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    Features Designed for dry/dusty conditions and/or when an ultra clean lube without buildup is wanted. It is a unique Wax/Oil formula that penetrates into the pins and plates much better than a wax-only lube. With a wax-only lube, the lube stays on the surface and does little to lubricate the internal pins, rollers and plates which will cause accelerated wear. The MOTOREX Dry Lube lubricates the internal points much better but also has the benefits of a clean lube that is less prone to collect dirt. A unique feature is that it is compatible with the MOTOREX Easy Clean Degreaser -- so you can lube the chain right after degreasing. Most degreasers or general solvents need to dry completely before you lube because they will degrade the lubes. It is also biodegradable.
    Miscellaneous Sizes: 100mL dropper, 300mL aerosol
    Price $9.50

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