully machined and have multiple different colors to choose from to match any color scheme you ave going on. Not only are they great looking, but they seem to hold up real well. I have had no complaints with this stem so far. It was easy Read More »

Manitou Dorado Expert Fork

“Best triple crown fork out there-hands down!”


The Good:

Durable, predictable, gorgeous looking

The Bad:

Air pressure build up-now solved with soon to be released IFP caps.

Overall Review: You've all read the reviews, and know the specifics on how the internals work exactly, but what's arguably most important is how it rides. Unlike other traditional forks that have predictable characteristics based on specific settings, the Dorado operates with a dynamic feel that, in a word, just "Does"... It doesn't take precise adjusting to get the fork to provide excellent feedback, it is a very forgiving fork that has to be exceptionally far from the correct settings, (For rider weight and terrain), to not be likable. No other fork has come close, in our years of experience. Now, that said, there are many, many forks Read More »

2015 Ghost Riot 7 LC

Vital Review

“Tested: 2015 Ghost Riot 7 LC”

Review by Fred Robinson // Photos by Luca Cometti With the Big-S FSR patent recently expiring, more and more four-bar style bikes from brands all over the world have started making their way to American soil. Ghost Bikes is one of those brands. With a long history in Germany and all over Europe, Ghost has been designing and selling bikes for over 20 years and offer a huge fleet with more than 150 different models. We were given the opportunity to test the Ghost Riot 7 LC - a 130mm travel 27.5 trail bike with a carbon frame and their unique Riot-link suspension design. Let's see if the Riot 7 LC holds true to its motto: “One Read More »

7iDP Transition Elbow Pad

Featured Review

“Solid, versatile pads”


The Good:

the padding is thick enough for fairly serious hits and they stayed put when crashing. the material dries out super fast, and breaths very well

The Bad:

the fitting around the wrist is a little tight compared to the upper arm (could just be how I'm built)

Overall Review: I got these pads for their versatility and am very happy with them. I use them on rougher trail rides and when racing/riding DH and Super D. I live in Phoenix AZ, so tripping while walking a trail and getting hurt on a rock is possible, so when riding a bike at much faster speeds, damage on some greater level is a reality. I keep them in my pack on trail rides, but if I know what I'm getting into at the start of my ride, it's easier to put them on first as I need to remove my watch and gloves to get them on. I wore them all day at the Bootleg race in March, starting with morning practice, racing my Super D Run, Read More »

2015 Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon S

“Fast, Lite, and all around Awesome”


The Good:

Everything so far

The Bad:

Nothing so far

Overall Review: I have had this bike for a little over a month now and have only put about 50miles on it. First impressions: The bike looks great.Its a real eye catcher... I ordered the Matte Black bike anda couple of guys on the trails down here have given mecomplements directly, while most others just point to their buddies to check out the bike as I ride by.Sitting on the bike is verycomfortableand fit perfect (medium frame and I'm 5'8") even with the Race Face flat bar that comes stock on the bike. At first it felt likeI was riding higherupbut that was due to the upgrade from the 26erto the 29er and now feels completely normal. Read More »

fi'zi:k M3B Uomo Shoe

Vital Review

“ Tested: Fi’zi:k M3B Uomo”

Review by Joel Harwood // Photos by AJ Barlas According to their mission statement, "Fi’zi:k is a racing brand." A quick glance through the product lineup validates that statement. Every saddle, component, and shoe is built with a specific discipline and performance in mind. While many of Fi'zi:k's competitors blur the lines between riding styles, Fi’zi:k’s M3B Uomo is pointedly XC in terms of aesthetics and features. Mountain biking isn’t necessarily as compartmentalized as marketing gurus would have you believe, however, so we decided to strap a pair on for everyday shredding, occasional racing, and frequent Read More »

e*thirteen The Extended Range (EX) 40/42t Cog

“There are better options”


The Good:

Let me think on that

The Bad:

Does not hold chain, poor anodization

Overall Review: I purchased the e-13 42 tooth cog to complete the 1X conversion on my trail bike. I had been running a standard 11-36 cassette with a 32t chainring for a while and wanted a bit lower gear. I went with the e-13 because it was available through BTI and the One-Up was not. Instalation The cog installed well and the instructions were clear. I ordered a 16t cog (not included) to smooth out the transitions. It had a nice finished appearance. I used a Sram X9 type 2 rear der. and X9 shifter, a Sram cassette and sram chain. Operation Shifting in the stand was great, and the flat road test was good as Read More »

Crank Brothers Candy 2 Pedals

“Difficult Pedals to Use”


The Good:

Reasonable weight, Nice finish, Float is good and consistent

The Bad:

Almost Impossible to get into.

Overall Review: First off let me say that I am a long time clipless pedal user. I cut my teeth using possibly the worst pedal ever made the Onza HX back in 94. I have used nearly every pedal design made from Shimano, Ritchey, welgo, and TIME. I have always liked the TIME pedal system as it is virtually unaffected by whatever weather or conditions are present. I had a pair of egg beaters that had been sitting on my road bike for a number of years and when my favorite pair of 15 year old TIME's met their death by being smashed on one rock too many, I decided to try them out on my MTB. I was surprised at how much I like the Read More »

SRAM BB30 PressFit 30 BB

“junk, don't even consider”


The Good:

it spins for a while

The Bad:

cheap bearings, even cheaper plastic

Overall Review: This is a PF 30 BB that should not exist, its utter rubbish. The bearings are not held by the plastic well at all. You would never use this BB on a bike your going to ride, selling a bike and need a BB would be the only scenario anyone would use one of these. This is one of the most common BB's to ship in bikes. If it lasts 1000 km you are lucky. The bearings are not held by the plastic well at all, during assembly you will find that the bearings are almost an interference fit to the axle, but the bearings can be pushed in and out of the cups by hand. Instead of assembling with both bearings pressed into the Read More »