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Chromag Brandon Semenuks' 'Overture' Signature Model Saddle

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Chromag Brandon Semenuks' 'Overture' Signature Model Saddle overture_1
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    “When Semenuk and Chromag team up this is what happens. Goodness.”

    The Good: Light, strong, and well... it's what Semenuk rides so...

    The Bad: Nothing to think of...

    Overall Review:

    Love this saddle so dang much. Looks so good on any bike and feels good on your booty after hitting the line you have always wanted to hit. If Brandon Semenuk approves you should probably approve too because he knows whats up.  

    “why use any other seat”

    The Good: feels great, looks great

    The Bad: mine has a little bit of play on the rails and has always had it.

    Overall Review:

    Great seat, feels great when your sitting on it and it is also good for pinches. It also looks amazing it is defanitly a must get for dirt jumpers and free riders!

    “Chromag Overture Semenuk Saddle”

    The Good: The Chromag Overture saddle is one of the most widely used saddles by dirt jumpers slopestyle riders and freeriders alike. The seat can be spotted on the bikes of a large number of pros and can look good on any bike. The saddle itself is extremely high quality. It is extremely comfortable and it provides a great pinch for suicide no handers or barspins. Though the saddle does look nice, Chromag also put some grippier material on the sides of the seat to achieve a better pinch which is going above and beyond any other companies efforts as far as seats go. The shape is perfect because it stays out of the way but is there when you need it. On top of sheer performance, the seat will instantly make any bike look way nicer, adding a splash of color, or a clean looking addition to a top end build.

    The Bad: The overture isn't surprisingly strong. I have had friends Overtures creak from the moment that they were purchased and I had one develop a small bit of movement that I cannot seem to fix. They also seem to break more than other saddles. Both of these issues I have never heard of with any seats from Deity or other brands making seats. The color on the Overture also fates a bit. Colored ones will turn more gray gradually, and the gummy material on the sides has begun to peel off on my own.

    Overall Review:

    Overall, this seat is the best they come. Any high end DJ or slope bike needs one. They are the absolute best and truly have raised the bar as to the standard for saddles. Though there are some apparent problems present, I will continue to have the overture as my saddle of choice. This is really just the best you can use hands down.

    “Look no further...”

    The Good: Perfect shape for DJ riding, street, slopestyle, and all around ripping... Grippy, and just enough width to pinch with your legs in the air without feeling like you are running a bus seat. Killer!

    The Bad: Could be lighter, but really stretching for something here. Favorite saddle for my SC Jackal.

    Overall Review:

    Was running Chromag Snipe seat, because I hate over sized seats on my DJ bike. Have been avoiding even trying this saddle because it seemed to be thick and heavy. So wrong... Buy one now... You will be stoked...

    “best seat ever owned”

    The Good: comfortable, light, grippy, looks good

    The Bad: nothing at all

    Overall Review: I recommend this to any dirtjumper, or anyone who likes to throw no handers, best saddle for gripping

    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


    Riding Type Freeride, Dirt Jump / Urban
    Interface (Rail or Other) Chromo 8mm rails
    Materials Synthetic top with Kevlar corners, Silicone print Kevlar side panels, Flared mid section for thigh pinch, Narrow rounded shape for on-off maneuvers
    Colors Available in: black, white, red, orange, blue

    0 lb 9.3 oz (265 g)

    Miscellaneous Brandon Semenuk’s Overture represents the needs of riders in slopestyle and dirt jump applications that are more dynamic than ever. Brandon wanted to design a seat that would accommodate riders who are getting on and off, pinching with legs, or gripping by hand. The result is a narrower, pinch-able seat with a contour that is more about gripping and control than pedal motion. The clean rounded shape is easy to get clear of yet soft at all perimeter edges. Our unique silicone print side panels provide traction for leg pinches and handholds.
    Price $66.00
    More Info Chromag website
    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry