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Canfield Brothers 2015 Jedi Frame

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Canfield Brothers 2015 Jedi Frame Canfield brothers 2015 Jedi Studio 1
C70_canfield_brothers_2015_jedi_studio_1 C70_canfield_brothers_2015_jedi C70_canfield_brothers_2014_jedi_black_black C70_canfield_brothers_2014_jedi_black_blue C70_canfield_brothers_2014_jedi_black_green C70_canfield_brothers_2014_jedi_black_orange C70_canfield_brothers_2014_jedi_black_red C70_canfield_brothers_2014_jedi_black_silver
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    “Canfield Jedi ”

    The Good: Flows super well Smooth on rough steep sections

    The Bad: Can't get enough

    Overall Review:

    The 2014 Canfield Jedi is a DH master. I cannot say enough about how much I love my bike. Fist of all, the bike knows what's up. You cannot go slow on the bike, it literally pushes you, forcing it faster and faster. The rearward travel really works for you, and makes the job easier for you. Also, this bike messes with your perception of speed. On normal bikes, you think your going fast when you get high speed feedback from the trail, but with the Jedi, you do not think you are going as fast as you actually are, making it possible for you to go faster than before. This bike feels amazing on steep gnarly technical sections, and pedals like crazy, making it the ultimate race bike. This bike is also an amazing jumper, with a very lively pop, and gained speed from landing. It even sucks up your mistakes for you if you case. The rearward travel really takes out the hard hit of the case, leaving you unscathed

    “Canfield Jedi”

    The Good: Best frame I've ridden, hands down.

    The Bad: I really can't think of one, other than no carbon option yet.

    Overall Review:

    I can’t say enough about this bike… The rumors and claims are true, this thing eats the gnarliest lines and feels like it’s accelerating through them! The rearward axel path really does work as intended, allowing the forward momentum to pull the rear wheel up and over square rocks and deep roots without losing any speed. Going off of drops or jumps, any time you get deep in the suspension the bike just rockets forward. This might seem dangerous or frightening if it weren’t for how amazingly stable the bike is at speeds. There were many times this last season that I had a solitary moment of “oh no this won’t end well…” and the bike just walked right out of it. “Confidence inspiring” is a term I have heard used for this bike but that’s just the tip of the iceberg for me, riding this bike is like cheating. I always rode to have fun and never tried to push myself over the limit, but with this bike I keep pushing and pushing and it just keeps going and going. By the end of my first season on the Jedi I felt I had progressed more than in the last 10 years of riding. I’ve demo’ed almost all of the major bikes available from shops in my area over the last few years, and while a lot of them were amazing rides (like the V10c and the Glory), none of them felt as good as this bike, straight out of the gate. A lot of the bikes took a while to get comfortable on or used to, but the moment I threw a leg over the Jedi I felt right at home. I had read about issues with jumping the Jedi but I never had that big of an issue. One thing I did notice that might give this impression is the bike’s responsiveness to the suspension settings, if you have the wrong settings you can get a harsh reaction. This is natural to any bike, obviously, but seemed to be very dramatic on the Jedi. I tried 4 different shocks on it; Elka Stage 5, Marz Roco WC, CCDB coil, and Xfusion Vector coil, and spent some time riding with adjustments all over the place. The CCDB was my least favorite as it was the hardest to tune correctly, but once I it got into the sweet spot it was very lively and plush. The Elka I had them valve specifically for the Jedi and was very fast rebound, only had 3 clicks on the slow end before it became way too fast for comfort, then another 8 or 10 clicks of buck-you-over type rebound. The Roco and Vector both were my favs, very easy to tune and had a wide range of adjustments on both ends. I was able to find the sweet spots on these the easiest and had amazing feel, just a few turns and I was rockin’! To anyone having problems with jumping the Jedi, the issue is most likely with the suspension settings. After finding the right spots for each shock I was going faster off the jumps, with way more air time and distance than I had previously on any bike I had ridden. If you’re the type that likes to change up settings for different tracks this bike is the golden ticket. Minor changes to suspension give this bike a wide range of characteristics from plush and fast for rough tracks to stiff and slow for high speed jump tracks.

    “Absolutely insane!”

    The Good: Bottomless suspension, lightning fast, jumps great, tight turns, sexy

    The Bad: Can't think of one..

