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Continental Mountain King ProTection Tire

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
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    “I miss the Exiwolf”

    The Good: Light, uhh....durable?

    The Bad: Super porous sidewalls, horrible wet root/rock traction, doesn't hold a seal, seems smaller than advertised size(2.2)

    Overall Review:

    Well, since WTB discontinued my favorite rolling rear tire, the Exiwolf, I had to move on and accept the loss. Change happens. We get used to it. We adapt. We move on. We are humans after all. I had seen many a positive review on the Mountain King II(MKII) version 2. The first version garnered tremendous hate due to poor quality control that resulted in knobs ripping off randomly. So, I purchased the ProTection version of the MKII to set up tubeless. Still to this day the bead holds fine but the sidewalls are the consistency of cheesecloth. While this makes them nice and supple(120TPI) it does nothing for their ability to hold air even with sealant. So...keeping them aired is a daily chore. I was hoping that a couple rides would help snuff all that out but no. At least they wear slowly. That counts for something, right? Unfortunately, it means I'll be stuck with these in my garage for a long time.

    So, the ride. That's what we all care about isn't it? For a blocky tire they roll pretty darn well. Unlike my Vigilante on my other bike they roll surprisingly fast. When you're on packed dirt they are a good tire. With their surprising rolling speed and tall side knobs they corner well and keep things moving. The transition from center to side knobs is very trustworthy and there's no loss of traction in that exchange. Where they don't do well is under braking. They give way almost immediately and break loose far too quickly. They also don't do well on roots. They chatter and skip on rocks going downhill but nothing too bad. They pick up traction right away once the brakes are released. In the wet they shed the mud well but if you're looking for grip you better look elsewhere. Most times when I laid down the power they were slipping and sliding all over. And braking is akin to feeling like Garrett Buehler on some loose shale ridge only without being him and without riding a big mountain ridge. This tire is definitely NOT a winter tire even with the Black Chili compound.

    Would I recommend this to someone who rides only XC or races on buff trails? Sure. Maybe. Would I recommend it to anyone else who is seeking an all around tire? No. No I wouldn't. There's other choices that are going to be better suited for you.

    “My review for Mountain King II sport tire (Not UST nor Black Chili)”

    The Good: Awesome Grip in hard, loose, loose over hard, loamy and sand (2.4 size). Good over dry roots and rocks. Aesthetically a good looking tire. Not tried tire in mud or wet conditions. Compares to the Nevegal in terms of all purpose traction. Tire rolls very good. Medium lugs spaced apart. Good float. Large carcass and plenty of meat.

    The Bad: The sport tire is very touchy to air pressure. With to much air pressure tire is unforgivably hard and stiff. Not enough air pressure and the tire flexes a lot. Does not have transition knobs. Cannot be setup as tubeless easily.

    Overall Review:

    The MKII sport tire has thin sidewalls and will be difficult to setup tubeless personally I would not even try just buy the UST tire. Using a tube helps support the sport tire although does add to the already heavy weight of 740-780 grams. I have found that for my weight and riding style and area 45-46 lbs in the rear and 40-42 lbs in the front is the sweet spot for me. I weigh 220 lbs. The MFG recommended pressure is50 - 65 which when inflated to that size I found the tires to be nearly un-rideable at that pressure they lose traction and, are extremely stiff however, if you ride on the street a lot that might work for you. Although they ride pretty good for me on the street on the way to the trails at my pressure. Also, if you are used to tires with transition knobs these tires will take some getting used to. Once I got used to thesetransition-lesstires and trusted them I have yet to go into an uncontrolled slide or have them break loose on me. I'm sure this has to do with getting the pressure dialed in for your weight. They are easy to get on and off the rims by hand. I have found that the 2.4 tires have added something I did not expect. Less jarring on myhard-tail and great float.

    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


    Riding Type Trail, Freeride
    Sizes 26", 29" / 2.2, 2.4
    Tubeless Compatible Tubless-Ready
    Sidewall Black Chili Compound

    1 lb 5.9 oz (620 g)

    Price $64.95
    More Info Continental website
    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry