Lezyne Pressure Drive CFH Pump / CO2 Inflator

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Product Lezyne Pressure Drive CFH Pump / CO2 Inflator
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Miscellaneous The Lezyne Pressure Drive CFH Pump / CO2 inflator smoothly integrates a regular pump with an efficient CO2 inflation system-helping you get back on the road (or trail) faster. Quality craftsmanship and modern minimalist design combine to make this pump system look as good as it works. CO2 flex hose works with both the pump and the CO2 cartridges, making it easy to refill a flat tire from any angle. Flip-Chuck adapter attached to the end of the hose works with both Presta and Schrader tubes. Solid mount is constructed from a single piece of CNC-machined aluminum, making it sturdy and stylish; thin profile does not interfere with mounting a water bottle cage. Twist-puncture opener on the end of the flex hose is compatible with all threaded CO2 cartridges.
Price $49.99
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