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Renthal FatBar Riser Bar

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
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    Featured Review

    “Moto inspired handlebars”

    The Good: durable, stiff, great looks

    The Bad: Could not find any yet

    Overall Review:

    Handlebar choice is a bit of personal preference, a lot of the bars in this price range offer similar sweep, length and rise and for the most part they all work great, the Renthal FatBar is no different.

    The Fatbar comes in a 31.8mm clamp size and also in 20mm low rise, 30mm mid rise and 38mm high rise versions, I'm running the low rise bar.
    The bar features a positioning grid to assist with bar setup as well as width marks to assist with cutting the bars down if required.

    The renthal bar features very subtle graphics (with just two logos) logos that seem very durable, some other bars the paint or logo graphics have worn out but with these ones they still look new.
    In regard to performance, these bars have been great for the past few months, they are very durable and very stiff. One of those set and forget products. Comfort wise the rise and sweep feels perfect my my riding style.

    Overall I am very happy with this moto inspired bar, the looks, comfort and durability are great and I look forward to using this bar for many more years.

    “Bring back the Biff(BRAAAAAP)”

    The Good: Competitive weight in Aluminum DH/Trail Bars Bar width between the two offerings (Fatbar and Lite) Several offering in heights (30 & 38 being the obvious choice) Clean asthetics Sweep / Rise allows for major earth raping

    The Bad: Only one colorway, would prefer a black option Bar Graphics (alignment)

    Overall Review:

    I've had the opportunity to ride for a wonderful competitor of Renthal for two years prior to 2013 but didn't continue the relationship this year, because of that, I wanted to try a different offering and I decided I'd Renthalize.

    In my time riding for the previous sponsor, I began to develop hand cramps between my thumb and forefinger and could never figure out what the problem was. I tried several different offerings of the company but always developed this pain. Speaking with colleagues, we hypothesized that it was the handlebar's sweep / rise causing the pain due to my hands' contact point in this area.

    I wanted to try Renthal because of the flatter sweep, in hopes that it would spread out the weight distribution across my palm.

    I've been running the Fatbars for a couple months now and can definitively say my hand pain has greatly diminished to a point of zero. I develop no hand pain or no arm pump which has increased the amount of my time on the bike during each run (be it trail or DH) as well as letting me maintain my aggressiveness throughout the ride.

    I'd recommend Renthalization to anyone that asked me.

    “Best Bar I've Ridden”

    The Good: Lightweight, rigid yet forgiving for optimum control, great shape and no taper allows for custom positioning of brakes for anybody, great look and color, perfect width for downhill

    The Bad: Nothing. If given the choice however i would swop for a 30mm rise

    Overall Review:

    Really great bar, no negatives. You are buying a bar that has heritage so it wont disappoint. I would definitely go for a bigger rise though, getting your head up and allowing you to really look forward. I have the 10mm rise and its a little too low. The only reason i gave it 4.5 stars is because theres possibly something better...

    “Renthal fatbar and fatbar light”

    The Good: strong stiff nice color good riding position

    The Bad: nothing really

    Overall Review:

    i love this handlebars, i have the fatbar in my Downhill bike at 20 elevation and cuted down to 760 mm,i don't like to mutch wide, but it is a question of tastes. The fatbar lite that i have on my enduro bike is the 30 elevation and the standart 740mm,

    I love the riding position that it gives, and it's the same position on both bikes, it's almost riding the same bike.

    I've already had some crashes with both and they are like new.

    “Renthal FatBar Lite !”

    The Good: perfect sizing out of the box, integrates seamlessly with the Renthal stem.

    The Bad: None ! just makes you want to buy the other sizes.

    Overall Review:

    I got a 20mm rise FatBar Lite, absolutely changed my riding. One can get more aggressive yet more in control. It is my first set of bars at this width, and i don't think i need wider for the enduro/ trail riding stuff. Perfect integration with the Renthal stem, and lock-on grips.

    “Best bar for DH”

    The Good: very lightweight, and great looking on dual crown. the color of bar is almost the same as legs on forks. And its RENTHAL!!! They know what they do

    The Bad: i cant say anything bad bout this bar.

    Overall Review: best buy! i use this bar and i'm pretty happy! really looks great.

    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


    Riding Type
    Clamp Size
    Miscellaneous Renthal FatBar Riser Bar. Handlebars Riser. 7050 T6 Aluminium Alloy, Butted Laser etched positioning grid and width marks Permanent Graphics Width: 780mm Rise: 7 31.8 Clamp .
    Price $46.07
    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry