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RockShox Totem RC2 DH Solo Air Fork

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
RockShox Totem RC2 DH Solo Air Fork  Totem RC2 DH
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    Featured Review

    “Totem - the king of long travel single crowns”

    The Good: Tuneable, Easy to Service, Plush, Stiff, Reliable

    The Bad: Heavy? (hardly...), Expensive

    Overall Review:

    This is the second Totem RC2DH Solo Air I've owned. I loved my last one so much, there was no way I was getting anything else. Here are my thoughts:


    Tuneable - This fork has all the adjustments I could ask for, all external so they're easy to use. They improved the external compression adjustments on the current version (I've got a 2012), so they're even easier than previous versions.  I can easily turn the knobs with gloves on, so they're easy to dial in during rides.  I really appreciated this because this the fork is on my 2012 Giant Faith, and I use that thing for a lot of different types of riding.  I don't own a DH bike, so this bike handles shuttle duty, the local resort riding, my annual British Columbia trip, the local dirt jumps, big mountain hiking explorations, and even some trail riding.  With this wide range of riding, the high and low speed compression adjustments became something I would have a hard time living without.  The rebound worked flawlessly.

    Ease of service - This is one of the biggest reasons I love this fork.  It is a cinch to completely tear down and service.  I really appreciate Sram's efforts to make their products easy to service.  I felt confident in servicing everything, not just the air/dust seals and lower legs.   Servicing the solo air spring, the rebound and compression cartridges were all relatively simple procedures.  This is not the experience I've had with other forks (**cough fox's fit cartridge cough***).  This is a HUGE plus for me.  I like being able to tear it down and fix the problem if something doesn't feel right, versus sending it in to get rebuilt somewhere.

    Plush - I have always found this fork to be extremely subtle and plush.  I run a little less air pressure then they recommend, having found bumping up my compression adjustments just a few clicks more helps keep the small bump sensitivity super good, while resisting fork dive and bob (low speed compression) and bottoming out (high speed compression).

    Stiff - This fork is STIFF.  'Nough said.

    Reliability - I had one of these for two years, and sold that bike and bought this one for my new bike.  I've never had a single issue with either of them.  I serviced them regularly, and they treated me with love and respect in return.  Top notch quality in my opinion.  And if my other experience with Rockshox forks says anything, it is that if I ever had an issue, Sram's customer service is absolutely top notch, and through my local shop, Sram has stood behind their products 100%, getting me set up with new parts quickly if something needed sorted out.

    THE BAD:

    Heavy? - I'd hardly call this fork heavy, as it's still pretty dang light.  I guess if you put it up against the Fox 36 180 it's a tad portly.

    Expensive - I can see that some riders may find the price off-putting.  It is certainly expensive, but when you compare it to other high end forks, it isn't that bad (I guess...).  I'd love to see the price come down, but I guess you get what you pay for...

    Totem loggin some air time this past summer

    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


    Riding Type
    Travel 180mm
    Spring Type SoloAir
    Damping Mission Control DH damping system
    External Adjustments External rebound adjustment // High and low speed compression adjustments
    Crown Forged AL-66 crown
    Axle Maxle Lite 20mm thru axle
    Brake Mounts Post mount, will only work with 203mm rotors
    Steer Tube Diameter 1 1/8, 1.5 or tapered steer
    Steer Tube Construction
    Stanchion Diameter 40mm

    5 lb 12.8 oz (2.6 kg)

    Price $1105.00
    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry