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FOX 34 Float 29 140 RLC Fit Fork

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    Featured Review

    “Best Long Travel 29er Fork on the Market (Non-CTD)”

    The Good: Great dampening, good adjustability, buttery smooooth action

    The Bad: Could be stiffer, seals wear out quickly

    Overall Review:

    This fork is incredible! Very linear feel through the first 2/3 of travel with a nice progressive ramp at the end of the stroke. This makes for a very supple feel from small bumps up through bigger hits into the upper-mid stroke while retaining good bottom out resistance at the end. The same fork settings that feel supportive yet supple on an XC hammerfest maintains it's composure on 6' stepdowns and 4' hucks-to-flat. This is the first 29er fork that I have ridden that can claim those traits.

    The fork is very easy to tune to your liking with a low speed compression adjustment to take out the out-of-saddle fork bobbing, and a fully adjustable lock-out (which I never use) and rebound. Initially I wasdisappointed at the lack of an adjustable high speed compression circuit on $900+ fork but after spending a full riding season with the fork I realized that I never once missed it. Fox nailed the HSC for my riding style and terrain. I wouldn't change it if I could.

    The fork does have a bit of fore-aft flex but far less than the RS Revelation 140. I think that this is a product of producing a 140mm 29er fork and still trying to keep the weight respectable. Side to side, there is little to no noticeable movement.  The flex has also saved my ass on a few occasions. For example, when I slammed into the backside of a double on a DS course at race pace. Without the flex, I would have had a hell of a time staying on the bike and the fork might have snapped without a bit of give. Sometimes ultimate stiffness isn't always the best.

    This fork likes attention. I am looking at about 2.5 month intervals for seal changes with riding 3 times a week, average. Pretty frequent but a relatively painless process and the fork feels sooo nice when it's fresh.

    Summary- Damn expensive boinger but the only one I would use on a 5" 29er for aggressive trail riding and light AM use. Very, very impressed.

    “Great long travel fork”

    The Good: fairly light, ample adjustments, CTD is great, simple on the fly adjustment, feels plush and linear through all types of hits, stiffest long travel fork out there.

    The Bad: A bit pricey, travel adjust would be nice for the $800+ price tag.

    Overall Review:

    I put this fork on a steel hardtail and it's proven to be a solid trail fork. In one ride I'll encounter everything from long climbs to steep rocky descents and this fork feels comfortable on all terrain.  My biggest concern with a 140 mm 29er fork was flex, but it's plenty stiff and tracks well down rocky, jarring terrain.  I really enjoy Fox forks and this one has the same solid, plush feel of other Fox products I've used/owned.  If it had a travel adjust I'd give it five stars, otherwise its the best long travel 29er fork on the market.


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    Miscellaneous Anyone worldwide may purchase this FOX Racing Shox product, however, the delivery address must be inside the United States.Factoryis FOX's top of the line series and gives you the best-of-the-besttechnology FOX has to offer.  The 34 Float 29 140 RLC combines Kashimacoating, FIT damping, and a 15QR thru-axle system to provide you withplush, efficient, and stiff ride that doesn't compromise. Kashima Coat: Buttery-smooth, Genuine Kashima Coat is available only from FOX Racing Shox. Its distinctive gold color is backed by its high performance attributes—properties that provide an exceptionally smooth feel and extreme durability. FIT (FOX Isolated Technology): Air and oil do mix, and in the world of suspension, it degrades performance. Fox's isolation technology employs a bladder system that simply keeps the oil and air from mixing to provide optimal performance in all riding extremes. 15QR: Don't sacrifice performance by going with a pinner skewer. FOX teamed up with Shimano to create an axle that is extremely light and stiff, in a tool-free design. You'll gain a ton of confidence when you're deep in the rocks, roots, and ruts. Adjustable rebound, low-speed compression, lever-actuated lockout with variable lockoutforce, and air spring pressure Approx. weight (with axle): 4.32 lb / 1.96 kg Travel: 5.5 inches / 140 mm 
    Price $970.00
    More Info Fox Racing Shox website