WTB Nano Tire

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WTB Nano Tire  WTB Nano Tire
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This tire is amazing!

The Good:

Rolls incredibly fast. Super light weight. Hooks up like no other cross country tire I have ever ridden before.

The Bad:

Possibly could be a little wider?

Overall Review:

This tire is incredible! I don't think I will ever ride another tire in a cross country race again. For now on if I want something fast rolling that is light, and will hook up, then this will definitely be my tire of choice.

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Vital MTB member reptar
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Product WTB Nano Tire
Riding Type Cross Country, Dirt Jump / Urban, Trail
Wheel Size
  1. 27.5" Nano:27.5" (650b)
  2. 29" Nano:29"
  3. 29" TCS Nano:29"
Tire Width 2.1 inches
Tubeless Compatible
  1. 27.5" Nano:No
  2. 29" Nano:No
  3. 29" TCS Nano:Yes - (TCS) Tubeless Compatible System
  1. 27.5" Nano:60a DNA Rubber Compound
  2. 29" Nano:60a DNA Rubber Compound
  3. 29" TCS Nano:Dual DNA Rubber Compound - centerline tread features a firmer rubber compound that boasts faster rolling and increased durability, while the side knobs are composed of softer, slower-rebounding rubber that improves control and grip
  1. 27.5" Nano
    • 1 lb 7.3 oz (660 g)
    • 1 lb 11.3 oz (775 g)
  2. 29" Nano
    • 1 lb 4.3 oz (575 g)
    • 1 lb 8.8 oz (704 g)
  3. 29" TCS Nano:1 lb 8.2 oz (685 g)
Miscellaneous This is the #1 tire choice for Tour Divide, the longest mountain bike race in the world, stretching from Canada to Mexico along the Rockies. It features an elevated centerline that rolls effortlessly on hard surfaces, numerous micro-knob working edges providing lateral traction and predictability, and a voluminous casing designed to go the distance. It's no wonder why the Nano is a favorite tire of ultra endurance mega athlete Jay Petervary.

CONDITIONS: Dry to Damp / Pavement to Sand
  1. 27.5" Nano
    • $62.95
    • $37.95
  2. 29" Nano
    • $64.95
    • $39.95
  3. 29" TCS Nano:$69.95
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