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MRP G2 SL Chainguide

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
MRP G2 SL Chainguide Colors
C70_colors C70_white

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    “It Works, but it is not reliable”

    The Good: Keeps the chain in place, lightweight and a nice look. The taco is thick and probably handles pretty well hard impacts.

    The Bad: Like every other guide that has range adjustments could be a pain in the arse to install properly. The roller shell just disintegrated after a month of use without notice, screwing my weekend rides. Bolts come loose often aswell. The roller attracts to much debris and it's very hard to clean properly without disassembly of the whole guide.

    Overall Review: In my opinion the guide didn't last 10% that it was supposed to last. It's not cheap and the replacement parts could be hard to find depending where you live. Having a part that just breaks without notice is such a bummer, and if there's one thing that pisses me off when riding its when a bike part fails. I definitely will not spend my money again in this kind of guide. There are better options out there.

    “Works perfect”

    The Good: Support, easy to set-up, USA aluminum machining baby! Bash is burley. Colors! RELIABILITY

    The Bad: It is louder than my Straitline but whatever.

    Overall Review: I have used Gamut, E.13, Truvativ, Straitline, Black Spire, and others. My MRP's have never failed me. As a tech I have found that most issues came for improper set-up. Stop by the iXS Morewood tent for MRP support at any event that we are at. I have run this guide on single pivots, four bars, VPP's, hartails, etc. They have worked right in every situation. Going to try the 2x guide this next year on the Sukuma.

    “Better Choices Available”

    The Good: It easily mounted to the bike, no alignment issues.

    The Bad: Not worth the purchase price. The plastic is cheap and upper and lower guides break constantly. I went through 3 upper guides and 4 lowers before I decided to switch to an E13 LG1

    Overall Review: There are much better choices out there. Don't waste your money, but an E13. E13 makes a much better product. I've had 2 MRP guides that didn't last a season of riding. I've had e13's that I've used on multiple bikes.

    “I approve.”

    The Good: I've never dropped a chain and the bash guard has held up to several big hits.

    The Bad: Small bolt heads can be easily stripped if you're not careful.

    Overall Review: Love this guide, and it's little brother the Mini-G. Highly recommended by me.

    “G2 Guide and Bottom Bracket”

    The Good: Easy to install, functional, light weight and have never lost a chain or totalled my chainring

    The Bad: really have nothing bad to say about these guides

    Overall Review: The bashplate has kept my chainring intact on a number of big hits and the chain has never come off... what more can you say? these guides look great, are easy to install and get the job done


    Riding Type Freeride, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Urban
    Material CNC alloy and polycarbonate
    Number of Rings Single chainring
    Number of Teeth 36-40
    Mounting Type BB-Mount, ISCG or ISCG 05
    Bashguard Patented, Integrated Polycarbonate Skid Plate
    Colors White, Black, Green, Orange, Blue

    0 lb 8.9 oz (253 g)

    Miscellaneous The evolution of chain guides continues! The all new G2 SL and Mini G2 SL are stronger, easier to set up, and 30% lighter than their predecessors. From the top to the bottom, they have been redesigned. A more compact, lower profile upper guide reduces noise from chain slap while improving fit on bikes that have tight clearance tolerances with frame members. The lower guide is more compact, lighter and stronger than previous models. Our patented skid is tapered and relieved in multiple areas to provide the lightest, most durable, and best fitting bash guard possible. In short, there is material where needed, and not much where it is not. The backplate has been redesigned to reduce weight and add stiffness. It also features laser etching to aid in setup and identify which mounting standard you are holding in your hands.
    Price $150.00
    More Info MRP website