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SixSixOne Evo Knee Guards Knee/Shin Pad

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SixSixOne Evo Knee Guards Knee/Shin Pad 2012 SixSixOne EVO Knee
C70_2012_sixsixone_evo_knee C70_side_padding C70_velcro_enclosure
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    “EVO knee pads”

    The Good: I have been using these for a 2-3 years now. At Rays indoor park I have needed them a couple times that i fell on larger jumps to a concrete floor. They worked really well. Without them my day would have been over and maybe a trip to the Urgent Care? Walked away and kept riding. Totally worth the price. I wear them under jeans with no problems and with shorts. Have also worn them on trail rides on my XC bike. Maybe overkill for that but they were fine and after 10 minutes you forget they are on. Can't really say how they are in really hot weather but indoors under jeans and 2-3 hours of riding they don't get very sweaty that you notice and remain comfortable.

    The Bad: Now that they are a few years old they don't want to stay in place quite as they used to. The velcro straps are too stretchy. to keep them tight I am almost at the end of usable vecro. It's not a huge problem and i will replace them with these same pads next year.

    Overall Review:

    Well made comfortable pads that work really well.

    “Versatile knee pads”

    The Good: light, comfy, stretchy material, breathable, versatile from XC to DH

    The Bad: shins are still exposed to pedal bite

    Overall Review:

    I lusted after these for quite some time before shelling out the big bucks for these knee pads, they come at a hefty price tag (for just a knee pad) but I think they are well worth it. In my opinion the best feature about these pads is the versatility, meaning that they can be worn from DH races to XC rides. Since they are compact, light and breathable they can be used for all day trail rides but at the same time they offer tons of knee protection and can be used as a DH/freeride pad.

    I’ve read some other reviews about these pads saying that they don’t offer full knee protection, especially on the sides but I don’t find this to be the case. Although the sides and back don’t have the full protection the whole kneecap is protected by the 3do compound providing confidence when the trails get rocky and rough.

    Like all other knee or knee/shin pads these do get a bit hot and sweaty but not to the point where they get uncomfortable or noticeable. I just recently rode 2 full days at the Panorama bike park in scorching +32 Celsius weather and did not notice the pads. Even in the heat the pads stay put and remain comfy throughout the whole day.

    These pads use two straps to stay firmly on the knee and the nice thing about these pads is that you can simply slide the pads on and off. I know this is just a minor convenience but it’s nice when you are doing DH runs and you can simply slide the pads down to your feet when taking the lift back up or hiking back up without having to undo and redo any straps.

    So although these only offer knee protection and your shin is still vulnerable to pedal bite, they do have a high price tag, in the end I think the comfort and flexibility of these pads make it a great buy that will allow for multiple uses for different types of riding.

    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


    Riding Type
    Material D3O, Neoprene, Kevlar
    Shin Pads N/A
    Size S, M, L, XL
    Color Black
    Miscellaneous Evo KneeLightweight knee pads with cutting edge technology. SIXSIXONE have teamed up with D3O, leaders in intelligent foam technology to create the EVO pad set, a new approach to the tough demands of 21st century MTB riding. Vented Neoprene expansion panel allows maximum freedom of movement for pedaling. Localized side padding support protect the knee. Custom molded vented Kevlar front panel protects the knee from abrasion. Elastic Velcro adjustable strap systems keeps the knee pads firmly in place while pedaling.
    Price $90.00
    More Info SixSixOne website
    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry