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Avid Elixir R Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Avid Elixir R Hydraulic Disc Brake Set Avid RPicture 1
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    “Adequate all around brakes”

    The Good: 1) reach adjust 2) modulation 3) price

    The Bad: 1) contact pad adjust 2) braking power (compared to Shimanos)

    Overall Review:

    These are decent brakes for the price... definitely a better option than the Juicys they replaced. Even through the Rs also have Taperbore, they don't quite have the stopping power as the CRs.  Modulation is good, not on/off like the Shimano XT/XTR/Saint brakes I tried in the past. 

    “Good for budget brakes.”

    The Good: These oddly came stock on my sram build 951 in 2010. I used them for a year then upgraded to formula "the one" brakes on the DH bike and bolted these up to my old Enduro. The stock pad life is ok. The weight isn't bad. The power is not great but much improved with ebc DH race pads installed. I spent a few years riding these on the trail bike and have to say they are maybe the best avid brakes but take that for what it is.

    The Bad: These brakes will get hot and fade or pump on long steep descents. The key is to bled them often and use high quality brake fluid with a high boiling point. I would hate these brakes if I didn't own a bled kit. I think most of the avid hate comes from people who don't bled their own brakes. Also you need to learn how to true rotors because they don't retract a lot.

    Overall Review:

    These are not bad brakes. They get the job done. There are far better brakes for DH (formula & shimano = less fade, more power) and there are far better options for all mountain (xtr, xt, slx). If you don't have $300 a set of shimano brakes don't worry, just buy a bled kit, some high quality brake fluid, and some softer pads. These can feel quite good if you do the work and keep it up.

    “BEST Hydraulic Discs Avid Ever Made”

    The Good: ~One finger micro-modulation ~Incredible stopping power ~Able to withstand extended descents, with zero fade ~Incredible pad life. Where can you get almost 1000 miles on a set of pads? ~Great value....works like $600 brakes ~DoT 5.1 fluid never boils! ~Tool-free lever adjust ~Reversible lever body, to hide crash marks ~CPS mounting system does work - as long as your rotors are straight and CLEAN ~HS1 rotors are very light and dissipate heat well ~Able to shorten hose length without bleeding ~Matchmaker compatibility, with Rock Shox XLoc and Reverb seat dropper, with correct kit

    The Bad: ~Much-hated, by all other riders ~Not the lightest...but close

    Overall Review:

    I don't know why all the hate for Avid Elixir brakes. When setup correctly - they are quiet and stop on a dime. In fact, they stop so good....it is even applicable for DH/Freeride bikes. The real beauty is in the modulation. I come from being a longtime Magura Marta SL user, and there is no off/on lever feel, like the Magura. I went OTB on my first ride with them, disbelieving the power these have.

    Keep them clean by wiping both rotors with alcohol and making sure the pads have as little dust as possible. I give them a quick shot of automotive brake cleaner and they behave like Shimano. The rotors MUST be flat as a pancake and straight as an arrow to avoid that Turkey warble. Combine one organic pad with a Sintered one for each side and wear will be great. I like these way better than the dangerous, ultra-light SRAM XX brakes - which compromises safety in the name of weight savings. Otherwise, these stoppers is Avid's best-kept-secret.

    I've tried nearly ALL mountain bike brakes, but I keep coming back to Avid Elixir because of price and they simply stop well. The latest Elixir 3/5/7/9 line don't even come close to these!

    “Perfect stopping power!”

    The Good: Power, reliability, performance

    The Bad: None worth mentioning

    Overall Review:

    Been using this brakes for Downhill for almost 2 years now and I don't think I ever bled them.

    My setup is 203mm on the front and 180mm on the back and they really have an amazing modulation and stopping power. Of course they are not as powerful as the Codes, but I even ran an 180mm rotor on the back and don't lack power with the Elixir.

    On the adjustability side you only get the lever reach adjust, but for me it has been enough and don't really miss any other adjusting option offered in higher models.

    Weight wise they are also very good, and also have the carbon lever option wich is the one I use.

    Overall conclusion is that they are not expensive and will worth the money, as they will perform great in all conditions and hold up very well, even with little to no maintenance.

    “Solid Brakes, Work perfect, Better than my 2010 shimanot saints”

    The Good: These brakes are dependable, did not experience brake fade, and have never bled my 2009s I had on the trek session 88. I also have them on my 2010 intense 951 and these brakes are more dependable than the saint brakes i have on my 2010 slopestyle. I have recently purchased a set to replace the saints on the slopestyle.

    The Bad: Nothing. these brakes are simply amazing and are very dependable. I rode them at Snowshoe bike park WV and Diablo. Highly recommend.

    Overall Review: Five stars, especially if you are not into bleeding brakes and look to ride a set that requires minimal if any maintenance.

    “Solid Brakes”

    The Good: Reliable. Good performance. Not expensive.

    The Bad: For what they are, none.

    Overall Review: After reading the other dude's review I figured I should give these brakes some props. I've been running them for two seasons now and I've bled the rear once, and haven't had to bleed the front yet. I have them on my downhill bike and they're plenty powerful for me, I don't even run a 203 rotor in the rear. They slow you down well with good modulation and unless you're a newbie who brakes really hard or you're a heavy dude, the power is certainly sufficient. The difference between these brakes and the CR's is not power, but only the pad contact adjuster. Additionally, they have very little fade. I just raced Snowmass, which is a brake scorcher, and they worked just as well at the end of the track as the beginning. My buddies with Hayes were bitching about brake fade. Go to a DH race and see how many people run these brakes and you'll be a believer. However, if you want the most powerful brakes out there, get some Codes. They need to bled significantly more, but you'll have all the stopping power you want..


    The Good: there cheap thats about it

    The Bad: braking power just is not there, the body of the brake is very weak and they dont stand up to any real riding situations.

    Overall Review: would not recomend them to any on who actualy rides there bike unless you ride brakeless any way

    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


    Riding Type Cross Country, Trail, Freeride, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Urban
    Lever Material Forged Aluminum
    Mount Style Post Mount
    Rotor Sizes 160/185/203
    Rotor Mounting ISO 6 bolt in 160/185/203, Centerlock in 160/185
    Fluid Type Dot 5.1
    Colors Grrey

    Alloy Blade: 0 lb 13.2 oz (375 g)

    Carbon Blade: 0 lb 12.9 oz (365 g)

    Price $105.00
    More Info Avid website
    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry