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Park Tool Hacksaw

Average User Rating: (Excellent)

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    “Great Saw--Buy It”

    The Good: Hard to screw up something as simple as a hacksaw. Works very well. Affordable. Easy to change the blade

    The Bad: I can't think of any thing bad to saw....It's a hacksaw for peet's sake! Should come with an extra blade--preferable a "high tooth count" for fine work like cutting carbon.

    Overall Review: A must have! Buy it! Every mechanics toolbox and work bench should have a hacksaw and why wouldn't you want one that is Park Tools BLUE. Remember that if you're using this to cut carbon...like hacking down those new 800mm wide ENVE carbon bars you just got...to make sure you are using a "high tooth count" saw blade. I don't believe the stock blade is "fine" enough to cut carbon with a clean result.


    Riding Type
    Miscellaneous HacksawAll aluminum die cast frame construction, blade tension adjuster and comfortable handle make this the perfect hacksaw for the shop. SAW-1 includes one blade and accepts any 12” (300mm) hacksaw blade.
    Price $26.88