Manitou Minute Expert Fork

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    Great affordable fork!

    The Good:

    Lock-out, rebound, reliability, price

    The Bad:

    None, that I can find

    Overall Review:

    I've had this fork installed on my XC bike for over a year and I love it! The lockout dial is easy to turn on the fly. The rebound knob is on the lower of the right leg and is large enough to grip easily with gloves. The air pressure valve is well protected and they even have a suggested pressure sticker on the leg so you don't have to fumble around with the manual.

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    Vital MTB member bhalpin47
    16740 bhalpin47,16740/all 06/29/12,16740/setup 1 6 49 10

    great for the price!

    The Good:

    it's amazing! it adusts so i can go from downhill trails to dirt jumping quick. its good for street and park. It's as good as fox forks. i've rode both brands and barely felt / saw a diffrence, the only one was design and stickers. if you have an air pump for yours fork it's even better!

    The Bad:

    non! i love it

    Overall Review:

    amazing fork, it works for all types of riding, just as good as fox, and a litle less in pricing

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    Vital MTB member giantmtber
    14852 giantmtber,14852/all 04/14/12 9,14852/setup 22 5


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    Miscellaneous Manitou Minute Expert Forks 2012. Forks - Suspension. Features: Absolute+ Damper: Externally adjustable low-speed damping. Internally tuneable high-speed damping. Compatible with MILO. Deep Bore Hollow Crown: Light weight, no loss in strength Specifications: Weight: 1906g Travel: 80mm, 100mm, 1 .... .
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