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#ThrowbackThursday - World Record 1904 Upside Down Loop Jump - bturman - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Suit? Check. Early 1900's beach cruiser? Check. Helmet? Whoops.

This Guiness Book of World Records entry is absolutely mind boggling: "Trick cycling was introduced by Ancillotti (Italy) in 1868 and, in 1904, at the Barnum Bailey Circus, one of the Ancillotti Troupe did a world first, riding down a ramp which looped the loop. At the head of the loop was a 3.3 m (10 ft) gap across which the rider leapt while upside down on his bicycle."

That's not all, though! Apparently his brother jumped OVER him at the same time in another act. Read the full history of the early 1900's loop jump here.

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  • Mike_Doucette

    1/2/2014 10:34 PM

    so proper!

  • chyu

    1/2/2014 10:05 PM

    Had rampage before it was cool.

  • Yuroshek

    1/2/2014 12:09 PM

    1895 Wooden wheels, chain guard, fenders, cork grips and a steep headangle

  • prestondh

    1/2/2014 8:40 AM

    ohhhh the quadruple chasms! extraordinary!