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Straitline SC Platform Pedal

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    Featured Review

    “pretty good”

    The Good: -they are VERY durable if you keep them greased (even after 2 seasons not a bit of play -(re) build takes less then 3 minutes and is easy (no need for specific tools, a small flat screwdriver and grease is all you need) -grip is very good -pins don't break easily

    The Bad: -they need a lot of maintenance (I would say 2 times per month, especially after muddy rides)

    Overall Review: These Pedals need a lot of maintenance (cleaning and re-greasing the bush bearings on the axle), but if you do that 1-2 times a month, the Straitline Flat will last 5 years minimum.

    “Benchmark for durability”

    The Good: Durable, super easy to service, bombproof

    The Bad: Price, not super thin, weight

    Overall Review:

    Some say they drag because they run on bushings rather then bearings, this is almost not noticeable. I have run them dh and enduro for three years and never been bothered with this. Maybe serviced them once a year or even less, no play and very little friction. Also I do not grease them as other reviewers have mentioned as the bushings are self lubricant. They are basically fit and forget.

    “Ima parrot”

    The Good: Exactly as 'Kampfkoloss' said.

    The Bad: Exactly as 'Kampfkoloss' said. Even with a good greasing, they can feel a bit grindy/draggy when pedalling. Weight. Clearance.

    Overall Review: I am being lazy here, but I can only echo what was already said. They are good, but not amazing. With the rotating drag, these are not great for efficient pedalling, but are amazing with their grip for the downs. I guess that's why Straitline release the AMP to fill that void.


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    Miscellaneous Straitline SC Platform Pedal 2012. Pedals Flat. We set out to design a superior pedal, and we delivered! Our pedals are produced from a custom extruded aluminum alloy, to provide a very high strength-to-weight ratio. We machine them to exacting standards to improve both the feel and the life .... .
    Price $162.94