    Overall Review:

    I just started riding this past summer and this bike has dramatically accelerated my progress. The Jedi is such a smooth ride, the build quality and attention to detail the Canfield brothers put into this frame is incredible. Whether you're blasting through a flowy section and hitting jumps or destroying a rocky technical section, the Jedi inspires pure confidence. Nothing slows this thing down, it just wants to go faster and faster! Nothing feels better than trusting this animal, letting off the breaks and blazing past friends that have been biking for years. Props to the Brothers for this one, definitely a customer for life.

    “Jedi (master)”

    The Good: Where to begin. Plush and fliud; this bike gives crazy contol and is completely stable at the fastest speeds. With a 10 speed drive train you'll surprise the XC and All-mountain bikers when you pass them on the steep climbs. Braking is different feeling than other bikes, it is very smooth you don't feel the rocks or chatter when you are braking over rocks. The bike tends to sits back when braking. For big drops it is hard to tell when you left the ground and when you landed. Besides the bottomless suspension(I still haven't felt like I've hit the end of its travel) the initial impact that is transfered into your legs almost completely disappears. Perect therapy for those with bad knees. On top of it all, it is awesome looking.

    The Bad: I'm trying to be objective and find weakness in how it rides, but so far with everything I've given it, it keeps screaming for more. It does exactly what it was designed to do. It would not be ideal for riding long uphill trails. Even though it climbs really steep technical stuff like a billy goat.

    Overall Review:

    First off I am not a professional rider nor claim to be.I know each rider has somthing different he likes, so with that in mind if you are looking for rock gobbling, fluid, crazy control that can take the steepest rocky downhills as well as climb and pedal then you are looking for what I seach for. This bike feels far better than any bike I've been on and I've tried most of them. It is kind of unreal. I attribute that partly to the rearward travel. Half of the riding I do is DH and the other half is on technical, steep, and flat trails and it handles them better than my all-mountain bike used to. My expectations were high and this bike continues to exceeded them all.  Canfield is also an amazing company to work with.

    “amazing frame”

    The Good: jumps very well, plows through rocky sections, very stable feeling, rearward travel

    The Bad: weight, pedaling

    Overall Review: this is easily my favorite frame that I have ridden. it plows through the rough stuff like nothing i've ever owned yet it jumps incredibly well. this is due to that rearward travel. this frame design is a double edged sword though. what you gain in stability and jumping you sacrifice dearly in pedaling. frame is also a bit heavy. i would highly recommend this frame who doesn't have too many pedaly courses

    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


    Riding Type Freeride, Downhill
    Sizes and Geometry

    Small, Medium, Large, X Large View Geometry

    Size Small Medium Large X Large
    Top Tube Length 22 23 24 25
    Head Tube Angle 63º 63º 63º 63º
    Head Tube Length 110mm 115mm 125mm 125mm
    Seat Tube Angle
    Seat Tube Length 15.5 16.5 17.5 18.5
    Bottom Bracket Height 13.8 13.8 13.8 13.8
    Chainstay Length 16.75 16.75 16.75 16.75
    Wheelbase 46.1 47.1 48.3 49.3
    Standover Low Low Low Low
    Reach 15.5 16.5 17.5 18.5
    Frame Material 7005 Aluminum
    Rear Travel 9"
    Rear Shock Cane Creek DB Coil included
    Head Tube Diameter 1.5"
    Bottom Bracket 13.8"
    Rear Dropout / Hub Dimensions 150mm X 12mm
    Front Derailleur Size
    Seat Post Diameter 30,9mm
    Max Tire Size
    ISCG Tabs Custom MRP G3 ISCG 05 Guide Included
    Bottle Cage Mounts
    Colors Ano Black with Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Orange and Green link color options
    Warranty 2 Year


    Miscellaneous The 2015 Canfield Brothers 27.5 Jedi. We just made fast even faster!!

    This bike was given the unnatural ability to maintain its speed and actually accelerate in rough terrain. Not only does it gain momentum, but the rider’s pedaling forces are completely isolated from the bikes suspension movements. This is all possible by combining vertical with rearward travel. The combination of 9” vertical mixed with 3” of rearward travel gives the JEDI the ability to “shrug” off any square edge impact that would slow down other designs. The bike simply glances off of impacts and keeps accelerating.

    To further keep the rider in control and keep suspension forces isolated, the JEDI also runs a idler pulley which completely negates any pedal feedback associated with a wheelbase lengthening design. In short, the Jedi is one of the ONLY suspension designs with ZERO chain extension!

    Combining this suspension technology with current race DH geo and you have a design which is guaranteed to raise your confidence level.

    Please see our website for available fork and component packages.
    Price $3150.00
    More Info Canfield Brothers F1 Jedi
    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry