Deity Vendetta 3.0 Crankarms

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Deity Vendetta 3.0 Crankarms Deity Vendetta 3.0 Cranks
C70_deity_vendetta_3.0_cranks C70_deity_vendetta_3.0_cranks C70_deity_vendetta_3.0_cranks C70_deity_vendetta_3.0_cranks C70_deity_vendetta_3.0_cranks C70_deity_vendetta_3.0_cranks
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    Break em. I dare you!

    The Good:

    These cranks are about as close to indestructible is it gets! None of the crank arms have been broken or warrantied. Really stiff and durable and also pretty lightweight! No doubt, the best bmx style crank available. Yet another example of deity quality on show in these cranks!

    The Bad:

    A bit more expensive than other cranks, doesn't come with a spindle

    Overall Review:

    As stated before, these could be the best bmx style cranks on the market! The durability and quality is unrivaled by any of its competitors! Very stiff too, no flex while riding even when it goes bad, such as casing large jumps! Graphics are killer as well! The variety of colors match any build great! The only downside is that they don't come with a spindle, but those cam be acquired easily from any deity dealer. If you're after durability and longevity in a set of crankarms these are your answer!

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    Vital MTB member Midbestdj
    24760 Midbestdj /images/default/avatar/c50.png,24760/all 05/29/13,24760/setup 2 1 5 5


    The Good:

    GRAPHICS..There are a lot of good cranks out there but they do not look nearly as good!! I have them on my Cryptkeeper and cannot wait to get a set for my Blindside!! I have the cro mo spindle as well, and they still feel perfect..

    The Bad:

    nada meng!!

    Overall Review:

    Support a rider owned and operated co. and buy Deity!! They have the best parts anyway so you will not be disappointed!

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    Vital MTB member alkath1
    6262 alkath1,6262/all 01/15/11 2 8

    stiff & easy

    The Good:

    easy set up, stiff as an old man on Viagra.

    The Bad:

    lil heavy, get the ti-spindle and you're dialed.

    Overall Review:

    Do you like your bike to look like it'll eat rocks? Do you like your cranks to survive the crushing pedal strokes that only YOU can provide? Do you like the fact that while other d-bags are worried about pedal strikes, you're worried about how much beer is gonna be at the bottom of the race course? If that's the case then you should get the Vendetta 3.0 Cranks. Coupled with Deity's external BB, your dick will be dialed always. Just make sure you get the ti-spindle.

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    Vital MTB member bstens
    2366 bstens /images/default/avatar/c50.png,2366/all 03/29/10 2 4 29 211 4


    Product Deity Vendetta 3.0 Crankarms
    Riding Type Dirt Jump / Urban
    Arm Material Double Butted 4130 Cr-Mo Box Cut Tubing
    Arm Material Details
    Arm Lengths Available in 170mm and 175mm Length
    Bolt Pattern Two Sprocket Bolt Locations - Right-Hand Drive Side and Left-Hand Drive Side Compatible
    Ring Options
    BB Shell Widths Vendetta 3.0 Crankarms are Sold Separately from the BB Kit and Spindle Allowing the Ability to Customize Your Set Up or Use an Existing 48T Spindle or BB Kit
    Spindle Interface
    Colors Available in Gloss Black Powdercoat with White and Stealth Metallic Graphics
    Weight 1 lb 6.2 oz (629 g)
    Miscellaneous NOT Compatible with Older Vendetta 36 Tooth Splined Systems
    Featuring the Industry Standard 48 Tooth Splined System
    Reinforced Spline Boss on the Front of the Crankarms
    Featuring Deity's Trademark 3D Laser Cutting Process at All Weld Junctions
    3D Laser Cutting Process Increases Weld Strength 50%
    Compatible with Any Standard Crank Puller to Simplify Removal
    Comes with Flush Mount Crankbolts, Hollow Sprocket Boss Bolt, and 4mm Chainline Spacer
    Includes Socket Wrench Compatible Installation and Removal Tool
    Price $124
    More Info

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