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Shimano M520 Clipless Pedals

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    Featured Review

    “Good for beginners, but heavy and bearings aren't the best.”

    The Good: The adjustable tension is great for beginning riders. The pedals perform well in all conditions, only clogging in the worst peanut-buttery mud. They've survived rock strikes and dropped bikes and still engage and release reliably every time.

    The Bad: After three seasons, the bearings have worn enough that there's significant play between the pedal body and the axle. The bearings can't be accessed without a proprietary tool. They're also on the heavy side.

    Overall Review: Solid, reliable pedals for beginners. They're somewhat heavy and the bearings won't last as long as more expensive models, but they should serve well for riders looking for a first pair of pedals.

    “Naked DX Pedal! 5 Stars”

    The Good: 1. They're cheap cheap cheap at $30. 2. They're light. 3. They're adjustable. 4. Many many good things.

    The Bad: 1. They come with the cheap #51 single release cleat. 2. Nothing.

    Overall Review:

    Ok, if you want something with a platform this is not it. However, if you can put your feet on the pedals properly they are the way to go. This is the flagship for Shimano's pedals. Check out the DX or M545 - they are running this same retention system. It's adjustable, zero maintenance, chromo axle, easy to clean if you have to and easy to install and remove with all the clearance. All these great things will come at a price, though! You have to get the proper cleatseparately.  This pedal comes with a #51 single release cleat from Shimano and to really enjoy this pedal for what it is, you need to spend an additional $17-$23 for the multi-release Shimano cleat.

    Now you have light, amazing retention and a release that can be tuned by the rider.  I think the DX does come from Shimano with the #56 cleat and is why it gets the rave reviews. This is the DX naked of its resin cage. Don't be shy on these. For under $30 I have paid more and gotten less before.  Get them now if you're in the market and don't forget to get the right cleat. #56 multi release. It is not included unfortunately.

    Every review board on the web rates this pedal as the ONE.  If you need the platform go DX - same pedal with resin cage.  Don't go with alloy cage - they rattle!


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    Miscellaneous These lightweight pedals feature an open pattern that helps shed mud for worry-free riding. Fluorine-coated binding claws allow for easy entry and release. Pedals are dual-sided for easy entry and feature strong, durable CrMo spindles with 8mm Allen wrench mounts. Low-maintenance sealed bearing cartridge axles. Dual-sided tension adjustment.
    Price $40.00