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Deity Decoy LT Flat Pedal

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Deity Decoy LT Flat Pedal deity-DECOY-LT
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Vital MTB Retail Partners:
Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry

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    “Solid Pedal”

    The Good: Very light, spins smooth with little noticeable friction after break in period. Good size platform.

    The Bad: Traction is good but could be better with another pin style or material. They just seem thick and don't quite bite shoes as much as some others. Still very solid traction though.

    Overall Review:

    Killer pedal for the money. In my opinion, works best on DJ/ Slopestyle bike. Would look for more pins for DH or trail riding. Would buy again for my Santa Cruz Jackal in a second...

    “Tough as NAILS”

    The Good: Low profile Tough as nails Awesome grip Light

    The Bad: A pin will fall out here and there, pain to put new ones in...... no big deal though!!

    Overall Review: Awesome pedal never have had a problem with them.

    “the baddest pedals you can buy with legal currency”

    The Good: Sweet flat platform, tons of grip, dope colors

    The Bad: there is absolutely nothing bad about these pedals

    Overall Review: I've had three sets of these pedals. the only reason i keep getting them is i sold the bike they were on so i HAD to get more!

    “preform as good as they look”

    The Good: large platform, they look great and they are tough. They survived repeated bashes on rocks while being ridden by my friends who borrow my back up dh bike. Comfortable on the feet. Doesnt suffer from the raised spindle problem that seems to be plaguing the new thin pedal trend. n

    The Bad: nothing ive noticed so far.

    Overall Review: sick sick sick, wish they had the pins in colors other than red for my supreme dhv3

    “Amazingly grippy, Strong and Light!”

    The Good: Very light, super low profile... yet very strong and grippy.

    The Bad: I haven't had a single complaint yet!

    Overall Review: Great pedals from a great company. I have these on my dirt jumper and trail bike... and I'll probably never run anything else ever again!

    “Rider Owned Company=Badass parts”

    The Good: VERYYYY light, very low profile (so you snag on less rocks) and very grippy, oh yea did I mention they are freakin light!!

    The Bad: Nothing so far, but I have only ridden them a few times

    Overall Review: $100 isn't a bad price considering you are getting the lightest pair of pedals on the market, plus you can order them right off their website. When you buy deity, you get quality and piece of mind.

    “Deity For Life!”

    The Good: This is definitely the lightest and most solid platform I have ever felt.. They look like a piece of artwork as well! Deity also offer a cheap rebuild kit once they do wear out..

    The Bad: nada meng! Well, except they are so purdy I didn't want to get them dirty!!

    Overall Review: Deity is a rider operated co. with awesome people and amazing products! Check out Deity components for the sickest co. and products I have seen in years!

    “A lightweight antislip option”

    The Good: I don't slip off of these even with my nikes.

    The Bad: People stop you all the time to gawk at the.... prepare to stand around instead of ride.

    Overall Review: Super light, great price point and little amount of slipping. These pedals give you confidence that your groin won't be meeting your top tube anytime soon.

    “Greatest platforms ever”

    The Good: Ultra light weight and ultra thin, i clip my pedals noticably less now. The allen key install give them clean lines not to mention pimp factor. I've old several mag pedals and these are the lightest and thinest i've ever had.

    The Bad: just 1 or 2 more pins in the middle would make these perfect. Good luck finding the LT though. It took me a minute at first.

    Overall Review: I switched out my old crank brothers 50s and haven't looked back.

    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


    Riding Type Trail, Freeride, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Urban
    Body Material Magnesium
    Bearing Type Double Micro Sealed Bearing and DU Bushing
    Spindle Spec Heat Treated Cr-Mo
    Pin Spec Machined Aluminum Socket Pins
    Colors Black with Red anodized accents and White with Black anodized accents

    0 lb 12.6 oz (357 g)

    Price $120.00
    More Info Deity website
    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry