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Azonic Outlaw Wheelset

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
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“Azonic Outlaw, for the set and forget crowd.”

The Good: -Strong -Nice, long lasting color -Inexpensive -Can hold a ghetto tubeless. -Tough to knock out of true.

The Bad: -While not overly heavy, they also aren't overly light.

Overall Review:

I've been running my Azonic Outlaw wheelset for a season and some change now, and I can honestly say that these are an incredible bargain.I'm 5' 11" and a mere 150lbs (with gear on), and I love to jump my bike, and charge into rough sections of trail. I have managed to destroy one wheel (from a competing company) within a week, so it's safe to say that my riding style can reap havoc on a wheel. Despite multiple casings and bike flinging crashes, the Outlaw rims remain dent free, and only required minimal truing after nearly 8 months of neglect and abuse.

After a while I decided to convert to tubeless using gorilla tape to seal the rim. The system is holding up very well, and I have yet to experience the dreaded air burp while hammering a corner. Oh, and my tires are not the UST model.

There are a couple of nit-pics that I wish Azonic would change. First, while the green on my rims has stayed strong, and still looks new, I wish they had more colors than black, white, red, blue, green, "hustler", and the occasional gold. Mainly I think that gold should become standard, and that "raw," purple and orange be added to the line up.

Second, they need to find a way to lighten up the wheel set without sacrificing their strength. At a claimed 2200 grams they are neither light, or heavy but there are wheel sets out there that are just as strong, and lighter, but for extra cash.

Overall, I have received way more performance and bling than what I paid for from the Azonic Outlaw Wheel set, and with a few changes, they could go from being the best deal I know of, to simply the best wheel set around.

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Vital MTB Retail Partners:
Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


Riding Type
Rear Hub
Front Hub
Hole Count
Tubeless Compatible
Miscellaneous Outlaw 29er Wheelset * Front hub converts easily from 9mm quick release to 20mm through-axle (conversion included) * Sealed cartridge bearing hubs * International Standard 6-bolt rotor mount * Double wall pinned disc-only rim with eyelets * Replacement 15mm or 20mm axle conversion kits sold separately * Rear hub can be converted from 135mm spacing to 142mm with conversion kit (not included)Specifications: * Color: Black * Wheel Size: 29 * Tire Type: Clincher * Hub/Brake Compatibility: 6-Bolt Disc * Front Hub: Azonic Outlaw * Front Hub Spacing: 100 - 110mm * Front Axle Type: 9mm Quick-release/20mm Thru * Rear Hub: Azonic Outlaw * Rear Hub Spacing: 135mm * Rear Axle Type: 10mm / Quick-release * Cassette or Cog Type: Shimano 9/10, SRAM 9/10 * Skewer Included: Yes * Spokes: 32 spokes * Spoke Style: Black 14g * ISO Diameter: 622mm * Rim: Azonic Outlaw 32mm * Valve: Presta * Includes: 20mm front thru-axle conversion kit
Price $162.12
Vital MTB Retail Partners:
Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry