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Vital MTB Moto Day Photo Blast 2

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Vital MTB Moto Day Photo Blast - Ian Collins - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

What started as an excuse to get out of the office is becoming a tradition. Vital MTB rented out the Cahuilla Creek MX park for a day of throttle twisting aimed at those who like to think they should be riding dirt bikes instead of mountain bikes. Balmy weather greeted a stoked crew of mountain bikers and MXers alike as we celebrated hauling some freight with the first Supercross race only two days away. Halfway through the day, FOX provided some killer BBQ in hopes of slowing everyone down. It didn't work. In the photo - Bubba Warren was active today. He busted out more laps than anyone and sought me out to ham it up for the camera. This was one of the gems pray-n-spray gems. Credit: Ian Collins

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