Shimano Shim XTR ST-M975 Hydro Brake/Shift Lever

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    Miscellaneous The XTR ST-M975 Dual Control hydraulic brake/shift lever set features instant-release shifts at the first click of the release lever, instead of requiring a click and release of the lever. Multi-release shifting allows two-gear shifts in either direction. Removable secondary trigger release lever and in-line optical gear display Compatible with all 9-speed Shimano mountain rear derailleurs Brake lever blade moves up and down to shift front or rear derailleur Left Shifter FD/Shifter Compatibility: Mountain Triple Brake Lever Actuation: Hydraulic Brake Lever Use: Left Right Shifter Brake Lever Actuation: Hydraulic Brake Lever Use: Right Drivetrain Spacing: Shimano/SRAM 9
    Price $439.99
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