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MRP Mini G2 SL Chainguide

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
MRP Mini G2 SL Chainguide Colors
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    “Great Guide ... the Taco and the Roller are one so if you lost the taco you lost your chain device.”

    The Good: Light works Great and quiet. easy to install

    The Bad: the Poly is mounted on the taco so if the taco got broken you lost your chain device :-\

    Overall Review:

    I had this chain-Device for almost 6 months... it did a great job until it had a few rocks in the taco.

    the eyelet that holds itTogether just snap and was holding there only with the pressure of the nut.

    after a ride on some rocky terrain i started to hear my chain rattling and when i got down i saw that the taco and poly where M.I.A

    the upper skid is very touchy to pressure if you are Fastening the bolt little to much it's starts to crack.

    I just got the MRP Micro and i notice that the Materials is different and much better.

    so i guess that in the G3 they also improved the Upper Skid.

    Overall a Good, but very Fragile Chain Device. if you are looking for more bling  then durability it's a good choice.

    “Solid guide, Made in USA”

    The Good: Set it and forget it reliability. Strong bash plate, Silent operation, Light

    The Bad: Non-replaceable bash plate (addressed on new G3 that was just released)

    Overall Review:

    I am running this chainguide on a 1x10 drivetrain with an MRP Bling Ring (awesome spiderless conversion, BTW) and haveabsolutely no complaints. It was easy to set-up and I haven't dropped a chain since it went on. Outstanding product that is made and assembled in Colorado!

    “best taco guide on the market”

    The Good: easy to set up. quiet. fits many frame designs. durable

    The Bad: pricey. not very stylish

    Overall Review: this chain guide sets up easy, rolls smoothly and fits many frames. It doesn't get better than the mini g sl

    “Superb Guide!”

    The Good: set and forget solid construction made in the USA! doesnt drop chains or get jammed its way lighter than a gulde/bashguard set up. boomerang is solid and absorbs impact without slowing you down SILENT

    The Bad: nothing at all....

    Overall Review: great guide, expensive but way worth it. buy it its made in the USA by people who know what they are doing.

    “Not bad...”

    The Good: Roller/idler wheel very good, poly taco very strong.

    The Bad: the cap on the idler wheel shredded on my third ride with it. Had to put a spacer on the rear part of the to guide and grind out some of the plastic in order to get better chain clearance where it enters.

    Overall Review: This is a bash guard. I would have expected the idler wheel cap to be more robust. The to guide is perhaps too robust and the chain really rubs= loud


    Riding Type Trail, Freeride, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Urban
    Material CNC alloy and polycarbonate
    Number of Rings 1
    Number of Teeth 32-26
    Mounting Type BB-Mount, ISCG or ISCG 05
    Bashguard Patented, Integrated Polycarbonate Skid Plate
    Colors White, Black, Green, Orange, Blue

    0 lb 7.8 oz (220 g)

    Miscellaneous The evolution of chain guides continues! The all new Mini G2 SL is stronger, easier to set up, and 30% lighter than it’s predecessor. From the top to the bottom, it has been redesigned. A more compact, lower profile upper guide reduces noise from chain slap while improving fit on bikes that have tight clearance tolerances with frame members. The lower guide is more compact, lighter and stronger than previous models. Our patented skid is tapered and relieved in multiple areas to provide the lightest, most durable, and best fitting bash guard possible. In short, there is material where needed, and not much where it is not. The backplate has been redesigned to reduce weight and add stiffness. It also features laser etching to aid in setup and identify which mounting standard you are holding in your hands.
    Price $150.00
    More Info MRP website