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Shimano Saint Crankset M815 Crank

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)

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    Featured Review

    “The Best DH Crank. Period.”

    The Good: 1)Extremely reliable 2)Extremely durable 3)It says Shimano on it. It must be good.

    The Bad: 1)Could be lighter(lol) 2)Graphics will wear off eventually(also lol)

    Overall Review:

    The Good:

    These cranks are extremely reliable/durable. You install the BB and cranks and you basically have to do nothing ever again(except grease the BB occasionally). You could literally throw your bike of the empire state building and the cranks will still be in perfect working order. There aren't too many products I would say this about. In all seriousness, I have bashed my set of Saint Cranks on hundreds of rocks, bottom bracket cased big jumps and drops, and the Saint's never let me down. After three years of hard riding my cranks have a bunch of scratches, but are perfectly straight(the tabs too). I did go through one bottom bracket in November of last year after a ton of mud somehow got in there and seized the bearing after the Angel Fire Collegiate Nationals disaster, but other than that, I've never had an issue with this set up. I can't put into words how great these things are.

    The cranks are also very stiff. I don't notice any flex, or play in the crank/bb set up, which is big plus. Also, once set up properly there is no creaking of any sort. And they say Shimano on them.

    The Bad:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with these cranks. Sure, weight weenies on Ridemonkey will say that they could be lighter, but I don't want these cranks to be(unless they will still survive the apocalypse). I like buying one set of cranks every 3-4 years and not going thru multiple crank arms per season. The graphics do wear off, but that means that you that you actually ride your bike, and don't sit behind a laptop wasting your life away. You should be proud the graphics on your crank have worn down.

    Summary: Do you need cranks?

    A - Yes--> Buy these!

    B - No-->Buy these anyway.

    One last thing. Chainreaction usually has these for a very good price. I've always ordered stuff from them because it's literally like stealing Saint stuff depending on the currency conversion at the time.

    “Durable DH Cranks”

    The Good: I've been running these cranks for 2.5 years without any issues whatsoever. These are really a set and forget type of component. They are really stiff and strong.

    The Bad: The price and now that we are seeing carbon cranks these are a bit heavy.

    Overall Review:

    After 2.5 years of riding these cranks I can say they are super durable and totally worth the price. I've had no issues with these and would highly recommend this product.


    Riding Type Freeride, Downhill
    Material Aluminum
    Arm Lengths 165, 170, 175mm
    Bolt Pattern 4-Bolt 104
    Ring Options Not included
    BB Shell Widths 83 mm, Mountain Double BB Shell
    Spindle Interface Hollowtech II
    Colors Black

    1 lb 10.6 oz (753 g)

    Price $330.00
    More Info Shimano website