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Crank Brothers 5050 XX Flat Pedal

Average User Rating: (Good)
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    “Crank bro's. pedals”

    The Good: Look cool,great grip.

    The Bad: Constantly loose parts and small allen bolts that strip if you look at them wrong.

    Overall Review:

    Every other CB product Ive own from pumps to wheel sets have been awsome.These on the other hand didnt live up to the hype/price tag.

    “Not that Great”

    The Good: Can customize the look to match your frame

    The Bad: no concave, heavy, need too many pins to gain traction

    Overall Review: The pedals look nice and are though but the fact that there is no concave makes no sense. It makes for getting consistent grip hard and sometimes sketchy.


    The Good: Crank Bros. always stand behind their product and have always had excellent service.

    The Bad: Thick, overpriced, grip is lacking, gimmicky plates, and weight.

    Overall Review: 5.10's can make a crappy pedal better but the question is should they? No, just buy a lower profile pedal with better grip from the get go. They could lose a bit of weight if they didn't stick to their guns about the gimmicky plates. I have run Deity, Atomlab, DMR, Kona, Shimano, VP, Spank, Eastern, Odsy, Truvativ, and more. I would run anything else before these.

    “Awesome pedal”

    The Good: Hugely adjustable, massively grippy, bearings last forever and look great!

    The Bad: Nope nothing nada

    Overall Review: By far the best pedal I have ever owned! The grip level is fully adjustable by changing both the pin size and placement. The bearings are super smooth and last forever. For those saying the bearings don't last, have you tried using the grease port!? After all a bearing with no grease ain't gonna last too long is it?

    “Worst pedals I've had!”

    The Good: Errr colours

    The Bad: Bearings wore out quicker than any pedals I've had before. Axles constantly became loose (nearly every ride) and eventually after about 3 months would not tighten up. Grip from the platform was also poor compared to the pedals i have on my other bikes possibley due to the steped design.

    Overall Review: Do not buy a set of these pedals. I have DX flats, Burgtec penthouse flats and DMR Vaults these are all far superior to the Crank Brothers and are a simalar price and far more durable and much grippier.

    “Average at best...”

    The Good: Aside from the bearings, they certainly seem to be pretty durable. The colored plates let you pimp your ride, too.

    The Bad: Poor grip compared to many other flat pedals. Bearings were shot after a single season of abuse. Thick profile.

    Overall Review: For a flat pedal, they are average at best. Nothing spectacular and nothing drastically wrong with them. Without fivetens, though, you might be wishing for more traction...

    “Awesomest pedals”

    The Good: Durable, no slipping and look awesome

    The Bad: Little pricey to buy after market

    Overall Review: Looks like some mixed reviews about these pedals. They came stock on my bike and in my opinion these are the best pedals I have ridden. Super durable and my feet never slip off. Really happy with them!!!

    “Not Recommended”

    The Good: - looks - good platform for your foot when they stay together

    The Bad: - weight - pedals have a chance to come apart on the trail (and they do) - not slender - way overpriced

    Overall Review: Just a swing and a miss. I had a piece of my pedal come off at the local dirt jumps. Luckily, I was able to reassemble them and donate them to a buddy... the same thing happened to him. I know one local pro from Northstar who had his pedal come apart during a race run (which effected his time negatively, of course). And I've heard a lot of other people having the same gripe as me. No pedal should be built this way... it just doesn't make sense. I personally like Atomlab pimplite pedals on my rigs. Those are rock solid in every aspect.

    “Flashy enough.”

    The Good: Unique look, easy to switch up traction. Great customer service from Crank Brothers.

    The Bad: Heavy, thick, plates come loose far too often. Bearings wore at an extremely uneven rate which mystifies the hell out of me.

    Overall Review: I tried really hard to like this pedal, Crank Brothers certainly stands behind it, but ultimately it's really let down by the gimmicky plates - they add a lot of weight, hassle, and detract from durability.

    “great pedal”

    The Good: they are very durable they look great stiff and strong spindle fully sealed they are customizable feel good- wide and big platform with concavity fully rebuildable with rebuild kits available

    The Bad: the pins are somewhat cheap and get crushed. a bit heavy and large, but its a solid durable pedal.

    Overall Review: these are a great pedal and if something does go wrong crankbrothers has an awesome 2 year warranty.

    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry


    Riding Type Trail, Freeride, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Urban
    Body Material Anodized 6061-t6 aluminum
    Bearing Type Sealed cartridge
    Spindle Spec Forged scm435 chromoly steel, 9/16"
    Pin Spec Replaceable 10mm set screws
    Colors Silver, Black, Green, and Red bodies with many plate options

    1 lb 3.7 oz (558 g)

    Miscellaneous End cap features grease port
    Price $130.00
    More Info Crank Brothers website
    Vital MTB Retail Partners:
    Chain Reaction Bicycles Jenson U.S.A. Competitive Cyclist Backcountry