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Spank Spike Pedal

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Spank Spike Pedal SPIKE-PEDAL-SIDE
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    Featured Review

    “Spank Spike Pedals”

    The Good: Huge platform, but close to the cranks so they don't stick out too far. They are the most comfortable flat pedals I have ridden. Grip is amazing! Low profile and the the shape of the edges and the platform deflect hits on rocks and roots.

    The Bad: Tiny bit of a squeak on the first 10 minutes of the first ride. Apparently some of the very first batch had this problem. I have not had a problem since that first ride. Spank has built a reputation of excellent customer service, so if it turns into a problem I'm sure they will take care of it.

    Overall Review:

    Well worth the money! I have been using zuzu's, used wellgo, old school tioga, funn, and tried some 5050's, and these pedals are the best thing I have ever put under my feet. I ride only in flats and my feet have never been so happy. The grip is amazing, and the size and low profile make mashing on the pedals standing, or ginding in the saddle way safer feeling since they don't flip. They look super cool too and I have been getting compliments every time I ride. Very confidence -inspiring pedals!



    After riding these pedals for a year I can honestly say they live up to their reputation. I have hit these pedals HARD on rocks, roots, logs, you name it and have only lost ONE (!) pin.  After the latest crash ( a hard impact after sliding out on sandstone going pretty fast) some play developed in the left pedal.  I contacted SPANK for a rebuild and they got me taken care of promptly. 

    The squeak mentioned in my first review was caused by spacer at the end of the axle that would rub against the sole of my 5Ten soles.  Spank has since switched to a smaller spacer (included in the rebuild kit), but it wasn't even a problem after I switched to Teva Links. 

    I should also mention that I weigh in at 220 lbs and tend to destroy pedals.  These have held up so well during many rock impacts where I was sure I would have bent the axle or at the very least killed some pins, but aside from some deep gouges in the chamfered edges they are no worse for wear.

    Great pedals!

    “Spank spike pedals”

    The Good: Large platform, good for my size 12 feet. Strong as hell. Grip is spot on. Looks absolutely wicked

    The Bad: Hard to take them apart.

    Overall Review:

    I found these pedals to be absolutely brilliant, more than worth the money I paid. I bought them to well try them out really after reading some positive reviews.

    The amount of grip is perfect, not so much that it's too hard to move your foot when you get your footing wrong, but more than enough to keep your foot in place if you get me. Sooo good when matched up with 5.10's

    Not only do they look amazing, but they're also bombproof. I've smashed mine into a fair amount of rocks and just the ground in general and only lost 2 pins. The body has a couple of scratches on but that's it.

    The only possible niggle with them is that they don't spin freely. I don't mind this because they won't spin when you take a foot off but some people might not like this.

    All in all, an amazing pedal that has proven itself brilliantly in my eyes


    Riding Type Trail, Freeride, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Urban, Other
    Body Material Cold Forged-CNC Optimized Alloy Base for ultimate strength to weight ratio, Ultra-thin 12mm thick platform that Improves Ground Clearance and Lowers Center of Gravity.
    Bearing Type Full Compliment Over-sized Industrial Inboard Bearing, Low resistance and long life. Encased in a concave "guide ramp" which eases correct foot positioning every time. Reduced Diameter IGUS Outboard Bushing which allows minimal thickness of pedal body without an uncomfortable "bulge".
    Spindle Spec Heat Treated Scandium enriched Alloy Steel Axle, FEA Optimized – Hollow Taper Design, Oversize Flanged Inboard End Distributes forces into crank arm, away from bearings.
    Pin Spec 19 Adjustable Pins per pedal. Full Size Head High-Torque Pins mean easy assembly and maintenance. Adjustable pin configurations depending on footwear choice and intended discipline
    Colors Red, Blue, Black, or Ti Grey

    0 lb 14.1 oz (399 g)

    Miscellaneous Massive 11cm x 11cm platform at a sub 400g weight. New upgraded "male-type" axle asembly with lock nut feature.
    Price $125.00
    More Info Spank website