Crank Brothers 5050 X Flat Pedal

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Crank Brothers 5050 X Flat Pedal k_pedal_crank_5050x_sil
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    “Heavy and Bulky but they do their job”

    The Good:

    They are flat pedals, and have good grip, they cant stand the hits (I do hit them a lot, perhaps I should shorten my crankarms). so far no mechanical problems with them.

    The Bad:

    quite heavy and bulky , pricey for around 20 bucks more you can find slimmer flat pedals.

    Overall Review:

    Nothing extraordinary but they do their job as they are supposed to.

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    Vital MTB member der_geistmx
    7421 der_geistmx,7421/all 03/27/11 7 91 2

    “5050's ? Meeeeh.”

    The Good:

    Look nice, cool color shifting options, grip (becoming VERY grippy when you add more pins), large platform, not too thick.

    The Bad:

    F***in bearings. One month using these and you can forget the rigidity of the axle, unless you have the courage to rebuild them.

    Overall Review:

    Look good but work badly. These pedals are a real deception. You'd better buy a pair of 5050 XX instead of this model (bearings look stronger), but here is the other problem : at this price, you can get a pair of Taiwanese-catalog flats with a Titanium axle. Hopefully, the new 5050 will be better.

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    Vital MTB member Nico_Hrndz
    3275 Nico_Hrndz,3275/all 07/02/10 1 27 8 1

    “Great Idea, Terrible Execution”

    The Good:

    Super grippy and STRONG pedals with pretty resilient pins. The threaded pins are nice and tall, which provides a lot of grip especially with 5.10's...the platform is nice and wide, basically the perfect shape, width, all that ergonomic business.

    The Bad:

    Absolutely terrible bearing!!! what were they thinking? those little bastards are the smallest bearings I've ever pulled out of a pedal, only to be rivaled by Shimano DX flats. I total pain to regrease and repack...also its almost impossible to find the right size wrench to take it apart (needs to fit into the axle body). Bearing preload nut is useless! It's either loose or almost locked up. Naturally they dont stay tight and develop play within the first ride and need maintenance constantly. And to top it all off they're thick and heavy with those pointless interchangeable plates!

    Overall Review:

    They're my favorite pedal, I'd never buy anything else but damn do they need to hire some engineers...Great performance, horrific maintenance, I hope they release those new 5050 prototypes soon because they're long overdue for an update...

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    Vital MTB member akachlakev
    2028 akachlakev,2028/all 02/22/10 12 13,2028/setup 2 9 71 1

    “perfect flats”

    The Good:

    wide enough, cool colors, great grip, give confidence because you always find it, strong. Great design.

    The Bad:

    not sure what to say here.

    Overall Review:

    Very good product, love it.

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    Vital MTB member Shenzi
    313 Shenzi,313/all 08/03/09 96 3,313/setup 10 15 12 4

    “3 pieces is too many”

    The Good:

    It spins!!!

    The Bad:

    Why on earth would you add extra joints to a part like a pedal body. It doesn't need them. Sure, you can customize the colors, but it also makes it heavier, thicker, and weaker. What a poor idea.

    Overall Review:

    All the fancy packaging in the world can't make up for the fact that this is an inferior design. The spindle and bearings are the same as every other pedal on the market. The only feature setting it apart is the moronic 3 piece body. Do yourself a favor and buy 3 sets of generic pedals with that cash. They're all made in the same place.

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    Vital MTB member w00dy
    1911 w00dy,1911/all 02/08/10 2 12 16 12


    Riding Type Trail, Freeride, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Urban
    Body Material Anodized 6061-t6 aluminum
    Bearing Type Unsealed
    Spindle Spec Sorged scm435 chromoly steel, 9/16"
    Pin Spec Replaceable 10mm set screws
    Colors Silver, Black, Green, and Red bodies with many plate options

    1 lb 5.8 oz (618 g)

    Price $70.00
    More Info Crank Brothers website

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