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Mavic Ex 823 Disc Rim

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    Featured Review

    “Bombproof rim”

    The Good: Durable and stiff without breaking the bank

    The Bad: After two seasons of riding I can't think of any so far

    Overall Review:

    I’ve been running the Mavic 823’s for two years now without any issues. These truly are an awesome rim both for durability and come at a very reasonable price point. Although they may not be as flashy as some of the other rims on the market such as the Deemax or Easton rims, these really do get the job done and get it done without any issues or maintenance involved. The rims came stock on my bike and they were laced to WTB laserdisc hubs and from day one it was set and forget . After riding for 2 years now the rims are still straight, spoke are still tensioned correctly and there are no flat spots on the rim. I’m not a very smooth rider so I tend to be a bit hard on wheels but even after numerous cases and flat landing these rims stay true.

    Another great thing about these rims is the ability to run these tubeless. I’ve been running mine with tubes but next year I may try a tubeless setup so its a bonus that these are already setup to be run either with tubes or without.

    If you are looking for a durable and stiff rim that you know will last a long time, or you’re someone that abuses and goes through rims a lot I would definitely recommend these as with my experience they have been an amazing product.

    “Strong as Hell”

    The Good: Strong Durable Tubeless MAVIC

    The Bad: They take a little longer to lace up

    Overall Review:

    I worked at a bike shop for a few years and this was by far the best selling rim that I laced onto everyones hubs. We couldn't keep these in stock because they just fly off the shelves. I never had one person come back with any issues and after a couple of years these rims stay in great shape. I had to build myself a set and I have never even thought about changing rims since. I love that I get tubeless capability and the bead of any tire seats very well. This is why you see World Cup DH riders running these rims. Get yourself a set. You can't go wrong

    “You will need more than rocks”

    The Good: -Light -Durable -Strong -Look Good

    The Bad: -Only fit french valves

    Overall Review:

    The Mavic EX 823 Disc rim is one of the stongest rims out there and can really take a hit. I use it on a Santa Cruz V10 and have put it through the works and it has not even showed signs of damage. I have landed on flat on countless occasions and the rim is not even buckled. The spokes on the rim are strong and are held in place well and the tire fits into the rim well with no movement.

    Overall this rim is a more affordable version of the Mavic Deemax and a must buy for anyone looking for new rims on abudget.


    Riding Type Trail, Freeride, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Urban
    Material Maxtal aluminum alloy
    Tubeless Compatible Yes
    Joint Welded
    Holes 32 or 36
    Width 23
    ERD 559


    Miscellaneous Featuring Mavics most innovative technologies, such as SUP welding and Fore Drilling, EX 823 Disc is the only true UST rim available for downhillers and freeriders. Ridden by the most talented and aggressive of them, it has proven to be strong enough to withstand the worst abuses.
    Price $104.95
    More Info Mavic website