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Manitou Circus Expert Fork

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
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    “Baller on a budget”

    The Good: Amazing fork for anything dirtjump, slopestyle, and street related! While often costing less than half of its competitors, the rockshox argyle rct and fox 831, it can always compete and often outperform them! The abs adjustments work amazing to switch you fork from plush to stiff in a matter of seconds! The stiff 20mm hexlock axle makes it much more stiff than the fox 831 despite being near $500 cheaper. Additionally, the 2014 circuses (1946g) are in fact lighter than argyle rct's (2016g).

    The Bad: I can't really think of any! Looks and performs great, and will surely last longer, with less work than its competitors!

    Overall Review:

    If you're looking for an amazing dirt jump fork, especially with a sub $500 budget look no further! Forget about dj1's or argyle rc's they won't even compare. I've owned 2 circus forks on 2 different bikes and I don't think I would ever ride anything else! I can't think of a single reason not to buy it! Extremely durable, and on the off chance that something should go wrong manitou will replace it! Very light, ridiculously stiff, and the abs knob allows for tons of compression on the fly for whatever you're riding! This fork might just be the best example of a "baller on a budget" product! Outperforms competitors more than twice the prize with ease! If you value durability, value, and performance this should be the number one fork on your list!

    “DJ fork and bombproof do it all fork.”

    The Good: Strong, great looking easy adjustments, not heavy for a DJ fork, very rigid axle that inspires confidence

    The Bad: Make longer travel versions!

    Overall Review:

    If you are male and drink beer and you want a 100mm travel fork this is your fork of choice. Nothing beats it for 100mm. If they made a longer travel version, I'd use it for AM/FR too!

    “if a fox 831 is the caddilac of dj forks then this is a flying ferrari tank”

    The Good: DURABILITY- at rays mtb park fox 831s and Argyle RCTs were breaking all the time and these were always the replacements. Responsive- this fork is the definition of plush. it is a snap to adjust and you can dial it in soooooooo perfectly Stiff- in the suspension and in the axle. manitou has outdone themselves with the 20mm hex lock Light- for a tank like this its feather weight AFFORDABLE- looking to pay less AND perform more? well i wouldnt reccomend dropping $800-$900 on an Argyle or 831

    The Bad: if your into 4x the weight might take front seat but durability will pay off

    Overall Review:

    This fork is a light, stiff, plush versatile tank. IT is sooo beefy compared to the competition. This thing is a tank and an 831 is a go cart. Seriously. The suspension it so responsive and smooth and manitou created a lock out that can take hits without being destroyed unlike rock shocks lock out. PERFECT

    “Manitou Circus Expert Fork”

    The Good: Great fork!!!! works well, super light. i like the lock out on it, it's killer for riding skate park n street and just for getting places cause you don't lose any of your speed when pumping or pedaling. the suspension real good to

    The Bad: None yet works great

    Overall Review: Great buy and not too steep.

    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


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    Miscellaneous Run away from home and join Manitou's Circus. With a beefy 20mm thruaxle for stiffness, it's built to stand up to aggressive use like Dirt Jumping and urban assault. claimed 4.7 lbs standard 1 1/8 threadless steerer adjustable air spring adjustable TPC rebound Big, 32mm aluminum upper tubes 74mm post mount for disc brakes (rim brakes cannot be used)
    Price $213.32
    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry