SDG Circuit MTN Saddle

SDG Circuit MTN Saddle CIRCUIT MTN - red
C70_circuit_mtn_red C70_circuit_mtn_black C70_circuit_mtn_cyan C70_circuit_mtn_green C70_circuit_mtn_carbon_fiber_profile C70_circuit_mtn_ti_alloy_shibuya C70_circuit_mtn_ti_alloy_shibuya_profile C70_circuit_mtn_ti_alloy_profile C70_circuit_mtn_ti_alloy_1pc_gripper_cover C70_circuit_mtn_ti_alloy_1pc_gripper_cover_profile
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    Product SDG Circuit MTN Saddle
    Riding Type Cross Country, Trail
    Interface Railed: Ovalized Carbon Fiber or Ti-Alloy
    Materials Light-Weight EVA Foam
    2-Piece Microfiber Top with Kevlar Sides or a 1-Piece Gripper Cover
    Colors Carbon Fiber: Black, Yellow, Green, or Cyan
    Ti-Alloy: Shibuya, Orange, Green, Black, Cyan, Yellow, Red, Pink, or Gripper Storm 1-Peice Gripper Cover
    • 0 lb 6.5 oz (185 g)
    • 0 lb 7.6 oz (215 g)
    Miscellaneous Flat-Forward Platform: Allows Ease of Movement on the Saddle
    Hidden Undercut: Cutout Relief Under the Base of the Saddle
    Nylon Glass Base with Bridge: Increases Power Transfer
    Length x Width: 280mm x 135mm
    Carbon Fiber Price: $189.99
    Ti-Alloy Price: $99.99
    Price $100
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