Maxxis High Roller II Tire

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    “Worthy, but Minion beats it”

    The Good:

    Mud shedding ability, and downhill bite

    The Bad:

    Weight, climbing slip, and cornering sketch unless ruthlessly thrown at the corner

    Overall Review:

    Not a bad DH tire, if I got a bike with them I'd use them, but replace them with something else. They look like the offspring of the original HRs mixed with a Minion DHR. I was never a fan of the old High Roller, and much prefer the Minion DHF. The HR2 is better than the old tire IMO but still has some of the old annoyances, personally a think it just handles a bit worse than a DHF, but braking traction is good as is mud shedding. Climbing as HR is worse than a semi-slick

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    Vital MTB member ZMC888
    6998 ZMC888,6998/all 03/03/11,6998/setup 5 25 59 1

    “F N A Cotton!”

    The Good:

    I was a big fan of the old HR tires, and the new HR II model leaves zero to be desired... Much more true to size now with killer sidewall and compound options. Less on or off feel through the corners and works well on a pretty wide variety of terrain. Running the 3C 2.4's on my Entourage and will never swap. They give you a ton of trust in your traction... Well done Maxxis..

    The Bad:

    Still can't corner like Minnaar...

    Overall Review:

    In short... They shred, and inspire true confidence when pushing your bikes limits. Whether you choose dual ply or single for trail or DH, can't imagine too many people being let down by these...

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    Vital MTB member 26only
    23266 26only,23266/all 04/01/13,23266/setup 1 8

    “One of the best tires around!”

    The Good:

    Grip is superb in dry or wet, sheds mud nicely, fairly light for its ability to fr/dh...

    The Bad:

    It's a bit pricey, but can be found for under $60 online.

    Overall Review:

    Great everything tire, highly recomended

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    Vital MTB member DanzDown
    23574 DanzDown,23574/all 04/11/13,23574/setup 4 1


    Riding Type
    Tubeless Compatible
    Miscellaneous Maxxis High Roller II DH Tyre. Tyres - MTB 26". The open and aggressive tread design gives the High Roller II excellent soil penetration and mud clearing ability. A square profile provides a solid, consistent feel across the knobs. Modified knobs on the shoulder and centre improve braking per ....
    Price $44.95