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Pedro's Ice Wax 2.0 Lube

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    “It LOOKS like it would be good but...”

    The Good: Inexpensive, goopy and waxy, smells nice

    The Bad: Lasts only one ride, hard to get chain completely wiped free of lube

    Overall Review:

    We've obviously come to a different era. An era where guys discuss lubes with other guys, right? Right. Wait. What were we discussing again? Oh yeah. Chain lube. I got this lube in a pack with a degreaser and chain cleaning tool. This was the product I was most jazzed about as it seemed really different. I have tried many a lube(from TriFlow all the way to B-9 to Dumonde) and have liked some and realized others were a waste. Unfortunately I'd have to put the Ice Wax in the latter category. I hold B-9 as my gold standard as it goes on easily, wipes away easily and stays adhered to the chain for at least three rides or more in the NorthWet winters.

    This lube is more of the waxy, goopy type. It goes on easy enough with the applicator bottle but you'll likely have to press it into the chain with a finger as you spin the cranks to get it all up in yo chain. It dries well and wipes off in a so-so manner. There were certainly still chunks of it inside the links. I can't say I enjoyed that aspect of the lube. Oil and grease still on a chain in larger quantities means more area for which dirt can stick. Fortunately, this lube is really only going to stay on for one ride. It seems to come off rather easily and each time I noticed that my chain was squeaking by the next ride. Up in the Pacific NW that can't happen for me. I need something durable and relatively waterproof even in the summer. This might work better somewhere more dry as it's a dry lube.

    For now, it was cheap, it smelled good but it didn't cut the mustard. I'll have to ask my neighbour if he has any Grey Poupon...


    Miscellaneous Pedro's Ice Wax 2.0Pedro's Ice Wax is a dry lubricant that does not attract dirt.  After application a lasting barrier exists to fight friction between metal. Biodegradable natural wax base Barrier coat offers long lasting protection for metal on metal contact Perfect choice for dry conditions
    Price $6.00