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ODI Troy Lee Designs Lock On Grip

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    Featured Review

    “ODI TLD Grips”

    The Good: 1. Very, very grippy 2. Comfortable 3. Stylish

    The Bad: 1. Not the cheapest grips out there

    Overall Review:

    I've been eyeing these grips for a while mainly because they look amazing. Leave it to Troy Lee Designs to create something stylish out of something not intended to be. However, when I finally shelled out the money, I entered a whole new world. These are much more than eye candy. The flanges provide a very comfortable feel and prevent slippage. I have larger than thou mitts but the fairly thin grip was just perfect. The ramped knobs provide incredible grip (when pointed in the right direction), so much in fact that I didn't find myself needing gloves when my hands got sweaty. However, when used with gloves, be ready for grip grip grip and more grip.

    I've swapped these out on all of my bikes. I've even thrown them on my cruiser because they are that comfortable. The only problem is that these are not your bargain-basement grips. At almost $30, these are some of the most expensive grips out there. Whatever, these grips are worth every penny. By the way, did I mention that they're comfortable.

    “Great Lock-ons for average sized hands”

    The Good: Design, grip and flanges, similar wear rates to other grips.

    The Bad: None given design

    Overall Review:

    This product is about as good a lock-on grip could be. Just the right size for my average size hands, not too thick or thin, very sticky and small flanges at either ends to keep your hand in the right position.

    The only question is really if lock-ons are really the right grips generally, and whether you'd get less arm pump with a fully rubber grip stuck on with hairspray and alloy bar ends would reduce arm pump a bit. In my experience there is not much in it, and the convenience of lock-ons if certainly a plus, but there is a tiny bit more vibration going through the bar, but negligible.

    “ODI TroyLeeDesigns Lock On Grip”

    The Good: Very Grippy, Looks good, Lasts long.

    The Bad: Price could be a little lower.

    Overall Review:

    Grip lasts long and looks great. Grip pattern is good. Hand fits on grip very well. Not the cheapest grip out there but I would say its worth the money.

    “Comfortable and grippy”

    The Good: Grippy and comfortable

    The Bad: Tad expensive

    Overall Review:

    After a season of riding fairly thin grips I decided to switch over to something a bit thicker and try the ODI TLD grips. Although these aren’t too thick they seem to be a happy medium between thin and thick grips.

    These are now one of my favorite grips, they feel great and overall they are very comfortable. The little knobs on the grips feel comfy and provide great traction; this is even more evident when riding without gloves. I initially thought that the design on the grips didn’t have any purpose but now I see that the design and the little grooves in the grips are specifically designed to offer great comfort and grip. I’ve used them in dusty condition and also in the wet and in both environments they grip well and I have had no issues.  I would strongly recommend these grips.

    “ODI TLD Lock-on's!”

    The Good: Very grippy, they look awesome, easy to install.

    The Bad: Nothing really. Could be a little cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

    Overall Review:

    Had these on my DH bike for a while, but moved to the Rogue's since I like a thicker grip. Threw these on my XC bike and they work like a charm. No complaints.

    “TLD Grips, do just that GRIP!!”

    The Good: Excelent grip!!, Look great, compfortable, durable.

    The Bad: To bad they didn't have more color options. I purchased two pair of grips to get the color combo I wanted. Not really a big deal that they don't , but this would be nice.

    Overall Review:

    With the way the grips are designed when your pulling back on the bars it's like your hands are glued to the grips. I've been putting them through a lot of abuse and they are taking a beating for sure.

    “look great but too thick for my liking.”

    The Good: they look great

    The Bad: too thick made my hands feel numb

    Overall Review:

    I bought these grips for my new bike so everything would be shiny and new but I have quickly swapped back to my old ruffians. The grips look great and provide great grip but they just felt too thick in my hands.  IF you like thick grips then they might be great for you but for those who prefer thinner grips and love ruffians then stay away.

    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


    Riding Type
    Miscellaneous ODI enlisted the help of Troy Lee Designs to help put an artistic spin on a quality new design. After hundreds of drawings and designs, they have developed the most innovative grip yet: The ODI/TLD Lock-on mountain bike grip. Quality and In...
    Price $19.62
    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry