Point One Racing Podium Flat Pedal

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    “Platform pedals by Point1”

    The Good: These are a wide, super light, super thin pedal which last a long time and can take a beating. The ease of chaning out pedal pins is a big plus and a real time saver. They have a super slim design which means they also give more ground clearence which is definitely a good thing in Downhill.

    The Bad: I prefer longer pins around 10mm (available at any hardware store), so the stock ones just don't seem grippy enough straight away for me.

    Overall Review:

    Overall, a lightweight, functional pedal which have good, solid bearings which don't allow the pedal to spin like crazy and throw your foot off. They have lasted through several muddy riding days. Also, the ease of changing pins is great and super easy even for a beginner.

    “Best pedals I've used”

    The Good: Very strong, light, and durable. With a concave, thin platform this pedal keeps your foot in place and really makes it feel connected to the bike.

    The Bad: Makes the pedals on my other bike feel crappy

    Overall Review:

    At first I didn't like the bearing bump but after trying three other brands of pedals I realized that I liked how the bearing bump put my foot just a little ways out from the crank arm. So now I see it as the bearing bump putting my foot in the perfect spot. I Have used them winter, spring, summer, and fall for almost two years and they just barely needed a bearing replacement. They are concave and you can't feel the axle under foot. The thin pins really grip your shoe. Best pedal I've put my foot on. Worth the price.

    “PO1NT Sets the Bar in Pedals”

    The Good: Light Weight, Great Grip, bearings last and are made in the USA

    The Bad: None at all

    Overall Review: These are by far the best flat pedals on the market. Simple, Durable, Strong, Functional, Effective and Made in the USA

    “Godly Grip”

    The Good: Best-pedals-ever. 5.10s stick to them like glue, they're tough as nails and the bearings last.

    The Bad: None whatsoever

    Overall Review: If the bearing bulge is an issue for you than you simply have some whack-ass foot placement

    “Wanted to like them”

    The Good: Narrow profile, light, beautifully made.

    The Bad: Could not stand the bearing bulge at the pedal/crank interface. I like my feet as close to the crank arm as possible. I could ride these without feeling the bulge through my shoe. It bothered me. Very expensive

    Overall Review: I give it a 3 because of the bulge and price.

    “sexy good performance”

    The Good: Very large platform, low profile for better clearance, durable pins that are easy to replace, light, durable body that takes hits well.

    The Bad: Expensive-but worth it.

    Overall Review: These pedals paired with FiveTen shoes perform amazing and just inspire confidence. You never give the pedals a second thought, they just work.

    “Epic Pedal”

    The Good: Super slim, super wide, super light. Pins that screw through the plate and stay in the body. Strong bearings. Flashy

    The Bad: Expensive-but worth it.

    Overall Review: These pedals are pretty intense. Just looking at them you can tell they are a crazy expensive piece of bike bling...and thats what it is. Bike bling. Super durable and light. Strong. More clearance. Just epic


    Riding Type Trail, Freeride, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Urban
    Body Material Aluminum
    Bearing Type Sealed Cartridge
    Spindle Spec Heat Treated 4140 Chromoly Steel
    Pin Spec 32 studs per set, various lengths and materials
    Colors Black Ano, Silver Ano

    Steel Studs: 0 lb 12.7 oz (359 g)

    Aluminum Studs: 0 lb 12 oz (339 g)

    Miscellaneous 11-13mm thin, platform 100x100mm
    Price $169.00
    More Info Point One Racing website