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100% iTrack Gloves

Vital Rating: (Very Good)
100% iTrack Gloves 100% iTrack Gloves - Caltrans
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    Vital Review

    “Tested: 100% iTrack and RideFit Gloves”

    Review by Nick Ducharme // Product photos by Brandon Turman

    The 100% logo has been iconic and easily recognizable at motocross and supercross events for the last 30 plus years. Recently they've been launching some great product in eyewear and protective gear that continues with their story of high quality, attention to detail and maximum effort. With all of the gear overlap between between us MTB shredders and our throttle twisting cousins on the dirt, the traditionally moto products from 100% fit right in with the human-powered two-wheeled off-road crowd. Their new gloves are sure to get you thinking “How much effort do you give?”

    RideFit Glove Highlights

    • Perforated single-layer palm improves comfort with reduced bunching
    • 3mm thick padded foam thumb overlay aids in reducing blisters
    • Embossed Airprene cuff offers maximum protection and breathability
    • TPR wrist closure system with hook and loop backing ensures proper fit
    • Polymesh backhand promotes airflow and wicks away excess moisture
    • Trek-Dry finger gussets enhance mobility and wick away moisture
    • Sublimated palm graphics improve grip and lever traction
    • MSRP - $27.50

    iTrack Glove Highlights

    • Perforated single-layer palm improves comfort while reducing bunching
    • 3mm thick padded foam thumb overlay protects against blisters
    • Airprene cuff provides protection and breathability
    • Silicone coated application tab ensures easy slip-on
    • Polymesh backhand improves fit over knuckles and increases airflow
    • Trek-Dry finger gussets enhance mobility and wick away moisture
    • Silicon printed palm graphics improve grip and lever traction
    • Direct-inject logo completes the factory look
    • MSRP - $20 to $27.49

    Initial Impressions

    Out of the box both gloves look incredibly minimalist. No encumbering TPR armor on the back and no bulky gel padding on the palms. Just a solid feeling and very lightweight glove. The RideFit glove features a Velcro wrist closure to ensure a custom fit and the iTrack glove shares most of the features with the RideFit but employs a fixed stretchy Airprene cuff to secure the glove to your gangly little arms. The perforated single layer palm feels soft and thin yet somehow robust.

    The fit seems accurate to typical glove sizing, if not a touch wide for the XL we tested. This is slightly more noticeable in the slip-on, iTrack, model. Certainly this is to allow an easier on-off but it also made this glove feel a tad bulky compared to some other gloves in similar size. Finger length is just right for the sizing though so take note if ordering online. Silicon “grippers” are added to the palms and lever finger(s) but have a distinct aesthetic over function look and position to them. The grippers on the RideFit gloves seem to be calling you out with the left glove stating “HOW MUCH EFFORT” and “DO YOU GIVE” printed on the right glove. That alone is a reminder/motivation to keep the tach all the way in the red when you'd rather just cruise at sub max effort.

    On The Trail

    All that lightweight simplicity delivers a very solid and connected feel on the bars. The soft palm offered great feedback and despite our best efforts to abuse them, they show no signs of wear after a few months of long rides and careless washes and dries. The Aiprene cuff is comfortable and neither the slip-on iTrack nor the Velcro closure RideFit glove caused any chafing at the wrists.

    The seemingly superficial grippers on the palm and fingers did a great job of adding some traction in hairy situations and held up much better than a lot of other gloves with a similar feature. All of the tiny grippers survived the relentless panic brakes and white knuckle gripping that we could dish out.

    Breathability is top notch so on hot days at least your hands stay comfortable. The finger gussets allow a good fit on the fingers but also mean that there are a lot of seams at the finger tips. This never translated to any discomfort but was noticeable when the gloves were slipped on.

    In terms of protection, if you're looking for a heavy duty glove that'll keep your digits out of harm's way at all times, these aren't the ones. If you mostly plan to keep the shiny-side-up then these gloves offer an excellent blend of comfort, material feel, and grip.

    Things That Could Be Improved

    Both versions of the 100% gloves are missing true snot wiper. There is a small patch meant to prevent blisters on the thumb that can kinda be used to wipe your soaked brow but it isn't ideal as there is not enough coverage to absorb much. This thumb pad is a requirement for flanged MX grips but the lack of wiper is almost unforgivable for a trail/xc mountain bike glove.

    Despite working with Nico Vouilloz , amongst other MTB athletes, on the design of the gloves they certainly tend more towards the moto side of things. This isn't a problem on lift days or if you live in fairer climates but for long days in the saddle in sunny SoCal where we tested these gloves it is a feature that is sorely missed.

    Long Term Durability

    After a few months of thrashing, spills and many trips to the washing machine these gloves have yet to show any signs of wear. Every seemingly superfluous gripper is still completely intact. Every stitch tight and there are only minimal “pulls” in the upper fabric from a run in with some SoCal cholla cactus. We have no concerns thus far with any manufacturing flaws or the durability of materials used.

    What's The Bottom Line?

    With the absence of a real wiper cloth on the thumb these aren't the best gloves for your "epic" rides. However, if you're looking for a simple, affordable, lightweight and durable glove for doing run after run at your local park, or if you dabble in dirty deeds of the throttle twisting kind and need a glove that can cover both disciplines, look no further. Add in excellent comfort and great materials that will outlast a lot of other gloves on the market and you've got a winner on your hands.

    Visit www.ride100percent.com for more details.

    About The Reviewer

    Nick Ducharme is a long-time bike industry corporate monkey (most recently working as a suspension engineer/frame designer) but has since left that glorious lifestyle and started up his own MTB suspension maintenance and tuning operation in sunny Orange County, CA, Formula 4 Speed Suspension Personalization. Passing on prototype development and trips to Asia to join the elite crew that is the Vital Thrash Team, this former XC and DH racer now turned Enduro aficionado is the inaugural California Enduro Series expert champ shooting to retain that title for this year as well. Big miles and high speeds are more his thing than big air and high flying so his riding style is more engineer than flashy but that calculated and fearless approach has gotten results (and destroyed lots of tires). When not shredding in the hills he's elbow deep in motorcycle guts or a 350Z engine bay.

    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


    Riding Type Cross Country, Trail, Freeride, Downhill
    Material Polymesh Backhand, Trek-Dry Finger Gussets, Perforated Single-Layer Palm, 3mm Thick Padded Foam Thumb Overlay, Airprene Cuff, Silicon Printed Palm Graphics Improve Grip and Lever Traction
    Size S - XL and S - L Youth
    Color Cal-Trans, Incognito, Neon Yellow, Fire Red, or Ride
    Price $27.50
    More Info Ride 100% Website
    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry