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FOX Float X2 Factory Rear Shock

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“2016 Float X2”


The Good:

Light weight, Adjustable, Easy to adjust, Excellent bottom-out control

The Bad:

No climb switch (if you prefer one)

Overall Review: After 4 months of riding on the new 2016 Fox Float X2 rear shock, here are my opinions about it. Out of the box, I was very impressed with the overall craftsmanship of the piece. It’s so beautiful I was hesitative to even throw it on my Session; Okay, that’s a complete lie but the thing is beautiful. The next thing I noticed was the weight of the thing. Sitting at 494 grams (8.75” x 2.75” with 5 volume spacers installed) isn’t that bad at all! Stacked with High and Low speed compression and rebound, one could argue things couldn’t get better. Enough about first impressions, lets talk about the ride! Throwing it on my Read More »
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Source Hipster Hydration Belt

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“Tested: Source Hipster Hydration Belt System”

Review by Amanda Wentz // Photos by Lear Miller (Action) and Brandon Turman (Product) One of the more surprising trends in enduro (aside from enduro itself) is the rebirth of the fanny pack. Stolen from Disneyland tourists and grey-haired slot machine jockeys, the fanny pack has become just as much a part of the enduro uniform as half shells and goggles. Is this just a trend or are the fanny-packers really onto something? Source believes in the design so much that they created the Hipster Hydration Belt and we put it to the test, to find out if the trend has merit. Hipster Hydration Belt Features 1.5L Widepac Read More »
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Park Tool TW-6 Ratcheting Torque Wrench

“Not Just for Carbon”


The Good:

Durable, easy to use, tuneability

The Bad:

There are none

Overall Review: This thing is awesome, and I know a lot of home mechanics use this tool on their carbon bikes, but it has many more uses, and will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your bike and components are torqued to factory specs. It is also real easy to use, which as a guy, is paramount because who likes reading instructions? and the level of adjustment is second to none. If you have a little extra $ to blow this is a great addition to any home mechanic's arsenal.
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Troy Lee Designs 2015 Ruckus Riding Jersey

“You Know!!”


The Good:

Troy Lee Designs, Durable, Breathable, looks

The Bad:

Looks are not for everyone

Overall Review: Let's be honest, it's Troy Lee Designs, it is great stuff, but it isn't for everyone, especially at the price point. $50+ for a jersey! seems a little steep when you consider you can pick up a moto jersey for -$15 from many other brands. Why pay for it then? because it is Troy Lee Designs, the Jersey is great! it I've been down on all kinds of surfaces and it still doesn't have a hole! This jersey also breathes real well which is much appreciated during those long transfer stages. Now the 3/4 sleeves might not be for everyone but if they are your style, this jersey rocks! buy it! you won't be disappointed!

Park Tool Chain Checker

“Great Tool”


The Good:

Easy to read, and understand, accurate when used properly

The Bad:

Can be inaccurate when used wrong

Overall Review: Let's get this straight, if this tool is used properly it is easy and accurate... which is the hallmark of a good tool. However due to the small size of the pins it can be used inaccurately so it is important that when using this tool you align both pins, and check for deviation before taking your final reading. Other than that a great tool for any home mechanic.

RockShox Lyrik RCT3 Fork

“Smooth as a Marvin Gay pickup ”


The Good:

Smooth, light-ish, range of adjustment, stiff

The Bad:

questionable top cap adjustments

Overall Review: The hype surrounding these forks is well founded, I have a set on my Stumpjumper and they are awesome! The small bump sensitivity is great, and the range of adjustment is insane helping these forks to excel in many different situations, but they really shine when hauling the mail down your favorite trail, even after all the braking bumps and potholes have appeared. My only complaint is about 20 hours into owning them the dial on the right side leg has gotten really difficult to turn, even after multiple rebuilds this problem still persists, but it doesn't stop me from really enjoying myself on these forks!

Race Face SixC Handlebar

“Stiff Stiff Stiff!”


The Good:


The Bad:


Overall Review: In case you can't tell, these bars are stiff... I'm talking stiff, chatter your teeth out of your skull stiff! But if you are like me, that is a good thing. I have them on a Stumpjumper Evo right now and they provide amazing control and feedback. It took me about a week to get used to them, but now I can't go back. I really appreciate the pinpoint control and precise feedback they offer, but realize they may not be for everyone because of this. Having said that, if you are looking for a bar that is light enough for an XC rig, but durable and precise enough for high speed descents aboard an Enduro or DH bike look no further. These bars are the cat's pajamas!

e*thirteen TRS+ Cassette

Vital Review

“Tested: e*thirteen TRS+ Cassette”

Review by Evan Turpen // Action Photos by Joel Harwood, Product Photos by AJ Barlas and Evan Turpen Over the last 20 years there have been incredible changes in mountain bike technology, but drivetrain technology still seems to change at a snail’s pace. We’ve only added three additional cogs to our cassettes in that 20 year span. Gearboxes are the potential holy grail of durability, gear range, and weight placement, but they may never be ready for the mainstream yet. Narrow-wide chainrings, clutch-equipped derailleurs, and add-on cassette expanders are recent steps towards greater performance, but consumers still want more. Read More »
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Hope Technology Tech 3 E4 Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

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“Not just good looks”


The Good:

Beautifully made / Easy to bleed / Predictable power / Dead reliable / Comfortable, stiff lever

The Bad:

Price / Pistons can stick in caliper when new / Weight is higher than most competitors

Overall Review: These brakes are my new favorites. After years of trouble with Avids, a bad experience with Magura, and constant annoyances with both pairs of Shimanos that I most recently owned, I decided to spring for the Hope Tech E4 based on almost unanimously positive reviews around the internet. I was able to find a great deal on the brakes that put them within the range of their competitors, so I bit the bullet and ordered a pair. First impressions were outstanding - these brakes are made to a higher standard than anything else out there. Everything on them is beautifully finished, yet utilitarian - the burly, Read More »

OneUp Components Traction Chainring

Vital Review

“Tested: OneUp Components Traction Chainring”

Review by Fred Robinson // Photos by Josh Job (action) and Fred Robinson Hailing from the mountain bike mecca that is Squamish, B.C., OneUp Components has been churning out truly unique and innovative drivetrain components and upgrades for a number of years now. Replacement derailleur cages said to improve shifting performance, expander sprockets that increase the range of your stock cassette, and some elegantly simple and well-thought-out chainguides have come from the small team at OneUp. Their creations are inspired by what they’d like to see on their personal bikes. Recently, OneUp gave us the Read More »
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