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X-Fusion Slant RL2 Suspension Fork

Average User Rating: (Good)
X-Fusion Slant RL2 Suspension Fork MT13slant_RL_b_gold
C70_mt13slant_rl_b_gold C70_mt13slant_rl_w_gold
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    “All good so far”

    The Good: Having run Velvets for a year and found them to be amazing i thought i'd try the slants on my new bike. so far they been amazing. Light, well made, proper internals, easy to maintain.

    The Bad: Decals are crap. needs new design for all x-fusion forks

    Overall Review:

    Thoroughly recommend these puppies. run them at 160mm. brilliant. and way way cheaper than the so called top brands.

    “Will fail quickly but perform well. Syntace 15mm skewer is fantastic”

    The Good: Excellent on the trail, buttery smooth, superbly damped

    The Bad: Will break or fail somehow within a month. X-Fusion will then take like 2 months to repair it because this way they can 'sit out' out their 2 year warranty period. Please test your products before you bring them to market, we are not idiots.

    Overall Review:

    I tried this fork, borrowed from a friend for a few weeks. I have a Velvet, he has a Slant. We both found the same thing, the fork is quite excellent on the trail but doesn't last we've had countless warranty issues. Somehow X-Fusion rushed their R&D or something and made a bunch of hideously unreliable extremely excellent performing forks.

    If you ride everyday, it's 1 star. If you have a specific race rig, then these will match up well with your Schwalbe Nobby Nic 5 ride racing tires and Crank Bros pedals. If you only have the time to ride once a week you might be OK too.

    5 stars of racing provided they survive the race. 3 stars for a once a week rider and 1 star for everyday riders.

    'X-Fusion the Crank Bros of Suspension minus the customer service'.

    “Great feeling fork”

    The Good: Pretty light, SUPER stiff, great feels, nice internal travel ajust

    The Bad: when i got the fork straight from X-Fusion there was nothing inside of the compresion because it was loose witch caused the fork to not work proprley but after it was fixed it was amazing, only having a taperd steer option

    Overall Review:

    Awesome fork, it feels great and it is super stiff. its just like its little brother the velvet, on steriouds. every thing has been beefed up to make it a much stiffer and solid feeling fork and it doesnt creek, yet (knock on wood), i have had mine for about 6 mounths and still running strong. The only problem i had with this fork is that there was no fluid in the compression because the compression was loose and all the fluid leaked out of it (or something like that). i did end up getting that fixed and now i feels dialed. I would recomend this fork for anything from enduro to dirt jump and to anyone not looking on spending a buy a solid fork with out spending the big bucks.

    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


    Riding Type Cross Country, Trail, Other
    Travel 80, 100, 120, 140, 160mm
    Spring Type Air
    Damping RL2 Cartridge Damper
    External Adjustments Rebound, Lockout, AIr
    Crown Tapered
    Axle X-15
    Brake Mounts Post Mount 180mm
    Steer Tube Diameter
    Steer Tube Construction Aluminum
    Stanchion Diameter 34mm
    Colors Black, White

    4 lb 3.2 oz (1.9 kg)

    Price $629.99
    More Info X-Fusion website
    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry