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Manitou Dorado Pro Downhill Fork

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)

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    “Racer feel with a freeride package”

    The Good: small bump compliance is amazing. there are so many adjustments so getting it dialed is a snap. SUPER stable on the big hits

    The Bad: honestly nothing

    Overall Review:

    Better than fox rockshox marzocchi and DVO. i have tried all of these extensively and this is truely the best downhill fork ever made.


    The Good: Proper valving for both rebound and compression, easy as hell to set up, smooth hydraulic bottom out, buttery stroke, excellent small bump compliance, light, perfect amount of stiffness and flex!(yes its actually a good thing!), amazing machining, good clicks, good bolts, high quality graphics, easy to service.

    The Bad: bumpers can move around on you from time to time.......

    Overall Review:

    This is the best fork money can buy, hands down. This thing grips like nobody's business, it is the most forgiving fork you can ride, where other forks will wash out or throw you over the bars, this thing picks you right back up and then goes faster! You will ride in complete disbelief at the things you can do, and/or get away with, it'll save your ass more times then you'll ever be able to count. And did i mention the grip? Idon't even remember what it feels like to wash the front end anymore, and i'm going twice as hard and twice as fast as before. There is simply no compromise on this fork, within 1 or 2 clicks of the stock recommended settings its as supple as you could ever want over the small chatter with out diving, plenty of mid stroke support that doesn't push the front end or wallow too deep in the travel, and an amazingly smooth bottom out that will never kick back. Don't waste your time with the garbage other companies are selling, get what works, you will NOT regret it.

    “Dorado Forks”

    The Good: These forks are unreal right out of the box, I was really impressed at how well they work straight away and it seemed the more I rode them the better they got. Super plush and love the rough stuff. It also seems Manitou have eliminated a lot if the flex associated with their old Dorados which is not an easy task with an inverted fork.

    The Bad: The only issue I have is with the cable routing, it just tends to bow out to much when the forks compress and I ran a cable tie on the fork leg to stop this but it caused the line to kink. The cable also rubs along the leg and scratches it which does not look the best. I understand that no one wants their front wheel to come loose but the method of undoing 4bolts then screwing in one can be quite tedious when undoing or tightening the axle on the forks. However this system does work very well and the front axle has little or no chance of ever coming out which is very important!

    Overall Review: Overall a great fork which has been developed over the years to work well in all conditions. The longevity is great unlike other forks these do not need servicing every week and the seals last a life time even when riding a lot of mud. A super plush fork which looks great and for such a big fork is very light.

    “Dorado Pro”

    The Good: Simple air system to work with, excellent damping with a wide range, impressively stiff, and very lightweight for the budget-minded model of this fork. Comes in a totally awesome custom case.

    The Bad: How disappointed I'll be when I scratch it!!!!

    Overall Review: After riding this fork for a little over a month on a variety of terrain, all I can say is: the Dorado Pro is forking excellent!!!! Really looking forward to riding this fork over the long haul. Manitou has got this dialed.


    Riding Type Freeride, Downhill
    Travel 203mm (internally convertible to 180mm)
    Spring Type Dual air chamber
    Damping TPC+
    External Adjustments Air, HS Compression, LS Compression, TPC+ Timing, Rebound
    Crown Alloy (hollow lower)
    Axle 20mm thru-axle
    Brake Mounts Post and IS-mount brackets included - 8" only
    Steer Tube Diameter 1 1/8"
    Steer Tube Construction Aluminum
    Stanchion Diameter 36mm
    Colors Black/Red/Silver

    6 lb 8.9 oz (3.0 kg)

    Miscellaneous Available in 26 and 29-inch versions.
    Price $1749.00
    More Info Manitou website